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Name: Ms. Zendrian

Date: European History/Section ___

Chapter 8: The High and Late Middle Ages

Terms: William the Conqueror, Common law, Jury, King John, Magna Carta, Due Process of law, Habeas Corpus, Parliament, Louis IX, Holy Roman Empire, Henry IV, Pope Gregory VII, Lay Investiture, Fredrick Barbarossa, Pope Innocent III, Crusades, Holy Land, Pope Urban II, Reconquista, Ferdinand and Isabella, Inquisition, Scholasticism, Thomas Acquinas, Venacular, Dante Alighieri, Geoffrey Chaucer, Gothic Style, Flying Buttress, Illumination, Black Death, Epidemic, Inflation, Schism, Longbow

Section 1: Royal Power Grows- How did monarch in England and France expand royal authority and lay the foundations for united nation-states?

  1. Monarchs, Nobles, and the Church- How are these three linked?

    1. Nobles and the Church had just as much power as monarchs

    2. Monarchs centralized power

    3. Townspeople and monarchs had strong ties

    4. Bureaucracy

  1. English Kings Strengthen Their Power- Who were the English kings and how did they make their power even stronger?

    1. Angles, Saxons, Vikings

    2. King Edward died- question on successor

  1. William of Normandy Conquers England- What happened at the Battle of Hastings?

    1. William raised an army

    2. Backing of pope

    3. King of England

  1. Expanding Royal Power- What information was collected in the Domesday Book?

    1. Tax collection, fees, fines, other dues

  1. Developing a Unified Legal System- What were the new legal codes and what did they say?

    1. Common law

    2. Jury

  1. Conflict With the Church- What was the conflict over?

    1. Church disputed issue with legal authority

  1. Evolving Traditions of Government:

    1. King John

    2. Enemies: King Philip II of France, Pope Innocent III, and English nobles

    3. Magna Carta

    4. Due process of law

    5. Habeas corpus

    6. Parliament- voted on taxes

  1. Successful Monarchs in France- Who were they and how were they successful?

    1. Capetian Kings

    2. Philip Augustus extended French power

      1. Granted charters to many new towns and introduced a new national tax.

    3. Louis IX- religious

      1. Persecuted Jews and led French knights in two Crusades

      2. Improved royal government

      3. Grandson clashed with the pope.

    4. Estates General

Section 2: The Holy Roman Empire and the Church

  1. The longest and most destructive struggle pitted popes against rulers- Holy Roman Empire

    1. France and Germany

    2. Otto I of Saxony- King of Germany- What did he do to gain power?

  2. Feud Between Pope and Emperor

    1. Henry IV and Gregory VII- conflict between the Church

    2. Lay investiture

    3. The Concordat of Worms- What was it and what did it say?

  3. The Struggle for Italy

    1. Fredrick Barbarossa

    2. Joined forces with the pope

    3. Formed army

  4. Effect on Germany and Italy

    1. What obstacles did German emperors face in Italy?

  5. Papal Supremacy

    1. Pope Innocent III

Section 3: The Crusades and the Wider World

  1. Crusades- What are they and who were involved?

  2. Where did the Crusades occur?

  3. Pope Urban II

  4. What occurred during the first Crusade?

  5. What was the overall impact of the Crusades?

  6. How did the European Economy expand?

  7. Explain how the Crusades had an impact on the Church.

  8. What was the Reconquista?

  9. Who were Ferdinand and Isabella and what was their role?

Section 4: Learning and Culture Flourish

  1. Medieval Universities- What was studied and who attended?

  2. New learning- Analyze and explain what new information was learned.

  3. Medieval Literature- What were the stories about?

  4. What was Medieval architecture like?

Section 5: A Time of Crisis

  1. The Black Death- what is it and how did it spread?

  2. Upheaval in the Church- Why did the Church split?

  3. The Hundred Years’ War- Who was the war between and what did they fight over?

  4. What was the significance and impact of the Hundred Years’ War?

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