Dad's Not Coming Home for Dinner Instructions

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Reported Speech: Dad's Not Coming Home for Dinner

Instructions: Change the dialog to the reported form. Tell what each person did (as given in parentheses) and said.

Use some of the useful verbs below in addition to verbs like told and asked.

It should start: Mrs. Cantor came into the living room and asked her son, Andy, what he was doing.
Mrs. Cantor: (comes into the living room) What are you doing, Andy?

Andy: (looks up) I'm fixing my radio.

Mrs. Cantor: Where's your sister?

Andy: She's in the kitchen making a sandwich.

Mrs. Cantor: (runs into the kitchen) Dolores!

Don't eat anything before dinner!

Dolores: (quickly swallows a piece of cake) Mom, I'm starving!

Mrs. Cantor: Have some cheese, but don't eat the cake.

Dolores: There isn't any cheese left. I ate it yesterday.

Mrs. Cantor: (speaks angrily) Go to the store and buy some more because

I'm making lasagna tonight.

Dolores: Okay, I will. I'll go when I finish my homework.

Andy: (enters the kitchen) Mom, when's Dad coming home?

Dolores: He's working late tonight, remember?

Mrs. Cantor: I completely forgot!

Andy: Don't worry, Mom. He doesn't like your lasagna anyway.

Useful verbs for reporting speech: [words in brackets are optional]
Ask someone  to get information or to give a polite command to do or not to do something

Beg someone- to ask strongly and emotionally for someone to do something

Order someone  to give somebody a strong command to do or not to do something

Tell someone  to give information or to give a command to do or not to do something

Say [to someone]- to give information

Answer someone  to respond

Respond [to someone]  to answer

Remind someone  to tell somebody something they might have forgotten

Exclaim [to someone]  to give information with feeling or emotion (not for commands)

Explain [to someone]  to give information that will help somebody understand

Useful verbs that take the place of reported speech: [words in brackets are optional]
Thank someone- He thanked her. (He said thank you to her.)

Greet someone- He greeted her. (He said hello to her.)

Agree [with someone]- He agreed. (He said that she was right or that he would do what she wanted.)

Refuse [to do something]- He refused. (He said that he wouldn't obey or do a favor.)


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