Gifford Pinchot November 7, 1920 496 Bureau Drive

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Gifford Pinchot November 7, 1920

496 Bureau Drive

New Hartford, CT 06057
Admissions Committee

Progressive Hall of Fame

555 Hall St.

Washington, DC 20515

Dear Committee Members,
I am delighted to see that the United States Congress has finally decided to devote room in a museum to the leaders of the Progressive Movement. There has been a multitude of Progressive Movement leaders, and this movement tremendously impacted American History. Among the many notable members of the Progressive Movement I am the most prominent, as my qualifications will show you.

My passion in life has been to allow the all-important industry in America to continue flourishing while simultaneously preserving the natural beauty of the land for future generations. I firmly believe that there exists a balance between the two and can be achieved through the my skills in forestry. These practices help reduce the negative industrial. By using forestry, we will be able to enjoy the wonderful natural beauty that surrounds us.

To promote my passion of forestry, I started by getting a top-notch education both at Yale and Forestry school in France. Using my knowledge, I was able to become the first American trained in forestry and was able to successfully spread forestry ideas throughout the country. Through hard work and perseverance, I eventually became the Head of the Bureau of Forestry of the United States. As I worked my way up with the help of my good friend, Teddy Roosevelt, I spread my beliefs throughout the US and successfully established the basis for today’s conservationalist movement.

I would like to refer you to the enclosed resume for more information on my experience and skills. I am very interested in interviewing for this position and am available at any time. I would like to thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you.

Gifford Pinchot

Gifford Pinchot

496 Bureau Drive

New Hartford, Connecticut, 06057

To represent the Progressive Movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries through my inclusion in the Progressives Hall of Fame.
I believe that the United States industries should use what natural resources are necessary while keeping the environment in a healthy state through the use of forestry and conservation.
-Phillips Exeter Academy

-Yale University

Batchelor of the Arts Degree (B.A.)

-L’Ecole Nationale Forestiere

Forestry School In Nancy, France

-Also studied forestry in Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Work Experience:
Worked Lands on Biltmore Estate, 1892

- First systematic forest work

Member of the National Forest Commission, 1896

  • First job in the Forestry department

  • First opportunity to apply forestry skills

Chief of Bureau of Forestry, 1898

  • Federal forests put under my control

  • Renamed and reorganized my department

  • During my time in office, forests grew spectacularly

  • Put 200 million acres of national forest under scientific land management

Served as Pennsylvania’s Commissioner of Forestry, (1920-22)
Served Two Terms as Governor of Pennsylvania (1923-27, 1931-35)

  • Created Pennsylvania state budget

  • Erased the state's debt


Speeches on Conservation

  • National Governors Conference, 1907

  • National Conservation Commission, 1908

  • White House Conference on the Conservation of Natural Resources, 1908

  • National Conservation Commission, 1908

  • North American Conservation Conference, 1909

Organizations Created

  • Funded the National Conservation Association

- for 15 years he served as president

- made to watch over the development of public lands

Legislation Influenced

  • Water Power Act of 1920

  • National Park Service Act of 1916

  • Forest Reserve Act of 1891


  • Hardworking

  • Dedicated

  • Intelligent

  • Ambitious

  • Organized

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore is a close friend whom I met prior to his presidency. We worked together to further both our careers and the health of the natural world.

Dr. Dietrich Brands

This man ensured me I would be able to get a great education in French forestry school. He is a famous forestry professor and showed me which way t o turn to build a solid foundation for my future career.

John Muir

John is a famous naturalist who is one of my oldest and dearest friends. We often trade stories. He could testify that I have all necessary knowledge.


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