Geography and the Early Greeks Main Ideas

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READING CHECK Finding Main Ideas

5. To what regions did Minoan and Mycenaean traders travel?

6. Where was the Minoan civilization located?

7. How was the decline of the Minoans and Mycenaeans similar?

8. Why did the Mycenaeans put such importance on building powerful fortresses?

9. Where is Knossos located?

10. In what direction would the Mycenaeans have had to travel to reach the Minoan civilization?

11. How might the Minoans’ location provide them with protection?
Greeks Create City-States

The Greeks of the Dark Age left no written records. All that we know about the period comes from archaeological findings. About 300 years after the Mycenaean civilization crumbled, the Greeks started to join together in small groups for protection and stability. Over time, these groups set up independent city-states. The Greek word for a city-state is polis (PAH-luhs).

The creation of city-states marks the beginning of what is known as Greece’s classical age. A classical age is one that is marked by great achievements.

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