First Continental Congress

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First Continental Congress

  • 12 of the 13 original colonies met at _______________ in September 1774 to discuss options in response to the _______________________. (Georgia did not attend)

  • There were two differing opinions as to what to do:

Opinion One

_________ (make peace) King George III.

Only wanted a written statement that guaranteed their _____________ as British subjects.
Opinion Two

The intolerable acts shows that the King intended to ________________ all of their rights.

They voted to fight with __________ and _________________ action.

After much debate the congress decided to do the following :

  1. Send a __________________ to King George asking him to recognize their rights as English subjects.

  2. all the colonies will __________________ British made goods.

  3. all the colonies will __________________ selling goods to England

  4. all colonies will train ____________________ to fight.

They agreed to meet again in May 1775 to review events.

Lexington and Concord

  • England’s response to the First Continental Congress’ boycott was to send ____________ troops (Redcoats) to Boston.

  • To keep away from the British, Sam Adams went to hide in ________________ and the militia hid their guns and ammunition in _______________.

  • On April 19, 1775, British commander, General Gage, sent ___________ men marching to Concord to destroy the weapons and capture Sam Adams in Lexington.

Eyes are watching!

  • The Sons of Liberty were watching the British troop movements.

  • They placed _____________ in the church window to show which direction the British were moving.

  • Paul Revere and his friends rode on horseback through the towns shouting, “_________________________________________ ______________________!” to alert the Minutemen.

  • When the British reached Lexington, they encountered ______ Minutemen. The minutemen were told to disband, but refused.

  • No one knows who fired first, but that first shot is called the “__________________________________________________________” because everybody in the world would feel the results of the Revolution.

  • In the first round of shooting ______ Minutemen were killed and one British soldier was injured.

  • The British pushed on to _____________, but found very little hidden ammunition. They burned what they found in the town square.

  • All the minutemen thought Concord was ______________ so they rushed out to fight the British

  • In the fight to get back to Boston, ________ Redcoats were killed and approximately _______ were either missing or wounded. The Minutemen had won their first battle!

  • The Redcoats found ___________ militia men lining the way back to Boston.

  • The American Revolution was on!

Second Continental Congress

The congress met again in May of 1775.

This time _________ the colonies attended.

There were 48 representatives called ___________________.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

The congress decided to send another ____________ to King George III asking for a repeal of the ________________________________.

This letter is called an ___________________ petition and means they are asking for _____________.

Some of the most famous delegates there:

Thomas Jefferson

Sam Adams

Ben Franklin
Sam’s cousin John Adams.

The Continental Army

In case the King says “no” to the petition, they establish the Continental Army and choose ___________________________ to be the commander.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Continental Army


  • knew _______________ (Indian) tactics; used sneaky methods to fight

  • were defending their own _______________ making them more daring and determined.


    • __________________________

    • __________________________

    • __________________________troops

Strengths and Weaknesses of the British Army


    • _______________________

    • ______________________

    • ____________________ soldiers


    • did not know the _____________

    • fighting far from home and re-supply took _________________ at least

Battle of Bunker Hill

      • June 16, 1775, American Colonel William Prescott and ____________ troops covered Breed’s Hill - across from Boston hidden in trenches.

      • Prescott gave the order: “_______________________________________________ ____________________________________________!”  

      • Why would Prescott tell his soldiers this?

      • ____________ British troops (two times the American number) attacked the hill, but were defeated twice.

      • After running out of ___________________ and gunpowder, the American colonists were finally defeated on the ____________ offensive.

      • We may have lost the battle, but the British lost ___________ men. We only lost __________ men.

      • This battle showed the American determination to fight and ____________ even at long odds.

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