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Future Weekly

Donovan Weeks 10/27/2014

What the future may hold

If you went into the past 30 to 40 years ago people might have thought you were a sorcerer, now if you look into the future 30 to 40 years you may think of the people as gods. In the next few decades you will begin to see advances in technology that you might have only dreamt about. People will be able to do difficult tasks simpler and won’t have to do tedious tasks at all. The future is only a few decades away.

Genetic Engineering

In the past 2 decades, scientists have found ways to manipulate the human genome in order to give resistant traits to diseases to children who haven’t been born yet. This could lead to the cure to certain disease including types of cancer and A.I.D.S. Scientists have even been able to give rabbits a trait that allows them to glow in the dark. A world of possibilities is open to us.


Nootropics are mental enhancement drugs that allow stronger cognitive ability when taken on a daily basis, with genetic engineering and biochemical advances this could lead to stronger and smarter people in the future, our grandchildren could be viewed as gods.


A few years ago Al Gore gave a presentation on global warming that won him the Nobel peace prize. Since then, mankind has been looking for different alternatives to fossil fuel. Nuclear power, solar energy and even hydroelectricity could be the future in power; this is expected to be seen in the next 2 decades.

Download 91.48 Kb.

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