D-day (Operation Overlord)

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D-Day (Operation Overlord)

  1. When was D-Day? June 6th, 1944

  1. What was the purpose of this mission? To get Allied troops on the ground & move towards Germany

  2. Where did this invasion take place? Normandy, France

  1. What were the code names for the five beaches that the allies invaded? Utah, Omaha, Sword, Gold, & Juno

  1. What were the main countries representing the allies on D-Day? United States, Great Britain & Canada

  1. What beach did the Canadians assault? Juno

  1. Which two major Normandy towns had the allies captured by June 12th? Carentan & Bayeux

  2. Parts of three countries are shown on this map. What are they? France, England, Belgium

  3. To get to Paris from Normandy, you would travel in what direction? Northwest

  1. Who was the Supreme leader of the Allied Forces on D-Day? Dwight D. Eisenhower

From the text provided in class-

  1. Who is Eisenhower addressing in his Order of the Day?

  1. What words and phrases does Eisenhower use to convey the idea of teamwork?

  1. If he’s trying to motivate people, why do you think he says, “Your task will not be an easy one”?

  1. What is the importance of honesty in communication?

  1. After reading Eisenhower’s failure message, describe his concept of taking responsibility.

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