Elizabeth Post Viewing Discussion Questions

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Elizabeth - Post Viewing Discussion Questions

  1. Who was Elizabeth’s father and why was Elizabeth’s succession to the throne so heatedly contested?

  1. Why was England in a state of turmoil at the start of the movie?

  1. If you were Queen Mary would you have had your Protestant half-sister Elizabeth executed in the Tower of London? Consider the implications to the throne of England in your answer.

  1. What do Elizabeth’s “ladies in waiting” personify or represent throughout the movie?

  1. How does Elizabeth’s refusal to marry any of her suitors set the course of English history?

  1. Why were marriages between European royal families sought after at the time?

  1. What lessons in realpolitik can be learned by the development of the character of Walsingham throughout the movie?

  1. What does the assassination order, issued by the Roman Catholic Church, tell you about the relationship between church and state?

  1. How does Elizabeth I transform from a naïve to shrewd queen throughout the course of the movie?

  1. What legacy did Elizabeth I leave the people of England in her marriage to them at the end of the movie?

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