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Greek Gods and Study Guide
Greek Roman Responsibilities
1. Zeus Jupiter King of gods and men, chief judge– settles disputes
2. Hera Juno Queen of gods, goddess of women and childbirth,

jealous of her husband Zeus

3. Poseidon Neptune 2nd most powerful god, ruler of the seas, spends half of

his time in his underwater castle, invented the horse and gave it to man, when angered sends tidal waves or dries up lakes, brother to Zeus

4. Apollo Apollo god of music, healing, archery, light and truth, son of

Zeus, twin brother of Artemis

5. Artemis Diana goddess of hunt and moon, has a silver bow and

arrow, cares for young animals and children, daughter of Zeus, twin sister of Apollo

6. Hermes Mercury messenger of the gods, wears a golden winged hat and

shoes, carries a caduceus so that he never gets lost, god of commerce, travel, & theft

7. Hephaestus Vulcan god of smith (blacksmith) makes all of the armor and

weapons for the gods and goddesses, forged by the fire of a volcano, son of Zeus, born deformed

8. Ares Mars god of war, very destructive and angry, son of Zeus

9. Aphrodite Venus goddess of love and beauty, daughter of Zeus

10. Hestia Vesta goddess of the hearth, sister of Zeus
11. Hades Pluto god of the underworld and wealth, lives in the

underworld, brother of Zeus

12. Athena Minerva goddess of wisdom, war, arts and crafts, city, favorite

daughter of Zeus

13. Eros Cupid god of love, son of Aphrodite
14. Dionysus Bacchus god of wine, son of Zeus
15. Demeter Ceres goddess of agriculture, sister of Zeus, mother of


16. Muses goddesses of music and poetry

Mount Olympus – home of the gods Ambrosia and Nectar – food and drink of the gods

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