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Chapter 28, 29, 30 Study Guide

  1. The league of nations condemned the Japanese use of force against Manchuria and:

Did nothing else of substance

  1. Partially because it made new European alignments this, in many respects, is seen as a dress rehearsal for World War II:

The Spanish Civil War

2. The term Anschluss refers to:

The union of Germany with Austria following the 1938 German invasion

3. The Anschluss was carried out by Germany because:

The people of Austria were going to hold a Plebiscite to decide whether to unite with Germany.

4. Hitler declared at the Munich conference:

I have no more territorial demands to make in Europe”

5. The German invasion of this country was the immediate cause of World War II:


6. In a secret agreement, signed in August 1939, these two nations agreed to divide Poland amongst themselves:

Soviet Union and Germany

7. Hilter planned to bring the entire Geman _____, understood as a racial group, together in a single nation.


8. Hilter’s vision for a new Gemany included more living space, known as _______, which would be taken from the Slavs.


  1. The league of nations demonstrated its weakness in its response to Jpnan’s occupation of _____.


  1. The Munich Agreement is often considered a classic example of ________.


  1. Blitzkrieg means:

War as fast as lightning strikes, which is how Hilter hoped to win.

  1. By July 1940, all of these countries had become puppet republics within the Soviet Union:

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

  1. When the Germans attacked France:

France’s forces were quickly overcome

  1. French generals believed that:

The Maginot Line would protect them from a geman assault

  1. Any chance of the British considering terms set by the gemans, in the face of defeat, disappeared when this man became prime minister of Great Britain in May 1940:

Winston Churchill

  1. The United States aided the British during the war effort in 1940, despite declaring neutrality, by doing all of the following EXCEPT:

Sending an elite air unit to help defend London

  1. The Battle of Britain resulted in:

A victory for Britain and the anandonment of Hilter’s plans to invade England

  1. He 2was nicknamed “Desert Fox” in Africa and drove the British back to Egypt:

Erwin Rommel

  1. By the end of 1941, all of the following were true EXCEPT:

All of France was occupied by the Axis powers

  1. The tide turned in favor of the U.S. in the Pacific theatre at:

The Battle of Midway

21.During this one battle the Russians lost more men than the Americans lost in combat during the entire war:

The Battle of Stalingrad

  1. The Battle of the Bulge:

Was Germany’s last major offensive on the Western Front.

  1. Military deaths in World War II numbered approximately:

15-20 million

23. The code for Germany’s invasion of Russia is known as operation:


24. Hitler often spoke of the “new order” that he meant to impose after he had established his _______ throughout Europe.

Third Rich

25. The Japan launched an air attack on the Unites State on December 7, 1941 at the US naval base ________

Pearl Harbor

26. In 1924 President Roosevelt stated that, “In some communities employers dislike to hire women. In others they are reluctant to hire Negros. We can no longer afford to indulge such _____”


27. Even after United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and _______, the Japanese would have continued fighting if Emperor Hirohito had not intervened.


28. Hitler referred to these people as Untermenchsen:


29. Hitler’s racial theories called for the subjects and death of all of the following people accept:


30. Hitler decided on a “final solution of the Jew problem”:


31. The holocaust claimed the greatest number of lives from:


32. All of the following are true of Polish anti-Semitism between the wars Accept:

Jews were forced to wear distinctive badges on their clothing

33. The Holocaust was driven by:

Germany Policy

34. Before the war was over, perhaps 6 million Jews had died in what has come to be called the _____


35. For the Nazis ______ was the chief breeding for world Jewelry.


36. The German economy:

Faced serious Labor shortages:

37. Hilter assigned woman a special plan in the war effort that included all of the following ACCEPT:

Woman working on the front lines of battle field especially as ambulance drivers

38. By the end of 19411:

British unemployment disappeared

39. The _____ French government collaborated with the Nazis.


40. In 1945, the French formed the _____ Republic.


41. The American policy to resist the extension of Soviet expansion, in the expectation that eventually the Soviets would collapse from internal pressure, is called:


42. The Truman Doctrine was initiated in response to Soviet pressure on what countries:

Greece and Turkey

43. The Marshall Plan resulted in all of the following EXCEPT:

A period of intense inflation between 1946 and 1948

44. The purpose of Stalin’s Cominform group was to :

Spread communism throughout the world

45. The United States wanted German industry in the western zone to be left intact because:

Truman saw domestic political advantages in doing so

46. The creation of the Jewish state

Intensified Cold War conflicts

47. Stalin enacted a policy of intense tightening of control over subject governments in Eastern Europe following the success of Marshal_Josip_(Broz)_Tito in the freeing his country from Soviet domination.

48. The separation of Germany into two states was hastened by the yearlong blockade of Berlin starting in


49. In June 1950, North Korea invaded

South Korea.

50. Which of the following can be said about Nikita Khrushchev’s leadership of the Soviet Union?

Intellectuals had more freedom of expression

51. What did the Suez intervention of 1956 prove?

That the nations of Western Europe could not impose their will on the world without the support United States

52. Hungarian leader Imre Nagy:

Sought to make Hungary independent from the Soviet Union.

53. Boris Pasternak was not allowed to receive the Nobel Prize for literature for his novel Dr. Zhivago .

54. What caused Khrushchev’s absence at the Paris Summit Conference?

Eisenhower’s refusal to apologize for the U.S. surveillance of the Soviet Union

  1. During the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, what evidence was used by the United States to convince the world of the threat posed by Cuba?

Photographs of missile equipment

  1. In 1957 Fidel Castro took over Cuba, removing the dictator

Flugencio Batista.

  1. In the Brezhnev Doctrine, the Soviet Union:

Gave itself the right to interfere in the affairs of other communist countries.

  1. The Helsinki Accords:

Represented a step forward in recognizing human rights in Eastern Europe.

59. President Reagan did all of the following as he intensified the cold war struggle except:

Tighten the grain embargo of the Soviet Union

60. The appointment of Pope John Paul II was a key factor in Poland’s resistance to communist control. Evidence of the retreat from imperialism was seen in all of the following except:


61. Mohandas Gandhi adopted the model of passive resistance after the exposure to the writings of what American writer?

Henry David Thoreau

62. Generally speaking, Britain:

Accepted the loss of the empire as inevitable

63. The founding of Pakistan resulted from the British withdrawal from India in 1947.

64. What event marked the beginning of Algerian nationalism?

The conflict at Setif between Muslims and French settlers

  1. What event caused the United States to dramatically change its outlook on the situation in Indochina?

The establishment of the people’s republic of china

  1. What was one of the main aims of the national liberation front in Vietnam?

To overthrow Diem

  1. Vietnamization involved:

The gradual withdrawal of U.S. troops from Vietnam

  1. The French leader who orchestrated that country’s retreat from Algiers was

Charles de Gaulle.

  1. Mikhail Gorbachev ‘s economy policies could be characterized as:

A failure

  1. In the 1989, what country did Hungary open its border, freeing travel to West Germany:


  1. Revolution in Czechoslovakia was led by:

Vaclev Havel

  1. In early 1991, Gorbachev began a strategic retreat from in reform in response to opposition from:

A group, including Boris Yeltsin, that wanted rapid democracy

  1. The final big event preceding Gorbachev’s exit from Soviet Political life was the:

Attempt coup in 1991

  1. Following the breakup of the Soviet Union, the common wealth of independent states formed to loosely join how many of the 15 resulting republics?


  1. The killing of 330 hostages from an elementary school in Belsan was a result of:

The Chechen War

  1. Brezhnev’s two immediate successors were Yuri Andropov and Konstantin Chernenko.

  2. In Poland Lech Walesa took on the role of mediator between the government and the trade union movement he had founded.

  3. West German leader Helmut Kohl was the leading force for German Unification.

  4. Which of the following came first in the breakup of Yugoslavia?

War on Bosnia

  1. The “ethnic cleansing” that took place in Bosnia Primarily targeted:


  1. Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic was finally removed from power in 2000

  2. What is the most accurate term for the belief that a pure Islam must be established in the contemporary world:


  1. Madrasas are:

Islamic religious schools

  1. The literal meaning of the Muslim term jihad is “a struggle.”

  2. In the 2003, American and British forces first entered Iraq through:


  1. The United States’ policy of regime change in Iraq was adopted during the presidency of:

Bill Clinton

  1. The train bombing in Madrid, Spain contributed to

the removal of Spanish troops from Iraq

  1. In 2004, Poland, the Czech republic, and Hungary were added to NATO

  2. In 2002 and 2003, the United States and Great Britain tried to gain support from the United Nations Security Council to force Iraq to disarm.

  3. The league of nations condemned the Japanese use of force against Manchuria and:

Did nothing else of substance

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