Gcse ancient History

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GCSE Ancient History

OCR GCSE in Ancient History: J151/J051

This handbook is designed to accompany the OCR GCSE Ancient History specification for teaching from September 2009.

Option 2: Agrippina the Younger and her influence on Roman politics, AD 41–59
Background: The Roman World

Use the maps to become familiar with the provinces and kingdoms of this period: The Roman world in AD 14: the provinces and client kings.



By the death of Augustus, Rome controlled the areas around the Mediterranean either directly or indirectly through client kings. During the Augustan period, Rome had expanded her control to include Egypt and part of North Africa and the Middle East. Illyricum and areas north and west of Italy were added also. Further efforts had been made south of Egypt and there was even talk of conquering Britain and Parthia, although that was largely propaganda. When Augustus died in AD 14, he left Tiberius, the next emperor, a very stable and well-organised empire.

Download 314 Kb.

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