‘Together we will make a new world’: Sexual and Political Utopianism
  Hermaphrodites, Deviants, and Sociopaths: Were these the Communards of 1871?
  Jose fernando serrano amaya
  Sexual Revolution. Provisional Paper for Conference Revolutions and Sexualities, Krakow 26-28 september 2007
  Pablo Ben University of Chicago
  Marriage in Twentieth Century Russia: Traditional Precepts and Innovative Experiments
  The Devil Underneath the Couch: The Secret Story of Jung’s Twin Brother. Gottfried Heuer
  An Introduction to the Socialism and Sexuality Seminar
  Natalia V. Krylova Revol(T)ver: Gender aspects of V. Mayakovsky's anthropological experiment
  Socialist and non-socialist working-class perspectives on marriage and the family in Britain in the 1830s and 1840s
  Revolutionary fever and opposition to marriage during the «Great French Revolution»
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