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Abdelkader, Deina Ali

Social Justice in Islam: Is Islamic Activism Linked to the Government’s Accountability According to Islamic Law?, University of Maryland at College Park, 1995.

Abd Kadir, Zambry Bin

Religion and Politics: The Search for Political Legitimacy of the Pan-Islamic Party of Malaysia, Temple University, 1995.

Abdulla, Muhammad Abdul-Ghaffar

Identity Crisis Within the Islamic Movement: The Dilemma of Tajdidization, State University of New York at Binghamton, 1991.

Abdus-Sabur, Qadir

A Muslim School’s Response to the Dilemma of Ghetto Life, University of Virginia, 1998.

Abedi, Mehdi

Shi’ism in Transition, Rice University, 1988.

Abed-Rabbo, Samir A.

Might Does Not Make Right: Interna­tional Law and the Question of Palestine, University of Miami, 1981.

Abelson, Michael Alan

In the Shadow of Muratori: A History of the Politics Ideology of Censorship in the Duchy of Modena (1750-1780), New York University, 1977.

Abend, Rosemary

Constant Samaritans: Quaker Philanthropy in Philadelphia, 1680-1799, University of California, 1988.

Abraham, Antoine

Maronite-Druze Relations in Lebanon, 1840-1860: A Prelude to Arab Nation­alism,

New York University, 1975.

Abramowitz, Rachel

The Jews under the Tsars and Commis­sars: The History and Culture of Russian Jewry,

University of Miami, 1975.

Abrams, Milton Charles

The Political Philosophy of Christopher St. German, University of Utah, 1963.

Abrams, Sylvia Bernice Fleck

Searching for a Policy: Attitudes and Policies of Non-governmental Agencies toward the Adjustment of Jewish Immigrants of the Holocaust Era, 1933-1953, as Reflected in Cleveland, Ohio, Case Western Reserve University, 1988.

Abray, Lorna Jane

The Long Reformation Magistrates, Clergy, and People in Strasbourg, 1520­-1598, Yale University, 1978.

Abu Ghazaleh, Adnan Mohammed

Arab Cultural Nationalism in Palestine, 1919-1948, New York University, 1967.

Abu Halimeh, Dabbie Ismat

The Influence of Islam, Gender Roles, and Social Class on Educational Attainment of Pakistanis in Los Angeles County and Lahore, Pakistan. 2000.

Abukhalil, As’ad

The Politics of Sectarian Ethnicity: Segmentation in Lebanese Society, Georgetown University, 1988.

Acharya, Surekha

Gujarati Transnationals: Re-Creation of Identity and Community in the Context of an Ethnic Enclave, University of California (Riverside), 2001.

Ackerman, Robert Steven

Genetic Engineering: A Fundamental Moral Approach, Fordham University, New York, 2007.

Ackerman, Susan

Syncretism in Israel as Reflected in Sixth-Century Prophetic Texts, Harvard University, 1987.

Adams, Dickinson Ward

Jefferson’s Politics of Morality: The Purpose and Meaning of His Extracts from the Evangelists, The Philosophy of Jesus of Nazareth and The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth, Brown University, 1970.

Adams, Everett Randall, Jr.

A Critique of the Concepts ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness’ as They Are Discussed in Sermons of Selected American Preachers from 1750 to 1783. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1993.

Adams, Howard Joseph

The Role of Church and State in Cana­dian Education, 1800-1867, University of California.

Adamson, Robert William

Father Huntington’s Formative Years (1854-1892): Monasticism and Social Christianity,

Columbia University, 1971.

Adams, Pamela Eileen

The Biblical Hermeneutics and the Teaching of Reading, University of Iowa, 1995.

Adcock, Cynthia Letts

Revolutionary Faithfulness: The Quaker Search for a Peaceable Kingdom in China, 1939-1951,

Bryn Mawr College, 1974.

Addis, Cameron Clark

The Religious and Political War over Jefferson’s Educational Vision, 1760-1845. The University of Texas at Austin, 2000.

Adelman, Kenneth Lee

Influence of Religion on National Integration in Zaire, Georgetown University, 1975.

Adeney, Bernard Temple

A Critical Assessment of Just War The­ory and Political Realism as Methods for Evaluating Modern War, Graduate Theological University, 1982.

Adler, Eliyana R.

Private Schools for Jewish Girls in Tsarist Russia, Brandeis University, 2003.

Adlzarrabi, Minoo

Social, Economic, and Political Precon­ditions of the Iranian Revolution, 1979 University of Missouri, 1982.

Admiraal, Beth Marie

Human Rights in Postcommunism: Discourse and Parties in the Development of Religious Freedom, University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign, Urbana, Illinois, 2004.

Agnew, Peter Wallace

Religion and the Social Order in a Twentieth-century City: Six Dallas Leaders. Southern Methodist University, 1999.

Agócs, Sandor

The Party of God: Pope Pius X and the Social Doctrine of the Church University of Rochester, 1970.

Agonito, Joseph Anthony

The Building of an American Catholic Church: The Episcopacy of John Carroll, Syracuse University, 1972.

Agtarap, Alfredo San Pedro

A Christian Response to Philippine Liberation Movements, Fuller Theological Seminary, School of World Mission, 1991.

Agut, James R.

The Peruvian Revolution and Catholic Corporatism: Armed Forces Rule since 1968

University of Miami, 1975.

Ahanotu, Austin Metumara

The Economics and Politics of Religion: A Study of the Development of the Igbo Spirit of Enterprise, 1800-1955 University of California, 1971.

Ahern, Gregory Stephen

Experience Must Be Out Only Guide: John Dickinson and the Spirit of American Republicanism. The Catholic University of America, 1997.

Ahghari, Zohreh

The Origin and Evolution of Islamic Economic Thought, Florida State University, 1991.

Ahlback, Lennart T.D.

Social Democratic Ecclesiology. A Study in the Outlines of Church Politics of the Social Democratic Party: 1979-1996. Uppsala Universitet (Sweden), Drottninggatan, Uppsala, Sweden, 2003.

Ahmad, Anis

Two Approaches to Islamic History: A Critique of Shibli Nu’Mant’s and Syed Ameerc Ali’s Interpretations of History, Temple University, 1980.

Ahn, Chee Soon

A Comparative Study of the Political Ideas of Two Contemporary Theolo­gians: Reinhold Niebuhr and Jacques Maritain, Florida State University, 1966.

Ahsan, Syed, Aziz-al

Islamization of the State in a Dualistic Culture: The Case of Bangladesh, McGill University, 1990

Aikman, David Barrington Thomson

The Role of Atheism in the Marxist Tradition, University of Washington, 1979.

Airo-Farulla, Joseph Anthony

The Political Opposition of the Hugue­nots to Henry IV, 1589 to 1598, University of Washington, 1969.

Ajala, Oyewole Olayioye

A Historical Review of Secondary Edu­cation in Western Nigeria: 1842-1976, North Texas State University, 1977.

Akiba, Motoko

School Violence in Middle School Years in Japan and the U.S.: The Effects of Academic Competition on Student Violence. The Pennsylvania State University, 2001.

Akinde, Adebisi

Religious Conflict in Nigeria: A Role for Religious Education, University of Hull, 1989.

Al-Ajouz, Burhan, Mohamed

Arab Nationalism and Lebanese Parti­cularism in the Foreign Policy of Lebanon

University of Notre Dame, 1975.

Al Ajroush, Hamad Al-Ali

A Historical Development of the Public Secondary School Curriculum in Saudi Arabia from 1930 to the Present, University of Oklahoma, 1981.

A1akay1eh, Abdallah A1i

Public Administrative Theory in the Context of an Islamic State, University of Southern California, 1982.

Aleixo, Jose Carlos Brandi

The Catholic Church and Elections: A Study of the Catholic Thought on the Moral Obligations of Voting, Georgetown University, 1968.

Alexander, E. Curtis

Three Black Religious Educators: A Study of the Educational Perspectives of Richard Allen, Elijah Muhammad, and Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., Columbia University Teachers College, 1980.

Alexander, Jon Albert

The Disturbance of the Spring: The Attitude of Selected American Clergy Toward the Use of Violence Against Brit­ish Authority, 1763-1776, Temple University, 1971.

Alexander, Kathryn Ogier

Religion and the Public Schools: A Search for Consensus, University of California at Santa Barbara, 1988.

Alexander, Scott Christopher

Hidden in the Books: Bio-bibliography and Religious authority in the Work of an Eleventh-century Shi’ite Jurist and Theologian. Columbia University, 1993.

Alexeev, Wassilij

The Russian Orthodox Church Under German Occupation, 1941-1945, University of Minnesota, 1967.


Islamic Modernism in Indonesian Poli­tics: The Muhammadijah Movement dur­ing the Dutch Colonial Period (1912­-1942), University of Wisconsin, 1969.

Al-Hayani, Fatima Agha

Legal Modernism in Iraq: A Study of the Amendments to Family Law, The University of Michigan, 1993.

Alhomaid, Abdullah

Authority of the Text and the Limits of Religious Tolerance in Islamic Political Thought: The Case of Ahmad Ibn Taymiyah, University of Southern California, 1996.

Ali, Kamal Hassan

Muslim School Planning in the United States: An Analysis of Issues, Problems, and Possible Approaches, University of Massachusetts, 1981.

Al-Khayyat, Sana Ayoub Sabri

The Position of Iraqi Women within the Family: With Particular Reference to Married Women, University of Keele, 1985.

Allen, Alexander Richard

The Crest and Crisis of the Social Gospel in Canada, 1916-1927, Duke University, 1967.

Allen, Larry Dean, II

A Comparative Analysis of the Men and Religion Forward Movement and Promise Keepers. Boston University, 2000.

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