Egypt: The Golden Empire The Warrior Pharaohs

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Egypt: The Golden Empire
The Warrior Pharaohs

  1. Describe the situation in Egypt in the year 1560BCE.

-end of 150 years of Hyksos rule

-country was divided

  1. What motivated the Thebans to rebel against Hyksos rule?

-the Hysksos sent messages in secret to the Nubians asking them to band together to defeat the Thebans as a unified force

  1. What finally ended the conflict?

--Ahmose beats them at the age of 20

-dismissed them from Egypt

  1. Why is Ahmose’s victory to historically significant?

-re-unification of Egypt

-Egypt is back---beginning moment

-Credits Amon-Re for his victory

  1. How did Hatshepsut transform the city of Thebes?

-obelisks—30 metres tall: single piece of granite

-defining monuments of New Kingdom


  1. Describe her career.

-husband died—stepson came to throne too young

-ruled as co-regent

-declared herself pharaoh

-ambitious? Or politically good for Egypt?

  1. How did she try to legitimize her reign?

-dominated her entire reign

-stressed the fact that she was the doctor of a king

-dgt of Tuthmosis I

-put words into his mouth---claiming he had proclaimed her as his successor

-said she was the dgt of Amon

-depicted as a male pharaoh

-mortuary temple: lavish---amazing feat of architecture

-carved reliefs on temple propaganda

  1. What motivated Hatshepsut to send the army to Punt?

-get the army out of Egypt

-lose war: she is to blame win a war: who needs a woman pharaoh

-get Tuthmosis out of town

-sets her apart as the pharaoh who can deliver the exotic

-opened up Egypt to the world.

  1. Why was incense to important to Egyptians?

-incense in a temple---god/dess embodied the incense—you were smelling the aroma of a god/dess

  1. How did Tuthmosis III try to remove Hatshepsut from history?

-prove her to be illegitimate ruler

-obelisks taken down

-has her name removed from every public record---chiselled off

-defaces her temple

-all evidence or her reign was removed

  1. Describe his military exploits

-responds to threats on the borders—pushed the rulers of these towns out and took over their towns

-multiple campaigns over many years

-huge recruiting campaign to expand the size of the army

-20,000 soldiers

-scribes wrote it all down

-conquer Megido—conquer the whole area—the princes of the area were there.

-after an initial victory—plunder and army hesitates

-then they had to lay siege---starve them out for 7 months

Pharaohs of the Sun

  1. What challenges did Amenhotep III face when he took the throne?

-protect the peace and prosperity.

-ruling the sprawling empire

  1. How did he maintain his empire without resorting to war?


-wrote letters to her rivals

-received tribute from smaller states to ensure good relations

-larger nations set up ambassadors to Egypt

  1. What did Egypt have that the other kings in the Near East wanted?


  1. How do royal marriages serve diplomatic purposes?

-makes the great kings of the near east “brothers”

-not a two way process: no Egyptian princesses was allowed to marry into a foreigner court because it would give them a potential claim to the throne.

  1. How did Amenhotep III’s temple building project increase the power of the priest of Amon-Re?

-king of gods, donated wealth to the main temple and it grew richer and the priests grew more powerful

-priests get financial and political power

-rivals pharaoh’s power—high priest more powerful than pharaoh

  1. What was a “news scarab” and how were they used?

-way of communicating direct with his subjects

-mass produced portable scarabs that are inscribed with his achievement

-rapid dispersion of information

  1. How was the relationship between Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye unusual?


-daughter of a chariot officer

-strong woman—near equal to pharaoh

  1. Why did Amenhotep IV shift his religious allegiance to Aton?

-maybe to wrestle control from the high priests of Amon-Re at Karnak

  1. What changes did he oversee in:

    1. art?—natural realistic painting---odd depiction of royal family—celebration of ugliness

    1. Religion?-closed the temples of Amon-Re and reomoved the priests

-worship one god---Aton and he would be the only priest of Aton

-later he began to persecute the followers of Amon-Re

-chiseled the name of Amon-Re everywhere

-became a religious fanaticism

10.What did his new name Akhenaton mean?

-one who is beneficial to the Aton

  1. Why did he move the capital to Amarna?

-break with the past

-the site was pointed out to him by the Aton

-escaped influence of the high priests in Thebes

  1. What role did Queen Nefretiti play in his reign?

-she conducted the ceremonies to Aton

-seems to have been the near equal—very prominent

  1. What happened after his death in ca. 1536BCE?

-all work on the tombs in his city ceased

-the city emptied

-traditional forces returned to power

-moved back to Thebes

  1. How was the young King Tut manipulated by the military and religious leaders?

-he was only 9 and the high ranking officials seized controlled

  1. What immediate changes were made after Tutankamon began his reign?

-changed his name

-moved back to Thebes

-reinstated the worship of Amon-Re and restored the priests of Karnak

-return of the old order

-power of priests

-relegated the Aton as a minor god that no one spoke of

-when he was finally able to rule on his own at 19, he dies—may have been murdered

16. Was Akenaton a kook or a rebel with a just cause?


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