Should We Invite Students to Write in Home Languages? Complicating the Yes/No Debate
  Lincoln as a Surveyor
  In Defense of Sports as a Serious Academic Historic and Geographic Topic
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  Egyptian part 1 Architectural Design Slide #1: title
  Guide to Resources on Coal Mining
  Native American Place Names in Indiana Aboite- commonly thought to be named for an Indian chief Anderson
  BY: Troy Hammon, June 2007, Arsenal Technical High School, Indianapolis, Indiana Estimated Sessions
  Climate and Mummification Tim Lehman, Bethany Christian Schools, Goshen, Indiana October 2007 time
  Unit Plan: Masks teacher: Macleans College Drama dept. Keywords
  Annotated Bibliography
  Annotated Bibliography Allen, S. (1996). 12 steps to non-profit sponsorship success. Fund Raising Management, 27(3), 46-49
  History 105: American History to 1877 Course Syllabus, Fall 2010
  !Rosel, Kaleschke, Birnbaum, 2011
  Unit Plan: Colour Change teacher: Kauri Team Keywords
  The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Peirce Papers Nathan Houser
  Unit Plan: Fifteenth Century Italian Painting teacher: Chloe Harland Keywords
  Unit Plan: 14th Century Italian Painting teacher
  Unit Plan: Ode To Joy teacher: David Naylor Keywords
  Grade Level: 9th Purpose: To demonstrate the theme of movement through the spread of disease National Geography Standards
  Working together: african american migration and settlement
  Cultural change
  Ancient Empires Simulation
  The Columbian Exchange
  A proposal for Peace in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (Lesson 4)
  Title: Business cultures. (cover story) Authors: Hofstede, Geert Source
  Unit Plan: Commedia Dell 'Arte Year 9 teacher: Sandra McLean Keywords
  Western Civilization
  Western Civilization
  Year 7 level 4 duration
  Ethics for the safety and health professional: approaches and case studies
  Unit Plan: Percy Jackson and the lightning Thief Greek Vases teacher: Mel Sutton Keywords
  Unit Plan: Introduction to Elizabethan Theatre teacher: D. Carruth Keywords
  The Urban Game By: Tim Dye; Summer, 2007 Estimated Sessions: minimum of 2, maximum of 4 Grade Level(s)
luciano/EDWS F15/Mod 4 for Fall 15
  Writing Assignment: America’s Forgotten Pandemic I. Introduction
  Narrative of the life of frederick douglas, an american slave (1854) written by himself
  Tuesday and Thursday, 10: 30 am-11: 45 am
  Grade Levels: 9-10 Purpose: To describe Germany’s culture with an emphasis on German unification. National Geography Standards
  Gandhi’s Art of Non-violently Transforming "Evil"
  Geography and History of the World
  Unit Plan: Masks teacher: Louisa Woods Keywords
  A356/H511 African American History II
  By: Mark Riggins; June 28, 2007 Western Boone Jr./Sr. High School; Thorntown, in estimated Sessions
  Indiana university-purdue university indianapolis department of Music and Arts Technology Course Offerings
  American history II: U. S. History since 1865
  Latin america: evolution and revolution course description and objectives
  Title: The Book Thief Author: Markus Zusak Author Information
  Teacher: Sharon Purcell Washington, D. C. Dc public Schools Lesson Title
  Unit Plan: uc- medieval Theatre teacher: Sandra McLean Keywords
  Mariupol Pogrom 1905
  Sswh13 The student will examine the intellectual, political, social, and economic factors that changed the world view of Europeans. (Ch22)
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  The Study of Religion: An Introduction and Provocation by Kenneth MacKendrick
  Roman numismatics
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