Food & Culture Project ~ Research Questions

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Food & Culture Project ~ Research Questions

Below are questions you should answer in your research for the country of your choice. You MUST include a brief history of your country, as well as describe its location. Every web page should include a map or picture of the country, as well as the country’s flag. Choose one recipe you find interesting and list it on the web page. All websites used should be documented at the bottom of the page. You may choose other topics related to food and culture, however, these items and the following questions must be included in your web page.

Filipino Cuisine

  • How many islands are in the Philippines?

  • Give examples of what foods are used to make Filipino cuisine sour and salty.

  • Give examples of the foods introduced to Filipino cuisine by each of the following cultures.

    • Chinese

    • Spanish

    • American

Thai Cuisine

  • Why have Thai foods become so popular?

  • What is the most important thing to remember about Thai food?

  • How are Thai foods usually served?

  • Why are no knives at the meal?

  • What are some of the ingredients of Thai curries?

Korean Cuisine

  • What is a tukbaege?

  • What type of rice is used in Korean Cuisine?

  • Describe each of the following cuisine:

    • Changes or Jangs

    • Kimchi

    • Gochu Jang

Vietnamese Cuisine

  • What countries influenced Vietnamese cuisine?

  • What type of rice is used in Vietnamese cuisine?

  • Describe the different types of soups served in Vietnamese cuisine.

    • Pho’

    • Sup

    • Canh

    • Che

Chinese Cuisine

  • What are the four main regions of the Chinese cuisine?

  • Describe the cuisine for each region.

  • How is the meal served?

Japanese Cuisine

  • What principles of Buddhism also characterize Japanese cuisine?

  • What foods provide the base to most Japanese meals?

  • What type of rice is eaten in Japanese cuisine?

  • Where does the bulk of protein come from in Japanese cuisine?

  • What is Sashimi?

Indian Cuisine

  • Describe how the food of the north and the west is different from that of the east.

  • What are achars and why are they used?

  • What are the two dietary extremes of Indian Cuisine?

  • Explain what Mughlai cuisine is.

Middle East Cuisine

  • What is the national dish of Lebanon and explain its characteristics.

  • What is zahtar?

  • How is coffee served in Lebanon?

  • In what manner is Lebanese cuisine served?

Greek Cuisine

  • What is the principal meat served in Greece and how is it prepared?

  • Describe the following foods:

    • Orzo

    • Feta

    • Kalamaria

    • Baklava

Italian Cuisine

  • How many meals a day do Italians eat?

  • What is the key ingredient in Italian meals?

  • Describe the following Italian terms/dishes:

    • Pesto Genovese

    • Speck

    • Porchetta

    • Goulash

French Cuisine

  • What two ingredients are key in making quality French sauces?

  • What is Nouvelle cuisine?

  • Describe each of the following:

    • Bouillabaisse

    • Roux

    • Liasion

Caribbean Cuisine

  • What commonly makes up Jerk seasoning?

  • Describe the food differences between the two native tribes: Arawaks and Caribs.

  • Who introduced sugarcane to the islands?

  • What is plantain and how is it used?

Mexican Cuisine

  • What day is market day in Mexico?

  • What are the holy trinity foods in Mexican cuisine?

  • What is a siesta?

  • List foods native in Mexico and Central America.

  • Describe a mole sauce.

Soul Food

  • List some common American foods indigenous to Africa.

  • What are the foods given out as weekly rations to the slaves?

  • Why is soul food sometimes thought of as “good time” food?

  • How did hoecakes originate?

  • How did hush puppies get their name?

Ethnic Foods Web Sites

Research Guide

The following websites offer a place for you to start your research.
WEB SITES FOR RESEARCH: (Food-ethnic cuisine) (lower right-“Cuisines of the World”) (Recipes-scroll down to country) (Departments-Global destinations) (‘world guide’) (left column “Escapes”-choose a region) (“All information for Mediterranean Countries”) (Food & Drink – world/regional cuisines – left hand

column “Subjects”)

For climate/topography of the country try: (General information about climate/topography and

other quick statistics)

For recipes of the country try: (Home and Family-Cooking and Recipes)

Food For Today textbook – Chapters 48-55

Lesson Guides for Ethnic Foods (available from me)

Food and Culture section – SHS Library

Ethnic Food Web Sites
The following resources may be used as well as those on your Research Guide. These web sites are related to the cuisine of the country you choose.



Filipino Cuisine

Thai Cuisine

Korean Cuisine

Vietnamese Cuisine

Chinese Cuisine

Japanese Cuisine

Indian Cuisine

Middle East Cuisine

Greek Cuisine

French Cuisine

Caribbean Cuisine

Mexican Cuisine

Soul Food

Hawaiian Cuisine

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