Experience: 2006- present Assistant Provost for Academic Quality

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4124 West Fletcher

Chicago, IL 60641

2006- present Assistant Provost for Academic Quality

East-West University

Oversee assessment activities. Revised general education and assessment plans.

Serve on Administrative Core Group and Admissions Committee. Developed academic and student policy. Represented university in meetings with accrediting agencies. Aid in the development of new academic programs and grants

1996 - 2000 Academic Dean

East West University

Managed and directed academic programs. Developed curriculum, and

instructional and personnel policies. Chaired Faculty Council meetings. Scheduled classes. Hired and supervised faculty members. Coordinated and supervised academic advising. Certified students for graduation. Served on Administrative Core Group and Standing Committee on University Policy. Contributed to university accreditation self-study report, O&M manual, personnel and

student handbooks.
1983 - present Director of English and Communications Program

East-West University

Teach Language and Society; Language and Mind; Mass Media and Society; Communication Theory; Political and Social Literature; Contemporary Issues of the Quality of Human Life;

Political and Social Literature; Shakespeare; African-American

Literature; English Literature I, English Literature II; English Literature III; American Literature I; American Literature II;

Contemporary American Literature; Introduction to Film;

Introduction to Drama; Introduction to Poetry; Introduction to

Fiction; Persuasion and Research; Ethics and Society; Introduction to Philosophy; Creative Writing; Speech; Business Letter Writing;

Technical Writing; English Composition; Developmental English;

Basic Study Skills

Design overall curriculum for English and Communications Program. Hire and supervise part-time teachers. Member of the Administrative Core Group Serve as academic advisor. Chair annual planning retreat. Contribute to university accreditation self-study report.

1977 - 1981 Instructor; Teaching Assistant

1973 - 1976 Northern Illinois University
Taught Composition and Introduction to Literature
1976 - 1977 Lecteur

Universite de Nantes

Taught English Conversation; American Civilization; Henry David

Thoreau; Robert Frost

Northern Illinois University

Ph.D. in English 1982

Dissertation: Thomas Pynchon and the Politics of Mythology

Areas of Concentration: Sixteenth Century English Literature;

Twentieth English Literature; Modern American Literature
University of Northern Iowa

MA in English, 1973

Divine Word College

BA in English, with minors in philosophy and theology


“The Necessity of Interdiction: The Role of the Teacher in Fellow Teachers,” paper delivered at the Association of Core Texts and Courses, New Haven, 2011
“The Role of Structure in a Post-structural World,” paper delivered at the Midwestern Modern Language Association, St. Louis, 2004.
“Opening Up the Borders of Composition,” paper delivered at

Conference on College and Composition, Boston, 1991.

Book Reviews in The Review of Contemporary Fiction,


“The Role of the Language Teacher Today” paper delivered at the

Literature Across the Disciplines Conference, City Colleges of

Chicago, 1985
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