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O’Brien American Civ. 9 The Conspirator (PG-13) Name: ___________________________

As we watch The Conspirator, answer the following questions fully and thoroughly.


  1. What does John Wilkes Booth yell as he leaps to the stage after shooting Lincoln? (In English).

  1. Describe the reaction of the townspeople immediately after Lincoln is shot. How do they seem as they carry him to a nearby house?

All of the newspapers you see in the montage are true replicas of actual circulations surrounding Lincoln’s assassination

  1. How do the Union volunteers kill Booth?

  1. Who makes up the panel of judges for the Surratt conspirator trial? Why is this important to note?

  1. Notice that there is no jury & no chance to appeal…is this a fair trial? Tell me why…

  1. Why does the Attorney General say that the Constitution was created?

  1. Why do you think the Union soldier guarding the Surratt house “didn’t see who threw the brick” through the window above him?

  1. List 2 of the many reasons, as discussed between Officer Aiken & Mary Surratt in the jail cell, as to why this is going to be an unfair trial…

  1. “It’s not enough…” after muttering this, counselor Aiken accuses prosecuting attorney Holt of fixing the trial for at least 3 reasons after the trial is adjourned for Washington’s celebration to honor the troops.

  1. On the steps of the party where Aiken is turned away, why does Secretary of War Stanton say that he’s fine with the way the unfair trial of Mary Surratt is going?

  1. Look at the clothing the Commission (judges) is wearing. What does this tell you about the fairness of the court?

  1. The Commission majority votes to: (circle one)

    1. Guilty – charged with death

    2. Guilty- charged with life in prison based on gender &

  1. What does Aiken go to Judge Wylie’s house to receive?

  1. What does Aiken see as he looks out the jail cell window at the gallows?

  1. Who overrides Aiken’s writ of Habeas Corpus for a second, fair & civilian trial? Why do you think this happens?

  1. What does Aiken hand to John Surratt? Why does he keep this? What does John say?

  1. Analyze the multiple relationships/ interactions in the movie. How does this symbolize why Reconstruction was a difficult goal to achieve?

  1. One year after Mary’s trial, what right did the US agree each citizen is enabled to?

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