Feuerbach 2008 Tossups by Chicago b (Shantanu Jha, William Dix, Michael Arnold, Damon Wang)

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Tossups by Chicago B (Shantanu Jha, William Dix, Michael Arnold, Damon Wang)
1. He claimed that less fertile land will try to be cultivated because more fertile land will cost more in rent that eats away at profits. Termed his differential theory of rent, that came in his “Essay on Profit.” He also saw elevated rent as a result of a series of laws he strongly lobbied against while in Parliament, a post he took after making money in the stock market. Besides those attacks on the Corn Laws, his other lasting contributions to economics come mostly in his most famous tract: Principles of Political Economy and Taxation. For 10 points, identify this British economist, the formulator of the Iron Law of Wages and the notion of Comparative Advantage.

ANSWER: David Ricardo

2. She declares that so many stones have been thrown at her that she is no longer frightened of them in her poem "Solitude" which is collected in White Flock. This author claims “My heart will never forget the one/ Who gave her life for a single glance" in her poem "Lot's Wife." In one poem, this writer mentions the unlocked door, the unlit candle, and the unused bed, while in another, she tells the reader “You’re alone with the man you love.” Besides "White Night" and "In the Evening," she wrote of the love affair of a young officer named Vasevolod Knyazev and a beautiful dancer named Olga Glebova-Sudeikina in the exordium of another work. For 10 points, name this author of Requiem and "Poem Without a Hero."

ANSWER: Anna Akhmatova

3. Pliny the Elder states that this man received the Corona Graminea for outstanding service during the Social War; though, he goes on to cast some doubt on this accomplishment. Unlike many of his rivals, he died peacefully while retiring with his lover Metrobius. While quaestor, he journeyed to Numidia and with the help of a local king, Bocchus, performed the acutal capture of Jugurtha. His appointment as dictator in 88 BCE marked end of the anti-artistocratic reforms implemented by his former commander and rival. For 10 points, name this Roman who undid the work of Gaius Marius.

ANSWER: Lucius Cornelius Sulla

4. She collected her short stories, such as the "Watcher for the Dead" in volumes such as The Soft Voice of the Serpent and Beethoven was One-sixteenth Black. Her newest novel deals with a man undergoing radiation therapy for thyroid cancer, Paul Banneman, and another work sees Ann Davis have an affair with Gideon Shibalo. Besides Get a Life and Occasion for Loving, as well as her first novel Lying Days, she wrote of a relationship between Julie Summers and the illegal immigrant Abdu in The Pickup. In a more famous work, one character plays with kittens with her friend Nyiko, but her mother drowns those kittens in a bucket of water and after helping shoot two boars Daniel steals Bamford's gun to fight in Johannesburg. Other creations include Rosa, Lionel, and the Smales. For 10 points, name this author of The Conservationist and July's People.

ANSWER: Nadine Gordimer

5. The secondary type can have dilated rays which result from localized anticlinal divisions. In some organisms, it can utilize raffinose in the polymer trap mechanism. The plugging of pores with callose also occurs in these objects, distinguished by their possession of fiber caps. Specialized parenchyma cells such as albuminous or companion cells facilitate movements of particles into sieve cells, while apoplastic and symplastic loading allow translocation; a movement from sources to sinks via turgor pressure. For 10 points, name this tissue concerned with the transport of food, contrasted with xylem.

ANSWER: Phloem

6. In an introduction to this work, its author describes its American debut alongside Beckett’s “Krapp’s Last Tape” and traveling to its premier in Berlin. Early dialog sees one character praising “Good old North” after learning he’s walked from 64th to 75th. Another character has two daughters and two parakeets because “that’s the way the cookie crumbles” while his inquisitor describes his unique relationship with his landlady’s dog. The ultimate conflict in the play comes when one character keeps elbowing the other for more room, despite that man’s protestations that the park bench is his. For 10 points, Jerry ultimately gets Peter to stab him after Jerry has just visited the titular place in what play by Edward Albee?

ANSWER: The Zoo Story

7. This team's stadium was nicknamed the "Theatre of Dreams" by former player Bobby Charlton. Two of this teams players have been named European Club Football players of the year--one in 1998, the other in 2008. In 1998-1999, this team had one of the most successful years in European Club football history winning their domestic league, domestic cup, and the Champion's League. The season was so successful that their manager was knighted following it. One of the most well supported teams in the world, their stadium, Old Trafford, is the second largest stadium in England. For 10 points, name this English Premier league team which won the premiership and the Champions League last year, former home of David Beckham and current home, for the moment at least, of Christiano Ronaldo.

ANSWER: Manchester United

8. One character in this work has a love for the number seventeen and fixes gambling tables for his friends; that character earlier bought a turqoise necklace for the protagonist. The title character of this work is serenaded with the bassoon solo "Lullaby to Floripedes" by a member of the Amateur Orchestra of the Sons of Orpheus. A model who is a votary of the god Oxossi summons one character back from the grave. One of the title figures died while dancing the samba dressed as a woman with a large cassava tuber in his skirt. This novel also features Dona Gisa, who has a terrible accent, and this work sees Dona Norma de Ze Sampaio help the title character establish her cooking school. Seeing the title character marry Dr. Teodoro Madureira after the death of Vadinho, for 10 points, name this Jorge Amado novel.

ANSWER: Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands

9. This painter of the Vision of the Blessed Herman Joseph also depicted two cherubs playing in the top right even as an aquatic nymph holds out a piece of paper in his Rinaldo and Armida, while another painting depicts a monkey resting on the arm of the dwarf Jeffrey Hudson, who stands next to Henrietta Maria. Religious works of his include Christ with St. Dominic and The Vision of St. Augustine, while other famous subjects of his portraits include Cardinal Bentivoglio and Philip, Lord Wharton. Once hired by Thomas Howard at the court of the Earl of Arundel, one of his paintings depicts his subject three times over while another depicts that subject in a silver doublet. That patron, Charles I, was this man's primary benefactor. For 10 points, name this former student of Rubens.

ANSWER: Anthony van Dyck

10. A Henry Sidgwick essay discusses the axioms of this, while a Derek Parfit essay compares the history of this discipline to the history of humanity. An “Appendix on Asceticism” concludes a Fichte work that connects the science of this to the “science of knowledge,” arguing that it a priori determines our nature and duties. Peter Singer edited a collection of essays titled this in 1994, one year after his own original work titled Pracitcal this. The best-known work titled this includes sections like “Of God” and “Of Human Bondage” and orders its arguments like a mathematical proof. For 10 points, identify this word that titles that Baruch Spinoza work, a branch of philosophy that is the subject of a work by Aristotle edited by his son Nicomacheus.

ANSWER: Ethics

11. Synchrotron radiation can generate the hydroxyl variety of these for ultrafast footprinting studies, although a more common technique involves Fenton’s reagent. They are typically short-lived, but may be stabilized by either HOMO (“hoe-moe”) or LUMO (“loo-moe”) interactions, or by both, as in the “push-pull” case. The photocatalyzed production of chloroform is a classic example of their chain reactions, which may also be initiated by azo-bis-iso-butyro-nitrile or AIBN. Diatomic oxygen is a common variety, as are the reactive oxygen species such as hydrogen peroxide which have been implicated in aging. For 10 points, name these molecules with unpaired electrons.

ANSWER: radicals

12. This country is home to some 4000 speakers of !Xóõ ("tsk-Noo[high-pitched]-oo[low-pitched]") and one of the last populations of painted wolf. The Kalahari Desert is 70% of this country, which also boasts the world's largest inland delta, the second highest HIV infection rate after Swaziland, and consequently ties with Swaziland for the world's shortest average lifespan. Following attacks by Rhodesia and South Africa it formed a defense force which includes army and air force but no navy, as its borders with Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zambia and South Africa leave it landlocked. For 10 points, name the former British Protectorate of Bechuanland, with capital at Gaborone.

ANSWER: Republic of Botswana

13. His 1861 paper On Physical Lines of Force set forth a “spinning cell” model of electromagnetic induction, and that same year he accidentally showed the world’s first color photograph at a Royal Institution lecture. Other accomplishments include producing a standard for electrical resistance and deducing the particulate nature of Saturn’s rings. His demon tried to violate the second law of thermodynamics, his distribution is central to statistical mechanics, and his relations equate the second derivatives of thermodynamic potentials. For 10 points, name the Scottish physicist whose equations unified electricity and magnetism.

ANSWER: James Clerk Maxwell

14. Their main technique of protest first occurred at Ansey and was defended in a speech to Parliament by Lord Byron. This group’s first notable activity was a March 11, 1811 attack in Nottinghamshire. Taking their name from a man signing a "worker's manifesto" of the time, King Ned, this group was responsible for Machine Breaking becoming a capital offense in England. For 10 points, name this British group which feared lowered wages and less work due to new industrial practices and destroyed mechanized looms in protest.

ANSWER: Luddites

15. In the 1950s he produced a series of ink drawings of shoe advertisements, while simultaneously drawing real advertisements as an employee of various magazines and later RCA Records. He drew a peeled pink banana under another, unpeeled yellow banana on the cover of the 1967 The Velvet Underground & Nico by the eponymous band which also played at his "Exploding Plastic Inevitable" roadshow. For 10 points, name this American artist who coined the phrase "fifteen minutes of fame" and in 1962 silkscreened 32 different cans of Campbell's condensed soups.

ANSWER: Andy Warhol

16. In West Africa, Ebune and Ikanga are usually represented as these and represent the return of rain and strength. In Irish myth, Fionn sees one of these creatures representing the entire world while Celtic myth has Cernunnos accompanied by a serpent with this animal’s head. In Egypt, Banebdjedet is this type of animal, as is Khnum. In the Book of Daniel, one of these is destroyed by a goat in a vision while one of the best-known representations of one of these creatures in myth is a gift from Zeus to Nephele to act as a guardian to her children before its was sacrificed by Phrixus. For 10 points, identify this animal that yielded the Golden Fleece.


17. He tried to reconcile theology with Aristotelian science through consideration of the ends of theology as knowledge that leads to deeds. In another work, he tried to reduce the arts back to philosophical reason used to confirm faith. Besides “On the Mystery of the Trinity” and “On Reducing the Arts to Theology”, he is better-known for a summary of his work called the Breviloquium and his work settling a theological dispute among Franciscans for which he was named Bishop of Albano. His most famous work is a book where the titular route is from the external world to internal contemplation. For 10 points, identify this author of The Journey of the Mind to God.

ANSWER: St. Bonaventure

18. One ruler of this country wrote the Hymns of Repentance, was known as “the Builder”, and annexed the Ghishi-Kabala area after defeating Illghazi at the battle of Didgori. Another ruler was the son of Demeter the Self-Sacrificing and was known as the Great, and one of its ruling dynasties was founded by Ashot Kurapalati. That dynasty was at times headed by queens such as Rusudan and Tamar, and this country once fractured into kingdoms like Kartli and Imereti. Past leaders included interior secretary Eduard Shevardnadze, while under the government of Zviad Gamsakhurdia, it saw conflicts in the regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. For 10 points, name this country which underwent a Rose Revolution and which has its capital at Tbilisi.

ANSWER: Georgia

19. In this work, fairies are demanded to dance in the aria “Sul fil d'un soffio etesio” whiel two characters are chastised in “Che dunque l'onore? Una parola!” The protagonist asks “È sogno o realtà?” and this work ends with the title character singing the fugue “Tutto nel mondo è burla... Tutti gabbati!” The title character of this work is disguised as the Black Huntsman and spends some time in a dirty laundry basket. Doctor Caius captures Bardolph and Fenton marries Nannetta at the end of this work, and this work sees Mistress Quickly announce the coming of Ford. For 10 points, name this work about a certain fat knight, a Verdi opera adapted from The Merry Wives of Windsor.

ANSWER: Falstaff

20. One of the minor characters in this novel is Amedee Chevalier, who dreams of a large family but has a seizure after the birth of his first child. Another character, Crazy Ivar, has a gift for working with animals but refuses to wear shoes. The novel opens with painfully obvious foreshadowing, when one character loses his cat on a telephone pole while his future love interest is admired by boys; the cat is rescued when the main character calls Carl Linstrum, who later becomes a love interest. The climax of the novel comes when Frank Shabata shoots his wife Marie and her lover Emil. For 10 points, identify this novel about Alexandra Bergson and life on the Nebraska prairie, a work by Willa Cather.

ANSWER: O Pioneers!

21. Its chloride salt has been used to treat trypanosomiasis in livestock and in humans, and resistant strains of Trypanosoma congolense were reported as early as 1993. In molecular biology labs, however, users try to avoid exposure, as it is a powerful mutagen. An alternative is the cyanine-based SYBR ("SIGH-ber") family, which is not only chemically safer but also allows excitation with visible blue light rather than the near-UV source which this bromide salt requires. Many labs therefore reserve it for difficult detections, and even then only add it after the gel is run. For 10 points, name this orange-brown dye whose fluorescence increases twenty-fold after it intercalates with DNA.

ANSWER: Ethidium bromide or 3,8-Diamino-5-ethyl-6-phenylphenanthridinium bromide (prompt on "Novidium", "Homidium", and "EtBr")

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