Elementary Social Studies Curriculum Map Grade 3

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Elementary Social Studies Curriculum Map

Grade 3


Unit 5– (January) approx—4-5 weeks

(Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness)

Themes & Enduring Understandings


Essential Questions




*Individuals, Groups, Institutions- A person’s actions or a group’s actions can affect others. Those actions, whether purposeful or unintended, have consequences. Those consequences may be good or bad.
*Beliefs and Ideals- A society is where people work and live. A society has ideas and beliefs that affect the people, the government, and the money decisions within the society.
*Location- Where people live determines who is a part of their society, what jobs are available, and what opportunities they have.

SS3H2a, b


SS3G2a, b, c, d, e



  • What happened in Eleanor Roosevelt, Thurgood Marshall, and Lyndon B. Johnson’s life? (timeline)

  • Where and when did Eleanor Roosevelt, Thurgood Marshall, and Lyndon B. Johnson live?

  • What is the United Nations?

  • What are human rights?

  • What are civil rights?

  • What was the Great Society?

  • What is the right to vote?

  • Where are the Appalachian Mountains on a map/globe?

  • Where are the Rocky Mountains on a map/globe?


  • How did Eleanor Roosevelt work for human rights?

  • Why did Eleanor Roosevelt think that cooperation was so important?

  • What did Thurgood Marshall do to further civil rights in the US?

  • How did Lyndon B. Johnson work

to change voting rights in the US?

  • Why was Thurgood Marshall’s nickname “Mr. Civil Rights?”

  • How did Lyndon B. Johnson hope The Great Society would make America a better place by ending poverty and racial injustice?

  • What is the difference between human and civil rights?

  • Why was the United Nations formed and how does it continue to affect countries from around the world?

  • Which character traits did Eleanor Roosevelt, Thurgood Marshall, and Lyndon B. Johnson exhibits?

  • How were the goals of Eleanor Roosevelt, Thurgood Marshall, and Lyndon B. Johnson alike and different?

  • Which mountain range (Appalachian or Rocky) is bigger, longer, higher, etc…?

  • How are mountain ranges shown on a political map?

  • When using a political map (or an elevation map), how can you tell the elevation of a mountain range?

  • Eleanor Roosevelt

  • Thurgood Marshall

  • Lyndon B. Johnson

  • United Nations

  • Human rights

  • Civil rights

  • The Great Society

  • Voting rights

  • Education

  • Cooperation

  • Tolerance

  • Respect for and acceptance of authority

  • Vote

  • Timeline

  • Culture

  • Mountain range

  • Appalachian mountains

  • Rocky mountains

  • Political map

  • Compare and contrast the Rocky and Appalachian Mountains

  • Write a “newspaper article” about Eleanor Roosevelt, Thurgood Marshall, or Lyndon B. Johnson

  • Answer who, what, when, where, why questions about Eleanor Roosevelt, Thurgood Marshall, and Lyndon B. Johnson- use the information to construct a timeline for each person

  • Compare and contrast the ideals and good works of Eleanor Roosevelt, Thurgood Marshall, and Lyndon B. Johnson

  • Students make a poster of the rights they believe should be equal for everyone in the world

  • Research the countries that are members of the United Nations. Hold a mock meeting of the United Nations with students representing the countries they researched

  • Make question and answer cards about the American Heroes

Balanced Literature Connection:

Shared reading - American Heroes Biographies

Writing Workshop – see assessments list


  • Weslandia by Fleischman

  • Don’t Know Much About the Presidents by Davis

  • A Picture Book of Thurgood Marshall by David Adler

  • Young Thurgood Marshall by Carpenter

  • A Dream of Freedom- Civil Rights Movement from 1954-1968 by Diane McWhorter

  • Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady of the World (Women of our Time) by Doris Faber, Donna Ruff

  • Eleanor by Barbara Cooney

  • A Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt by C. Coco De Young

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