Early Middle Ages

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Historical context: Early Middle Ages or Dark Ages refer to the period of 5th – 10th centuries
5th century: Fall of the Western Roman Empire in 410-476, decline in population, deurbanization, loss of culture

6th century: Justinian I published Code of Civil Law and retakes Rome from Ostrogoths

7th century: Arab army capture new territories

8th century: Carolingian Renaissance: monastic and cathedral schools were established everywhere to train men of civil service, Palace School at Aahen (in Abbasside Caliphate: Islamic Golden Age, “House of Wisdom”)

Barbarian invasions: the Viking Age 793-1066, raids of Magyars (Hungarians) 795-1001, invasions of Saracens (Arabs, Berbers, Moors and Turks) first occupation in 8th century, continued in 9th-11th.

Great Schism 1054 separation between the East Orthodox and the West Catholic Churches

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