Law's poverty jm modiri
  The universal jurisdiction of south african criminal courts and immunities of foreign state officials
  Book review international Law and Child Soldiers by Gus Waschefort1 ja robinson2
  Inclusive basic education in south africa: issues in its conceptualisation and implementation
  "I am not a number! I am a free man!" The employment equity act, 1998 (and other myths about the pursuit of "equality", "equity" and "dignity" in post-apartheid south africa) part 2 am louw1 summary
  L du Plessis1 1 Introductory observations
  The regulation of market manipulation in australia: a historical comparative perspective
  The development of international law through the unauthorised conduct of international institutions
  Sa peté 1 Introduction
  Selected legal challenges relating to the military use of outer space, with specific reference to article IV of the outer space treaty
  Procurement under the uncitral model law: a southern africa perspective
  Protecting the foundation and magnificent edifice of the legal profession: reflections on
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