Founding Brothers Chapter 5 – “The Collaborators

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Founding Brothers

Chapter 5 – “The Collaborators

  1. Why does Ellis describe John Adams and Thomas Jefferson as “an incongruous pair?”

  1. According to Ellis, why was Adams “virtually unbeatable” if “revolutionary credentials were the major criteria?”

  1. Why was Adams often isolated from the presidential councils when he was vice-president?

  1. What was the result of the Election of 1796? How did Jefferson respond?

  1. Describe the ideological warfare between the Federalists and Democratic-Republicans during this time.

  1. How did Adams interact with his cabinet? Who did he primarily look to for advice?

  1. According to Ellis, what was “the most significant – and in the long run most successful – decision of the Adams presidency?”

  1. According to Ellis, what was “the capstone of the Jefferson-Madison collaboration?” Why?

  1. Select one quote from a Founding Brother Joseph Ellis includes in this chapter and explain its significance.

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