Ccot essay Sample from 2008 – transcribed from an actual essay which scored a 9
  Ccotchart Describe (and analyze) the political, economic, and cultural changes in western Europe from 600 C. E. to 1750. Be sure to discuss continuities as well as changes
  Ccot/Chart – Chart the influence of China over Japan, Korea, and Vietnam
  3. 2 Brewing Up a Storm
  The World that Trade Created,: Society, Culture, and the World Economy 1400 to the Present, by Kenneth Pomeranz and Steven Topik. Pg. 96-99 7 Where There’s Smoke…by Will Swaim
  Decolonization Case Study: Algeria
  Societies in search of change
  Regions Timeline East Asia
  Decolonization Case Study: Ghana/Gold Coast
  4b notes – 1750-1914 Ch 33: Society at Crossroads
  4. 7 As American as Sugar and Pineapples
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