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Descendants of Calico "Will" Smith

Generation No. 1
1. CALICO "WILL"2 SMITH (FRED1) was born Abt. 1811 in NC or TN. He married ELIZABETH "BETSY" SMITH, daughter of ETHEL SMITH and MATILDA MCDOWELL. She was born Bet. 1836 - 1837 in Bledsoe Co. TN, and died Aft. 1915 in Bledsoe Co. TN - Burial: Humble Cem. Bledsoe Co. TN.

A family Bible, held by the Fred Smith family (son of William Brocklin Smith, grandson of Calico and Elizabeth) shows Calico's father's name to be Fred Smith.
Family legend is that Elizabeth Smith was married to Calico Bill "Will" Smith and that he was full-blood Cherokee.
William Brocklin, a son of Calico Bill "Will" and Betsy Smith was often in the company of his grandchildren (Terry Smith's first family of children) and often told them of his father, Calico Bill Smith and told them he was full blood Cherokee and that he had run away to TN to avoid removal. W. B. had a picture of Calico wearing long braided hair as was witnessed by W. B.'s children.

During the 1830s Indian removal, it is said he, and or his family, ran from NC to TN and hid out there so as not to be removed to OK. Why did he/they chose the last name "Smith"? For Indians in hiding, it was a common practice to take on a new last name of people in the area where they lived. They sometimes took on the last name of someone who had befriended them or simply took on the name of the majority of people in the area.
Calico Bill Smith's grave site is not known, but people in Bledsoe Co. TN at the time, had to be buried in the immediate area where they died so it can be assumed he is buried in Bledsoe Co. TN, perhaps in the same grave yard as Elizabeth, his wife.


Elizabeth "Betsy" Smith appears in the 1860 census in Bledsoe, TN with her father and mother and is married with no husband listed.
In 1870 census, Betsy appears with no one as head of her household and with a new child, Arminta who is 2-years-old.
In the 1880 census, Betsy appears, with her son-in-law, Isaac Sullivan, as head of the house hold and her father living there as well. Her youngest child is still Arminta. Elizabeth is listed as married.


i. JOHN L3 SMITH, b. Bledsoe Co., TN.

2. ii. WILLIAM BROCKLIN SMITH, b. 19 Dec 1853, Bledsoe Co., TN; d. 04 Oct 1924, Ada, Pontotoc Co., OK - Burial: Rosedale Cem. Ada, OK.

3. iii. MARGARET SMITH, b. Jan 1855, Bledsoe Co., TN; d. Jan 1926, Humble Cem. Bledsoe Co., TN.

iv. MATILDA N. SMITH, b. Bet. 1856 - 1857, Bledsoe Co., TN.

4. v. MARTHA ANGELINE SMITH, b. 13 Apr 1858, Bledsoe Co., TN; d. 28 Feb 1913, Burial - Ector, TX.

vi. ARMINTA SMITH, b. 1867, Bledsoe Co., TN; m. SULLIVAN.

Generation No. 2
2. WILLIAM BROCKLIN3 SMITH (CALICO "WILL"2, FRED1) was born 19 Dec 1853 in Bledsoe Co., TN, and died 04 Oct 1924 in Ada, Pontotoc Co., OK - Burial: Rosedale Cem. Ada, OK. He married MARTHA "MATTIE" KEENER Abt. 1876 in Bledsoe Co., TN, daughter of STONEWALL KEENER and RACHEL GRIMES. She was born 12 Jul 1851 in TN, and died 02 Feb 1937 in Ada, Pontotoc Co., OK - Burial: Rosedale Cem. Ada, OK.

According to his death certificate, William B. Smith was born 12-19-1853

According to the 1900 Federal Census, Bledsoe Co. TN, he was born October 1861.
1880 Federal Census, Bledsoe Co., TN, 4th Dist. p. 23 #70:

William Smith - Head, 20-years-old, works on farm.

Martha - Wife, 18-years-old, Keeping house (Martha was 17-years-old in the 1870 census in her father's house. One might assume that she was older than 18 here and probably older than her husband.

Nancy Jane - Daughter, 1 1/2 years-old
1900 Federal Census - Bledsoe Co., TN

Smith, William - Head - White, Married Born - Oct. 1861, 38-years-old, Married 24 years, Born TN; Father and Mother unknown place of birth.

Martha - Wife, Born July 1861, 38-years-old, Married 24 years, Gave birth to 9 children, 8 of which were living at the time. Martha and both parents are listed as being born in TN.

John - Born Jan. 1884 - 16 years old

Margret - Born Oct. 1885 - 14 years old

Mary - Born May 1887 - 13 years old

Fred - Born June 1890 - 9 years old

Mordie - Born July 1892 - 7 years old

Polkie - Aug. 1896 - 3 years old

John and Nancy Smith Mooneyham live 2 doors down.
William B. and family moved from Bledsoe Co., TN to TX about 1904 and settled in Collin Co. They then moved on to Oklahoma. His first cousin, James Franklin McDowell, moved with him and they usually lived near one another.

William B. Smith died of heart failure. His death certificate states that his father's name was Will Smith, but family tradition says that his name was Calico Bill and he was a full-blood Cherokee
1910 - Federal Census - Coal County, OK - Jackson Township

Smith, W. B. 53-years-old, Married 34 years,

Mattie - Mother of 9 children with 7 living. 56 years-old

Fred T. 21-years-old Born in TN; Occupation - Farmer

Mordie - 17-years-old, Born in TN

Polk - 14-years-old, Born in TN

James - 9-years-old, Born in TN
According to the death certificate of William B. Smith, he had a stroke of paralysis sometime before his death which was due to a heart attack.

His father is listed as Will Smith, his mother, Bettsie(sp). Informant - Fred Smith
Ada Evening News

Monday, 10-06-1924

page 3

W. P.(B.) died at his home at 209 S. Oak St. Saturday evening at 10:30 p.m. after a prolonged illness. Funeral services were held this afternoon at the Nazareen church, Mr. MMcAdams officiating. The deceased is survived by a wife, 4 sons and 3 daughters
Rosedale Cemetery, Ada OK

Burial plot - E-12-88

According to her death certificate, Martha died of pneumonia with nephritis.
The Ada Evening News

Feb. 1937

Mrs. Mattie Smith, 86 years of age, of Portland Park, passed away Feb. 2 aat 3:45 p.m. at her home. Funeral services were conducted Wednesday, Feb. 3 at 2:00 p.m. from the Chapel of the Criswell Funeral Home. Rev. Milo Arbuckle officiating, interment in Roseddale cemetery.

Mrs. Smith is survived by three sons, Mord, Terry and Fred Smith, and two daughters, Mrs. Margaret Thornton, and Mrs. Jane Robertson.

Burial Plot - E-12-87

Rosedale Cemetery, Ada OK
Portland Park was a neighborhood set up for people who worked at the Portland cement plant on the S edge of Ada, OK. Mattie was living with Mord when she died.


i. UNKNOWN4 SMITH, b. Pikeville, Bledsoe Co., TN.

5. ii. NANCY JANE SMITH, b. Nov 1877, Bledsoe Co., TN.

6. iii. WAYMON TERRY SMITH, b. Apr 1880, Bledsoe Co., TN; d. 18 Oct 1951, Burial Stayton, Marion Co., OR.

iv. JOHN SMITH, b. Jan 1884, Bledsoe Co., TN; d. 19 Jan 1901.
Notes for JOHN SMITH:

John Smith may have died between 1900 and 1910 in TN or in Collin C. TX as he is not listed with the family in the 1910 census in Coal Co. OK at which time he would have been 16-years-old.
7. v. MARGARET "MARGIE" ELIZABETH SMITH, b. 31 Oct 1886, Pikeville, Bledsoe Co., TN; d. 04 May 1969, Atoka, OK Burial: Non Cemetery, Non, OK.

8. vi. MARY MAY SMITH, b. 14 May 1888, TN; d. 26 Oct 1927, Ada, Pontotoc Co., OK - Burial: Rosedale Cem. Ada, OK.

9. vii. FRED THOMAS SMITH, b. 11 Jul 1890, Pikeville, Bledsoe Co.,TN; d. 02 Jun 1966, Near Stayton, OR Burial - Lone Oak Cemetery, Stayton, Marion Co., OR.

10. viii. MORD H SMITH, b. 22 Jul 1892, Pikeville, Bledsoe Co., TN; d. 18 Jul 1948, Marion Co., OR.

11. ix. POLK SMITH, b. 27 Aug 1897, Pikeville, Bledsoe Co., TN; d. 25 Dec 1930, Ada, Pontotoc Co., OK.

x. JAMES JACKSON SMITH, b. 1901; d. Abt. 1910, OK.

Since James is in the home in 1900 census, and not listed in the 1910 census, one could assume he died in TX or in Coal Co. OK.

3. MARGARET3 SMITH (CALICO "WILL"2, FRED1) was born Jan 1855 in Bledsoe Co., TN, and died Jan 1926 in Humble Cem. Bledsoe Co., TN. She married ISAAC SULLIVAN. He was born Abt. 1850, and died in Humble Cem. Bledsoe Co., TN.




iii. ANGELINE SULLIVAN, b. 1879.

iv. WILLIAM R. SULLIVAN, b. 18 Jan 1882; d. 09 Jan 1939.

v. ETHEL SULLIVAN, b. 04 Nov 1884; d. 31 Dec 1953.

vi. FANNIE SULLIVAN, b. 07 May 1887; d. 1907.

vii. BELLE SULLIVAN, b. 23 Feb 1890; d. 04 Dec 1961.

4. MARTHA ANGELINE3 SMITH (CALICO "WILL"2, FRED1) was born 13 Apr 1858 in Bledsoe Co., TN, and died 28 Feb 1913 in Burial - Ector, TX. She married WAYMON J. HARRISON KEENER, son of STONEWALL KEENER and RACHEL GRIMES. He was born 1855 in TN, and died 1933.

Martha Angelina Smith Keener is buried in Ector, TX.

Notes by Theola

W. J. Keener and Martha Angeline Smith moved to TX between 1894 and 1895. They took a train from Chattanooga. The train stopped in Bells, TX in Grayson Co. and that is where W. J. decided to stay. Terry decide to stay on the train and rode further before making his choice.


i. CORA BELLE4 KEENER, b. 06 Apr 1895, TX.

ii. JAMES WILLIAM "JIM" KEENER, b. 28 Oct 1878; m. MARY MINERVA ALBERTA "ALLIE" YOUNG; b. 26 Jul 1883.

Generation No. 3
5. NANCY JANE4 SMITH (WILLIAM BROCKLIN3, CALICO "WILL"2, FRED1) was born Nov 1877 in Bledsoe Co., TN. She married (1) ROBERTSON. She married (2) JOHN C. MOONEYHAM 1896 in TN, son of G. MOONEYHAM and MAY STEPHENS. He was born 04 Oct 1875 in Georgia, and died 13 Dec 1925 in Sweetwater, Nolan Co. TX.

Death may be 2-5-49 in Marion Co. OR

Janet Bivins said she died in Salem, OR

1900 Bledsoe Co., TN Federal Census shows John Mooneyham and Jane living 2 doors down from W. B. and Mattie Smith:

John Mooneyham spelled Moonaham, white, farmer born Oct. 1875 24-years-old Married 4 years

Nancy Born Nov. 1877 22-years old, has had 2 children with 2 living.

Sherman, Born June 1897 age 2

Albert M. Feb. 1899 age 1

1910 Census from Collin C. TX:

John Mooneyham head age 34, married 12 years, born GA

Nancy J. age 32, born TN, 7 children born, 5 living

Albert age 11, born TN

Rosetta age 7, born TX

Lee age 5, born OK

Ruby age 3, born TX

Jessie age 6/12, born TX

G. W. father age 72, born TN

May A. mother age 62, born TN
1920 census in Hunt Co. TX

John Mooneyham age 46, born GA parents born TN farmer

Nancy J. age 42, born TN, parents born TN

Rosetta age 17, born TX

Lee age 15, born OK

Ruby L. age 12, born TX

Jessie age 10, born TX

Guy W. age 8, born TX

Elbert age 5, born TX

Floyd T. age 1 5/12, born TX
1930 census in Curry Co. NM

Nancy J. Mooneyham age 52 widow farmer

Virgil L age 25 single laborer

Elbert L. age 15 single


Sweetwater Daily Reporter Monday Dec. 14, 1925
Mooneyham Dies
Father of Boy Buried Friday Passed Away Sunday Night
Funeral services were held Monday afternoon at four o'clock for J. E. Mooneyham following his death Sunday night. Rev. E.K. Daughtery officiated and the father was laid to rest beside the body of his son, who preceded him in death only last Friday. Cause of death was diagnosed as infantile paralysis by attending physician.


i. SHERMAN5 MOONEYHAM, b. Jun 1897, TN; d. Bef. 1910.

Sherman is not listed in the 1910 census when the family lived in TX so he may have died in TN or TX.
ii. ALBERT M. MOONEYHAM, b. Feb 1899, TN.

12. iii. ROSETTA MOONEYHAM, b. Abt. 1903, TX.

iv. VIRGIL LEE MOONEYHAM, b. 21 Sep 1904, OK; d. Jul 1989, NM.

v. RUBY MOONEYHAM, b. 09 Jul 1907, TX; d. 22 Jan 1993, Bloomfield, SanJuan Co. NM; m. ROBERT "BOB" HUFFMAN.

1930 Census, Yeso, DeBaca NM Precinct 13

Stewart Lansing Head Renting for 8.00 a month Mexican, but listed as white in the 1900 and 1910 census. Age 38, First married at age 20 Born NY Working as a mechanic in a garage
Zettie Wife Age 27, Married at 18 Born TX

The name Rosetta was written under the name Zettie.
John Son Age 5, Born TX
Mooneyham, Ruby Sister-In-Law Age 22, Single Born TX Working as a maid in a private home.
vi. JESSIE MOONEYHAM, b. 1910, TX.

vii. GUY W. MOONEYHAM, b. 08 Jan 1912, TX; d. 14 Feb 1968, Albuquerque, NM - Burial: Sunset Memorial Park, Bernalillo Co. NM; m. GLADYS EDNA; b. 19 Aug 1913; d. 31 Jan 1966, Albuquerque, NM - Burial: Sunset Memorial Park, Bernalillo Co. NM.

Guiy W. Mooneyham enlisted in teh service March 6, 1941 in Portland, OR.

Branch: Immaterial - Warrant officers USA

Grade: Private

Branch Cold: Elisted Men

Education: Grammar school

Civil Occupation: Automobile Serviceman

Height: 67 in.

Weight: 130


Albuquerque Journa


Mooneyham - Guy W. Mooneyham 56, passed away in a local hospital after a long illness. He is survived by one sister, Mrs. Ruby Huffman of Albuquerque; two brothers, Lee Mooneyham of Albuquerque and Elbert Mooneyham. he was a member of the Disabled American Veterans and the American Legion. Service will be announced by the French Mortuary.


Sunset Memorial Cemetery - Bernalillo Co. NM

Pfc 1905 Svc Comd Unit World War II, Sec. 16 #1
Notes for GLADYS EDNA:

Albuquerque Journal


Mooneyham - Mrs. Glays Edna Mooneyham, 52, a resident of this city 25 years, died early Monday morning at her home, 843 Griegos NW, after an illness. She is survived by her husband, Guy Mooneyham of the home; a son, Eugene Grantham; a daughter, Mrs. Juanita Wheeler of Albuquerque; two sisters, Mrs. Gertrude Johnson of Albuquerque and Mrs. Velma Knepp of San Diego, Calif., and two grandchildren. Mrs. Mooneyham was a member of the Christian Church. Services will be Wednesday morning at 10:30 from Chapel in the Garden of French Mortuary, 111 University NE, with the Rev. Leroy Mills officiating. Interment in Sunset Memorial Park.
Albuquerque Journal


Mooneyham - Services for Mrs. Gladys Edna Mooneyham will be this morning at 10:30 from Chapel in the Garden of French Mortuary, 1111 University NE, with the Rev. Leroy Mills officiating. Escorts; Adrian Robbins, Johnny Robbins, Tonnie Robbins, Ray Roy, Fred Gallegos and Buell Wheeler. Interment in Sunset Memorial Park.

Sunset Memorial Cemetery - Bernalillo Co. NM

Born Aug 19, 1913

Died Jan. 31, 1966

Section 15 #1
viii. ELBERT L. MOONEYHAM, b. 21 Sep 1914, TX; d. 28 Nov 1995, Rio Rancho, Sandoval Co. NM.

ix. FLOYD T. MOONEYHAM, b. 11 Aug 1918, TX; d. 10 Dec 1925, Sweetwater, Nolan Co. TX.

Sweetwater Daily Reporter Friday Dec. 11, 1925
Boy Dies
Funeral Services for Floyd Mooneyham
Friday Afternoon
Funeral services were held for Floyd Mooneyham, age seven, Friday afternoon at three o'clock with Rev. E. K. Daughtery officiating. Interment followed in City Cemetery. Besides the father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Mooneyham, several brothers and sisters survive.
The father is also seriously ill and is not expected to live from the same malady as proved fatal to the son, which attending physician declares is infantile paralysis.
The family has been on the Gordon Hendrick farm during the summer but more recently have been operating a rooming house in the city.

x. UNKNOWN MOONEYHAM, b. Abt. 1901, TN or TX.

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