Group Dynamics Weekend!!

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Group Dynamics Weekend!!
This weekend will be part of the hiring process. Anyone can write down anything about themselves to make him or her sound WONDERFUL….I do it all the time!! This weekend is to give all of you a chance to ask yourself, if this is really what you want. You are going to have to ask yourself, “Can I do the songs? The activities? Do I have to work with Colleen? Will Alison see me up there in space? Can Michael read me a story? But most importantly, “Why do YOU want to work here at Camp Occohannock?”

Applicants will participate in a number of group building activities that will get you to step out of your comfort zone and into a world of silliness. Throughout the day on Saturday the Camp Director and the Program Coordinators will be interviewing applicants and some activities will be lead by the oh so wonderful past senior counselors.

I am glad you all were able to be here and I am looking forward to seeing a lot of you back in June for a great, new, and exciting summer. Enjoy yourself, relax, be yourself, and have fun.
Michael , Alison, and Jerry

Weekend Schedule (may change):
Friday: ARRIVE 6:00 pm
Objective- Focus on getting to know each other as well as yourself.
7:00 pm Everyone SHOULD be here….YAY

  • Get stuff put away in your cabins.

  • Returning Staff please help newbie’s find their way and offer to help carry something.

8:00 pm Meet in Porch

  • Introduction to the weekend

  • Activities/Ice Breakers

9:45 pm Worship

  • Lead by Jerry (Camp Director)

10:30 pm Bed

  • Please get your nightly things done and get to bed….

  • Tomorrow will be a long active day, rain or shine.

11:00/15 pm Lights OUT!!!

  • Goodnight, Sweet Dreams and God Bless You All.

8:00 am Breakfast

  • Songs

  • Announcements

  • Overlook morning activities

A) Morning Ice Breakers

B) Group Situations

  • Morning Devotion

9:15 am Activity A: Ice Breakers

  • Ice breakers are to, well, “break the ice”. You need to go ahead and show me, others and more importantly yourself that you can be goofy and just be yourself. Also it helps you get to know one another in ways even best friends away from camp don’t know.

10:20 am Activity B: Group Situations

  • Groups will be given a few situations and expected to come up with a plan, implement it, record it, and then share it with others. You will have plenty of time to plan and talk about each situations.

12:00 pm Lunch

  • Songs

  • Announcements

  • Overlook afternoon activities

A) Work Duty

B) Ropes Course

  • Afternoon Devotion

1:25 pm Activity A: Work Duty

  • YES work duty!!! We, here at Camp Occohannock all have to pitch in and do our part to make this place look its best. At some point in the summer some of you will have an evening without campers and because we are paying you, you can help out around the camp.
    So this is to see how well you can follow directions, how well you do the work, and if you are going to complain about it or just do it and get it done correctly and humbly.

3:30 pm Activity B: Ropes Course

  • Even though we will go over these again during staff training, the ropes course is a good way to test your mind, body, listening, and following skills.

5:00 pm Dinner

  • Songs

  • Announcements

  • Overlook evening activities


B) Game night!

C) Night Devotions
6:00 pm Activity A: Skits

  • Skits will allow your co-counselors and me to see how creative you are and can be. Skits allow much room for improvising on the spot. This will come in handy during summer.

7:30 pm Activity B: Game Night

  • To just relax and enjoy each other and getting to know even more about one another. Hanging out will tell us a lot about your character and what kind of person you are. So sit back and relax and enjoy.

9:00 pm Activity C: Night Devotion

  • Perform the SKITS.

  • Some old and new applicants will tell us how they felt about this weekend.

  • One or two returning staff will tell us what camp has meant to them.

10:00 pm BED

10:30 pm Lights Out
8:00 am Breakfast

  • Announcements

  • Overlook morning/afternoon activities

A) Songs

B) Cleaning Bathhouses Completely

C) Cleaning Cabins

D) Church

9:15 am Songs (Contemporary Worship)
9:45 am Cleaning Bathhouses and Cabins

  • Bring your stuff to the D-Hall once you are done.

10:30 am Church

12:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Meet at chapel

  • Closing statements

  • Thanks and prayer

3:00 pm BE SAFE!!! Thanks to all of you and all that you hope to bring to camp. I hope to see many of you back here for the summer. God Bless You All!!!

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