Classical Civilizations #2: Qin/Han Dynasties; the Roman Republic/Empire

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Classical Civilizations #2: Qin/Han Dynasties; the Roman Republic/Empire

H1X – AP World History
Students Will Understand:

Empire-Building and methods of rule in the Qin/Han and the Roman Empire

The formation of, and limitations of, “Chinese” and “Roman” identity; social structure and identity

Ideologies of government and belief in the two empires; the interaction of government and belief systems

Relations between Empire and Pastoralists in China and Rome
Students Will Be Able To:

Analyze change and continuity in the Qin/Han empire and the Roman Republic/Empire

Compare China and Rome: State-Building, Economic Structure, Social Structure, Culture

Assess and evaluate “empire”

Advise Chinese and Roman leaders on matters of state policy

Thursday, Nov 18

Review of Test; Bibliography and Footnoting

Bentley, pp. 153-61: Create a Graphic Organizer: for each “school of thought”: main ideas; strengths for ruling a state; weaknesses for ruling a state

Friday, Nov 19

China: The Zhou and the Warring-States period: Confucianism, Daoism, Legalism; the rise of the Qin

Bentley, pp. 161-69

First section of Research Project – Preliminary Summary and Bibliography due Monday, Nov. 22

Monday, Nov 22

The Qin Dynasty: techniques of ruling a large state; economic and political integration; Needs and Desires of Shi Huangdi; Fall of the Qin; rise of the Han

Elvin Handout and Graphic Organizer

Tuesday, Nov 23

Ruling the Han Dynasty; the first rise of Confucian Scholars and the Gentry; how great was Han Wudi?

Bentley, pp. 169-74; 263-65

Wednesday, Nov 24

Quiz on all China reading; Trade along the Silk Road; Economic developments and new technologies; Relations with “the barbarians”

Monday, Nov 29

Crisis in the Han: the problems of Wang Mang; the decline and fall of the Han; the end of ‘China” – or just the beginning?

Bentley, pp. 225-34 & Punic Wars Handout; answer question on Handout.

Tuesday, Nov 30

The Roman Republic to the Punic Wars; Patricians and Plebians: Citizenship, Rights, Responsibilities; the Twelve Tables; Hannibal’s gamble

Chalmers Johnson handout: answer question; be prepared to argue whether to keep Rome a Republic or not

Wednesday, Dec 1

Government and Class Struggle in the Roman Republic; the Graachis, slavery, and the problem of land; Republic or Empire?

Bentley, pp. 234-41; 265-68

Thursday, Dec 2

Geography and the Expansion Plans of the Empire; Conquering and Map work and documents: what advice would you give on how and where to expand the empire? Ruling the Empire: Economic and Technological Organization, War, Administration, Law; relations with “the barbarians”; Pax Romana – good or bad?

Friday, Dec 3

Quiz on all Rome reading; Constantine and Christianity; Decline and Fall of the Western Empire

Handout: Inequality articles – for each of Rome/China, China/India, India/Rome provide one similarity and one difference in social structure, with evidence

Monday, Dec 6

Comparing inequality and social structure in Rome, Han and beyond: caste, peasants, slaves; women in the classical world; would most people have been better off as “barbarians”?

Handout: Two historians’ comparisons of Rome and China

Tuesday, Dec 7

Thinking comparatively about classical empires and their declines; thinking about change and continuity in classical history; the “problem” of Byzantium – the Eastern Roman Empire

Wednesday, Dec. 8

Essay Test – Comparative or Change and Continuity Over Time

Read all provided documents

Thursday, Dec 9

A first look at the AP World DBQ Essay

Friday, Dec. 10

Review of Test

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