Ap european Study Guide From After Black Death to Current History
  The civil rights movement
  Native Americans were the first enslaved people in North America. Many aboriginal societies had practiced different forms of slavery for thousands of years before they had ever seen Europeans
  Category: Crop Rotation
  Ryan’s group
  Justice’s group
  Big picture themes: Chapter #1: New World Beginnings
  Washington’s presidency – Ch. 10 of The American Pageant, “Launching the Ship of State,” pp. 190-199 Overall main idea
  Part I: Reviewing the Chapter A. Checklist of Learning Objectives
  Candide candide
  Primary Documents: Immigration Directions
  Document 1 From the Journal of Christopher Columbus
  New England Colonies Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Rhode Island
  Compare and Contrast the extent to which the French revolution 1789-1799 and the Russian revolution 1917-1924 changed the status of women
  Ulysses s. Grant rutherford b. Hayes james a. Garfield
  1. During the Renaissance, humanism contributed least to which of the following?
  Morgan Klinedinst Prompt
  By: Montgomery Stambaugh, Ashton Miller, Abby Kling Chapter 26 dbq
  Lydia Harris, Erika Gregory, Kaci Dennis apush american Agriculture dbq
  New Deal Programs – Relief, Recovery, Reform
  Problem Before the Reform(s)
  Prompt: Analyze the influence of humanism on the visual arts in the Italian Renaissance. Use at least three specific works to support your analysis
  Essential Questions: Chapter 13
  Unit 1 vocabulary chapter 1 Vocabulary Marco Polo
  The Road to Revolution
  Columbus Quote, Main point/s & Significance, p 2
  Unit 1: a new World of Many Cultures, 1492–1607 Columbus Quote, Main point/s & Significance, p 2
  Review Answer Key
  Unit 10 Review: wwi & us foreign Policy
  The Triumphs and Travails of the Jeffersonian Republic
  Trickled down to us
  Delaney’s group
  The Duel for North America
  The student will explain the primary causes of the American Revolution
  Review-the answers
  East Germany, Hungary, Poland
  African Americans and Slavery
  Lindsey Williams
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