Goal 1: The New Nation (1789-1815) Early Political Actions

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Goal 1: The New Nation (1789-1815)

Early Political Actions Hamilton's Economic Plan

Whiskey Rebellion

Alien & Sedition Acts

Virginia & Kentucky Resolutions John Marshall

Marbury v. Madison

Expansion Louisiana Purchase Lewis & Clark Adams Onis Treaty

Early Foreign Policy

Jay Treaty

Pinckney Treaty Proclamation of Neutrality Impressment

Farewell Address

XYZ Affair

Embargo Act

Goal 2: Expansion & Reform (1815-1850)
Political Parties


Democratic Republicans

Loose Interpretation/Elastic Clause/Implied


Revolution of 1800


Treaty of Greenville Tecumseh

Non Citizens

War of 1812 War Hawks

Battle of New Orleans Treaty of Ghent Hartford Convention

Slavery & Suffrage Cotton Gin/Eli Whitney Suffrage Requirements

Era of Good Feelings

Henry Clay's American System Monroe Doctrine

McCulloch v. Maryland

Lowell Factory

Deere, McCormick, Morse, Howe, Fulton Erie Canal

Reform Movements Seneca F ails Convention Horace Mann

Dorothea Dix Temperance

2nd Great Awakening

Abolition Movement William Lloyd Garrison Nat Turner

Frederick Douglass & Sojourner Truth David Walker

Jacksonian Democracy 1824 Corrupt Bargain Spoils System

Removal Act

Worcester v. Georgia Trail of Tears

Bank War

Nullification Crisis Universal Male Suffrage Whig Party

American Culture Transcendentalism Alexis de Tocqueville Hudson River School

Cooper, Hawthorne, Poe, Irving Noah Webster

Irish & German Immigration
Manifest Destiny 54 40 or Fight 4gers

Stephen Austin Alamo

Lone Star Republic Gadsden Purchase

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Brigham Young & Joseph Smith

Extension of Slavery Missouri Compromise Wilmot Proviso Popular Sovereignty Compromise of 1850

Goal 3: Civil War & Reconstruction (1850-1877)

Causes/F actors Fugitive Slave Law Kansas Nebraska Act Sumner Brooks Incident

Freeport Doctrine/Lincoln Douglas Debates Dred Scott v. Sanford

John Brown's Raid on Harpers Ferry Uncle Tom's Cabin

Election of 1860

Fort Sumter

Political Events

Habeas Corpus Emancipation Proclamation Copperheads

13th Amendment

Radical/Military Reconstruction Stevens & Sumner

14th & 15th Amendments Carpetbagger


Impeachment of A. Johnson/tenure of Office Act

Goal 4: The Great West (1860-1896)

Migration Factors Exoduster Homestead Act Morrill Act Promontory Point Comstock Lode Cattle/Long Drives 1890 End of Frontier

Rise & Fall of Populism

Farm Problems-Surplus, Railroad Rates Grange

Bimettalism/Unlimited Coinage of Silver Election of 1896

William Jennings Bryan/Cross of Gold Speech

Civil War

Anaconda Plan Lincoln's Primary Aim Antietam

Gettysburg Vicksburg

Sherman's March Appomattox

Presidential Reconstruction 10% Plan

Freedmens Bureau Sharecropping

Black Codes

End of Reconstruction Compromise of 1877 Jim Crow Laws Grandfather Clause Solid South

Indians Dawes Act Chief Joseph

Wounded Knee/Ghost Dance Little Big Horn

Decline of Buffalo Reservation System

A Century of Dishonor- Helen Hunt Jackson


Barbed Wire Refrigerated Rail Car Windmill

Goal 5: The Gilded Age (1877-1900)

Technology Elevator Trolley Telephone Oil Well

Besemer Process

Big Business

J.P. Morgan Andrew Carnegie John Rockefeller Cornelius Vanderbilt Laissez Faire

Social Darwinism Trust

Gospel of Wealth Horatio Alger Horizontal Integration Vertical Integration

Immigration/Urbanization Ellis Island/Angel Island Chinese Exclusion Act Ghetto


Jane Addams

Jacob Riis

Frederick Olmstead

Labor Unions/Strikes AFL

Knights of Labor Yellow Dog Contract Haymarket Square Riot Pullman Strike Homestead Strike Injunction Scab/Strikebreaker

Government Political Machine Graft

Thomas Nast

Tweed RinglTammany Hall Whiskey Ring

Credit Mobilier


Sherman Antitrust Act Interstate Commerce Act

Goal 6: The Progressive Era (1900-1917)


Upton Sinclair Ida Tarbell Carrie Nation Robert LaFollette Muckrakers

Amendments 16th





Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Election of 1912/Bull Moose Party


Mail Order Catalogs

T eddy Roosevelt Coal Strike

Northern Securities Company Pure Food & Drug Act

Woodrow Wilson Federal Reserve Act Clayton Act

Federal Trade Commission

African Americans

Booker T. Washington/Atlanta compromise W.E.B. DuBois

Niagara Movement


Ida Wells Barnett Jim Crow Legislation Plessy v. Ferguson

Goal 7: The Emergence of the US in World Affairs (1890-19140


Alfred Mahan's Large Policy

Josiah Strong's White Man's Burden Seward's Folly

Queen Liliuokalani

Sphere of Influence

Open Door Policy

Boxer Rebellion

Economic Reasons (Markets & Raw Materials)

Foreign Policy Big Stick Policy Panama Canal

Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine Dollar Diplomacy

Pancho Villa
Goal 8: The Great War and its Aftermath (1914-1920)
Spanish American War USS Maine

Yellow Journalism Jingoism

Rough Riders

Treaty of Paris (3)

Platt Amendment

US Entrv
Unrestricted Submarine Warfare Lusitania

Zimmerman Note

Bolshevik Revolution

Make the World Safe for Democracy

Peace Conference 14 Points

League of Nations Treaty of Versailles Reparations


Selective Service CPI/Creel Committee Espionage & Sedition Acts Schenck v. US

John Pershing/AEF Forces
Social Changes Great Migration Red Scare

Palmer Raids Sacco & Vanzetti Immigration Quotas

Goal 9: Prosperity & Depression (1920-1939)

Economy Normalcy

Teapot Dome Scandal Buying on Margin Installment Plans

Other Factors-Tariffs, Laissez Faire Trickle Down Theory

Henry Ford-Automobile

Great Depression Rugged Individualism New Deal

Dust Bowl

Bonus Army

Fireside Chats Hoovervilles Courtpacking

Goal 10: World War II (1930s-1945)

Pre US Entrv

Munich Conference/Appeasement Non Aggression Pact

Quarantine Speech

Neutrality Acts

Lend Lease

Pearl Harbor


Leaders FDRlTruman Churchill Stalin Eisenhower MacArthur Patton

Entertainment-Jazz, Radio, Movies, Sports Lost Generation



Harlem Renaissance Scopes Trial

Charles Lindbergh Marcus Garvey

Agencies/Legislation CCC






Wagner Act

Social Security



Stalingrad D-Day/Operation Overlord Battle of the Bulge

Island Hopping

Manhattan Project

Yalta Conference Nuremberg Trials

Social Korematsu v. US Rosie the Riveter

A.P. Randolph/Double V Campaign

•...... _--------------

Goals 11 - 12


Containment Marshall Plan Truman Doctrine Korean Conflict Berlin Airlift Eisenhower Doctrine

Cold War Iron Curtain CIA

NATO/Warsaw Pact Sputnik

U-2 Incident H-Bomb/Duck and Cover Nikita Khrushchev

Fidel Castro

Disloyalty McCarthyism Rosenbergs

Alger Hiss HUAC/Hollywood 10


Taft Hartley Act Levittowns

National Highway Act GI Bill of Rights

Baby boom

Social/Cultural Rock n Roll Television Women
Civil Rights

Brown v. Board of Education Thurgood Marshall Montgomery Bus Boycott SCLC

Little Rock Central High School Truman's Executive Order Jackie Robinson


Ho Chi Minh Trail Geneva Accords SEATO


Gulf of Tonkin Resolution Agent Orange

Operation Rolling Thunder My Lai


Tet Offensive

Kent State University

1968 Democratic Convention Pentagon Papers

Civil Rights

Sit Ins/SNCC Freesom Riders James Meredith

Civil Rights Act of 64 Voting Rights Act of 65 Freedom Summer

Selma to Montgomery March Black Power

Black Panthers

Malcolm X

24th Amendment March on Washington
Cold War

Neil Armstrong/Apollo Program Peace Corps

Alliance For Progress Berlin Wall

Bay of Pigs

Cuban Missile Crisis

Social/Cultural Cesar Chavez Rachel Carson Ralph Nader Betty Friedan SDS Counterculture

Haight Ashbury District LBJ's Great Society


Camp David Accords ERA

Roev. Wade EPA Watergate Stagflation

War Powers Act 26thamendment

Swann v. Charlotte Meek. Univ. of Ca. v. Bakke Detente


Iran Hostage Crisis Arab Oil Embargo Three Mile Island


New Right Moral Majority Reaganomics SDI

Sandra Day O'Connor Mikhail Gorbachev Grenada



Iran Contra Scandal Clarence Thomas Tiananmen Square INF Treaty
Pana"ma Invasion Operation Desert Storm Ross Perot

Brady Bill


Newt Gingrich Somalia Haiti


AI Qaeda


Patriot Act

Dept. of Homeland Security Operation Iraqi Freedom

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