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  1. Select a character from the play Hamlet.

  2. Create a fictional character profile (Facebook) page for your character using the link on my website. Extra Credit: create a fictional character profile poster (that must include the items listed below) for up to 10 points.

Required Elements:

  • Picture: Include a hand drawn or clip art picture of your selected Hamlet character.

  • A quote: Include a quote from someone famous, including the name of the person quoted. This should represent your character in some way, like your character’s philosophy of love, life, relationships, etc. For example, Hamlet might like Bette Davis’s quote: “Pleasure of love lasts but a moment; pain of love lasts a lifetime.”

  • About me: Write a brief biographical summary of your selected Hamlet character. It must be at least 5 or more sentences and should include things like who, what, where, when, how, why. This should be a summary about the character from the entire play, not just acts 1-3.

  • Song: Select a song that represents your character at some point in Hamlet. You must provide the title of the song and the name of the artist. Include 1-2 sentences that explain why your character selected this song. Ophelia, for example, might pick “Love Fool” by the Cardigans because she really wants Hamlet to love her, but she feels like he fooled her.

  • Blog Entry: A blog is kind of like a soliloquy, but instead of speaking your lines directly to the audience, you type them. Select a scene/section from the play and blog what your character would say/feel. For example, maybe you selected Ophelia for your character, and she’s going to blog about Hamlet visiting her in her “closet” and grabbing her arms while he’s dressed in droopy tights. Maybe you decided to be Claudius after you witnessed the Murder of Gonzago and you’re blogging about what a punk Hamlet is. Your blog must fill the box on the profile page, so it should be at least 6-10 sentences in length.

  • Interests/Favorites: What does your character like or what would your character like in modern times? What ever it is, his/her interests and favorites should make sense with the person’s character/personality in the play Hamlet. So, if you said Polonius likes skateboarding, surfing, and ice skating, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense with his character in the play. Instead, he may like watching reality shows like “Big Brother” (since he likes to spy on others) or his favorite holiday may be Halloween (so he can dress up and others won’t know who he is). Your character’s interests/favorites should include at least 6 interests/favorites.

  • Status: There is no box for this on the fictional character profile maker. At the bottom of the profile page, please create a “status” box and include a 1-2 line status that’s appropriate for your character. The ghost’s status could say: Ghost is in a hurry. The sun is coming up, and I’ve got to get to the other side.

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Download 5.52 Kb.

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