The American Republic to 1877 Video
  Creating a Nation Why It Matters
  Reconstruction and Its Aftermath
  The American Republic to 1877 Video
  The American Republic to 1877 Video The chapter 10 video
  Why It Matters The United States was made up of people who had emigrated from many places in the world. Many Americans remained on the move as the United States extended its political borders and grew economically
  Chapter 4 The Colonies Grow 1607-1770
  The Making of Modern America 1929-Present
  Chapter 2 Exploring the Americas 1400-1625
  The American Republic to 1877 Video
  Why It Matters As you study Unit 6, you will learn how social, economic, and political differences between the North and South grew. As compromises failed, the country plunged into civil war
  Why It Matters Although the United States declared its independence in 1776, no country recognized it as an independent nation at that time. It took a war and the efforts of American diplomats to win this recognition
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