Creating a Bio-Poem Directions

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Creating a Bio-Poem

Directions: 45 points. One way to describe the deeper levels of a character’s or person’s personality is to write a bio-poem. Review the nine-line poem structure and bio-poem example below. Then write a bio-poem about one of the following characters or institutions following the poem’s guidelines. Then choose another one from the list and write about that. Finally write a bio-poem about a classmate or yourself as you relate to Brave New World. Follow the directions for EACH line of the poem. Copy any word that does not appear in parentheses.

Choose two: Bernard DHC (Tomakin) Helmholtz Lenina John Linda

Mustafa Mond Henry World State (choose a caste)

Reservation Hatcheries BNW Consumerism Ford

Science Religion

(Write the subject’s first name)

(List three specific adjectives that describe the subject)

(Identify the subject’s relationship to another character: Write “Father of…” or “Husband of…” or Protector of…”)

Lover of (list three things or persons or concepts the subject “loves”)

Who feels (list three things the subject “feels”)

Who fears (list three things the subject “fears”)

Who would like (list three things)

Resident of (name or describe where the subject resides)

Write the subject’s last name

Download 4.78 Kb.

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