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All works copyrighted.
Updated, Oct 24, 2015.
Contact: MJ Politis, Ph.D., D.V.M.

Author of the best-selling ‘Complete Idiots Guide to Improving Your IQ’
List of materials available and owned by LR Productions.

Reads of complete novels available through

Produced Films (commercially aired on CBC, Global, Bravo, CTV, SCN, Citytv, E!) see ‘Reel/Film’ section in for trailers/viewings. MJ Politis as Writer/Director/Producer.
-Frankly Abused. Victim of long term domestic psychological abuse finally breaks, hitting spouce after going brain/soul dead, explaining case to a shrink who has also been abused, and an apparition of spouse that set the chain of aggression into motion in the first place. (13 min drama, first portion of feature length film) 2016.
-Henry and the Wolf Doctor. Intense, independent Native woman with abusive past fresh out of vet school is trapped into working for old Sawbones pathologically-paternalistic redneck animal doc in a backwater Western Canadian town filled with colorfully-dysfunctional rugged individualists who refuse to be homogenized into the 21st century. Alliances/bondships challenged by manipulative young Eastern Blueblood Corporate vet who wants to settle family scores with the Sawbones Redneck animal doc and make the old man’s sometimes willing First Nations ‘protegee’ his personal squaw, and the town his prize ‘colony’. Based on novels of same title. (160 min movie/series). 2015. (in negotiation for air slot)
-Fetal Distractions. A 1950s scientist-physician, with the help of his wife, makes contracts with wife to have sex with hookers to legally extract their fetuses for scientific study until one of the ‘ladies’, a down and out Auchwitz survivor, wants out of the deal, making a getaway with the help of the ‘Professor’s’

most favored scientific protégée, who has also devised very powerful cloning technology which, in the wrong hands, would be globally destructive. Based on true story (92 min) (2014, approved for airing, awaiting slot)
-Committee. Satire about University Committee whose mandate is to above all, talk about everything and do nothing, even when the proposal and/or proposition at hand is whether to call the fire department when the building is burning down. (10 min) (2012)
-Stalin’s Psychiatrist. (Part of the series ‘Electrifying Encounters’). Joseph Stalin undergoes a nervous breakdown after the surprise attack by Hitler, with no one in charge of a Russia that he built to do nothing without his say-so. A Jewish American expatriate female psychiatrist (perhaps real, perhaps not) locks herself in the room with him to pull the ‘Man of Steel’ back together, to infuse some humanity into him, and, perhaps, to turn him back into the man she once admired, and loved before it is too late for everyone. (60 min) (2010)
-Let There Be Light (part of Marvelous Encounters/Electrifying Encounters Series). Aging inventor Nicola Tesla,

after being banished by the world he tried to revolutionize and save, is ‘rescued’ himself from suicide by a reporter who has a secret agenda which is his worst nightmare, involving even more possible betrayal and heartbreak. (50 min) (2003)
-Albert and Mileva/God Does Not Play Dice (part of Marvelous Encounters/Electrifying Encounters Series). Young Albert and first wife Mileva Einstein are having big time problems in their marriage which jeopardize their sanity, and the Einstein destiny unless a wise-beyond-his-station janitor can patch up their relationship, and awaken the slumbering Spiritual Soul of one still-arrogant and emotionally autistic (Aspburger’s Syndrome) Albert, which is still…sleeping. (48 min) (2009)
-Mentoring. Two souls exchange roles as student and teacher in incarnations from caveman times to present times, their relationship reflecting development of humanity at key points in history, catalyzed and challenged by third wheel soul with secret agenda. (120 min) (2007)
-Of Lions and Lambs. An over-intelligent, super-intense, hyper-cynical and always-misunderstood social-crusader female stand up comic clawing her way through the clubs of Vancouver is befriended by a naïve, pathologically kind, New-Age Bible thumper from Iowa who believes through a series of spiritual ‘accidents’ that said comic is his spirit helper sent from the heavenly planets and that his calling is to be a comic himself (48 min). Featuring David Palffy. (2002)
-Mindless Love. Fred, a geeky, lonely, First Nations teenaged Neuroscientist in search of the neurological chemical answer for ‘love’ yearns for the affections of an abusive, hot-looking, ‘cool to be cruel’ classmate and to be accepted into the ‘in crowd’. With the help of his best friend, a teenaged ‘plain Jane’ white girl who wants, and deserves to be more, he gets hold of a potent ‘love potion’ from an outlaw neuroscientist in the backwoods, who turns out to be his estranged Uncle John, who was in the past a guinea-pig for such potions in his youth, with dangerous consequences, as they relate to a woman he fell in ‘love’ with once, and now doesn’t know how to get close to. Commissioned as episodes in CHUM/Citytv ‘Stories About Love’ anthology. (48 min) (2005)

-A Viking’s Carol. An aging out-of-step-with-the-world but Spiritually-connected and prolific backyard inventor deals his transition to the other side, while his sons deal with their father’s death, and finally---each other. One son is afraid to leave home, the other terrified of coming home, but they all MUST unite, at least once before their commonly-shared transition (49 min) (1989)

-Kefi’s Garage. Modern day Quixotic Western about old Greek CND cowboy desperately holding onto his land, a Medicine Wheel connected to the Realm of Light, and his inner fire so he can hand it over to his undeserving and soul-dead nephew (72 min). Featuring Gordon Tootosis, Tibor Feherighazi. (1992)
-In Search of Grafittiman. 23 min mocumentary, co-production with Hollywood North Productions, about elusive heroic fugitive putting paintings of real life on the walls of a city not living in reality (23 min, airing TBA) (2014)
-The Dream. A pathologically optimistic cowboy must deal with reality and find inner belief in his Spiritual beliefs to save his ranch, his family and his valley from a vicious Eastern-based developer (49 min). Featuring Donnelly Rhodes, Linda Darlow. (2000)

OF LIONS AND LAMBS (novel and produced film)
Logline: Cynical, intelligent, and misunderstood female comic who feels out of place on Earth befriended by naïve, all-heart-no-brains New Age bible-thumper who sees said comic as his Spirit Helper, sent by Heavenly father from the Divine planets to teach him how to be a comic.
Story: Athena “Atti the Hun” Nichololias is the most hyper-intense, ultra-cynical, super-intelligent, and chronically-misunderstood comic duking it out on the B-minus level comedy circuit in Vancouver. The only one who really understands this middle-aged social-reformer gag-girl and her special life mission is her father, Nikos, a Greek Revolutionary who is pulled closer and closer to the grave every day by a debilitating neurological disease, ghosts from his past, and a Computer Age incarnation of evil, “Ralph Reaper”. Only Reaper and Nikos know Atti’s real purpose, struggle and the unfinished business about the child she gave up for adoption in her lost teen years.

Enter into Atti’s life ‘Johnboy’ Smith, naïve New Age Bible-thumper 20-something farm kid from Iowa. Through a series of ‘accidents’ and numerological prayers, hyper-optimistic John comes to the conclusion that his calling is to be a stand up comic, and that Atti is his Extra-terrestrial Angelic Spirit Helper.
Against her better judgment, Atti takes on the wayward pilgrim. A friendship develops amidst the cultural tension and romantic under-feelings. But the Comedy Camelot is destined for disaster---unless Atti can beat Reaper at the game he started---and is so good at.
Adapted for the screen and aired as a CBC television drama, 2002.
Comment: Liked by women, particularly those who value their independence, despite hard-edged language in the book, and by thinking male audience as well.

HENRY AND THE WOLF DOCTOR (novel and screenplay)

Logline: Intensely-independent young First Nations woman fresh out of vet school with abusive/tortured past, scientifically brilliant and re-connected to her cultural roots, is trapped into working with pathologically-paternalistic old redneck sawbones veterinarian with mysterious past, political/cultural mismatch taking place in backwater Western town filled with colorfully-dysfunctional rugged individualists eventually united against newly-arrived Corporate ideological and veterinary foe. MOW, potential series pilot.

Story: An excessively-independent young First Nations woman (Roberta Collinear, Ph.D., D.V.M.) fresh out of vet school with a tortured/abusive past who is scientifically-talented and re-connected to her cultural roots is trapped into working with a pathologically-paternalistic old sawbones Redneck veterinarian (Doc Henry ‘Dinosaur’ Steiner) with a mysterious past. Political/cultural mismatch held together by pioneer grit, compassion for animals (rather than personal profit of professional status) and a need for both docs to heal themselves of familial ‘miscalculations’ they made in the past which made them the loners they have become. In Doc Henry’s case, it was too much tough love that he still does not see as wrong. In Roberta’s case, it was trusting abusive and manipulative men who always had her worse interest at heart, and giving up a child for adoption when she was a dug-addicted 15 year old, wanting now more than anything else to be reunited with that child and seeing that child in every animal in need of help that comes her way.
The setting is Knife Bend, British Columbia, a town full of colorfully dysfunctional rugged individualists who refuse to become modernized and/or sterilized by the 21st century. They include Norma Poundstone, 60-years-defiant widow who runs an effective, needed but often illegal shelter, who so far anyway, is Doc Henry’s most trusted Platonic friend. Terri Kewalski is an aging, pathologically naïve ‘all you need is love’ neohippie who sees it as her personal agenda to bring Doc Henry and Norma together as romantic lovers, despite the fact that such would probably destoy their friendship. Deathhound Jones, ultra-intelligent, hyper-cynical Goth 15 year old who is looking for a female role model/mentor she can trust. And ‘Cowboy Hank’, who is a gentle and strong man’s man to everyone in Knife Bend. He is also an ex-country pop music star (whose hit song is the tune that Roberta hates above everything else) hiding out from his true identity, and the money-grubbing agents who don’t believe that he is dead, Cowboy Hank’s sincere respect, then love, for Roberta both turn her off and scare her.
On the tails of Roberta’s entry into Knife Bend and her subsequent integration into the community refusing to give itself up to the world around it is Corporate Veterinarian Tom Wilson, D.V.M., M.B.A., Esq, smooth, suave and very connected (to the Academic-Veterinary Establishment) blue blood who needs to prove himself to his rich father back East. To do so, Tom takes it upon himself to colonize all of the businesses and people in Knife Bend. He is particularly bent on destroying Doc Henry (a former rival of his father) and Doc Henry’s old school ‘animals-first, profits and professional-prestige last’ practice. But first and foremost, he takes it upon himself to make the independent and scientifically-brilliant ‘Doc Roberta’ his personal squaw.
The means by which Tom works is legal, professional and ‘truthful’. He informs Roberta that Doc Henry sabotaged her dream job with the State of the Art veterinary clinic she was heading to after graduation by telling them she was ineffective and untrustable, a ploy he used with other clinics as well to be sure that Roberta would be stuck working for him. When Roberta confronts him with the accusation, he admits to doing such for her own good, slipping into calling Roberta by the name of the daughter he lost due to too much tough love in the past. Refusing to be his new daughter, or student, Roberta decides to work for Tom in his high-end, University-connected clinic, leaving Henry alone to die in the self-righteous, all-work-but-no-love, coffin he created for himself. But she soon finds out that Tom wants her as an arm ornament and love toy, and as the most power witness he has to send Doc Henry not only out of the veterinary profession, but to jail for his various offenses against the bylaws, threatening to destroy Roberta’s career as an animal doc if she doesn’t tow the line, and that he will conduct an investigation into her criminal past as well, which would land her in jail also. To make matters worse, Daniel, Roberta’s son who she has been searching for all these years, is finally found, but he does not want to see her.
Roberta’s despondency is misinterpreted by Cowboy Hank as being rejection, so he drops out of her life as she decides to drop out of life as well, after surrendering to the bottle again. But bringing her out of the abyss are her two dogs, who she herself saves from death, give her a reason to continue, somehow. Roberta goes back to a broken down Henry (who has turned an invitation for Real Love from Norma), and decides that it is time to re-open the shop. She’s willing to try to trust a father again (as her own abused her), and he considers loving a daughter without being so pathologically-paternalistic about it. Hank returns, Roberta opening up her heart, and his. But keeping some secrets from him, as she expects that he has secrets of his own as well.

In advanced development as Television Movie/ tv series pilot.
Comment: A favorite ‘edgy’ mainstream novel which attracts women, and men, who consider themselves rugged individualists trying to do the right thing in a ‘wrong’ world. Also a favorite of animal lovers. A big hit with those in the health care or other healing professions as well. Relates to expatiates who have left civilization, and those in cities who want to leave. Elements of House, North of 60, Northern Exposure with an All Creatures Great and Small setting.

Novel and screenplay. Continuation of Part 1.
Logline: Battle of wits and wills between Corporate veterinary villain Tom Wilson and rebel animal docs Roberta and Henry continues, with the stakes even higher, and more personal.
Story: Two years have passed since the obsessively independent First Nations Libertarian Doc Roberta settled into her niche in Knife Bend with pathologically-paternalistic Redneck Ultraconservative ‘Doc Dinosaur’ Henry Steiner. The politically and culturally mismatched rebel vets have done very well in their common-sense, no-bulls-it practice, having nearly driven out of town Tom Wilson, blue blood Corporate veterinarian who tried to kick them both out of the profession several years ago, along with trying to make the entire Knife Bend community his personal ‘colony’, to please his Corporate Mogul father back in Toronto. But, hell hath no fury like a blue-blood brat who’s been had by the ‘commoners’. Tom Wilson has devised a devious and sure plan to destroy his rivals in the marketplace, and from places deep inside of them they didn’t even know existed. For Doc Henry, Tom sends in a new female employee who steals Henry’s heart, then sabagoges his practice, making him doubt the validity of his heart and biomedical abilities. Roberta, having experienced dull out and burn out being a doc, seeks a career as a performing artist, Wilson setting her up to feel good about the prospects of such with praise from connected people who then blackball her with everyone else in the industry, making her believe she really is an emotionally-sterile technician with absolutely no scientific talent. As for everyone else who has or takes care of animals, Wilson uses the new SPCA as an organization that seizes animals from those he does not like very legally, and not giving them back till they do his bidding, or get out of town. And all of it done with the aid of the Veterinary Association that has no idea of how much they are being manipulated by their acting President (Wilson).
After figuring out that she was set up by Tom to have her heart broken as a performing artist, Roberta returns to Henry’s shop, to be a ‘normal, mediocre’ citizen again, working under Tom’s thumb to do her day job of being an animal doc. She finds Henry just as he is ready to give up medicine forever, thinking that his medical judgment and general state of mentation is defective, yet still believing that Marie left to go to Vancouver to take care of her sick sister, and that she will return to him soon. Roberta and the now-cynical (once naively optimistic) Terri discover the sabatoge Tom and ‘Marie’ (if that was her real name), and confront Henry with it.
Terri undergoes her own transformation and trials in that her ‘mastery in servitude’ approach to life is tested by being roomates with Deathhound. Deathhound turns into a ‘cool to be cruel’ person due to having a pen pal in the joint with an identity she shares with no one, and dope/money she shares only with herself.
Roberta and Henry, along with Cowboy Hank and the other ‘defeated’ outlaws of Knife Bend each go after Tom and Marie, exposing them both and foiling their operation in a plan in which they pit Tom and his father against each other as well.
Just as things seem to be ok all around, Deathhound arrives with Kurt the Suit (Roberta’s former abusive husband), threatening to ruin everyone’s day and life, but it is Terri and a wild bear (which is more flesh than spirit this time) that does him in.
A tale that goes even deeper into the inner and outer workings of the veterinary world as it is, and as it should be. With many comedo-dramatic human stories in between.
FETAL DISTACTIONS (screenplay, produced as film 2013)

Logline: Physician-scientist in 1950 Norway, with help of his wife, makes contracts with hookers to have sex with them and then to extract their fetuses for ground-breaking scientific studies till one of the chosen ladies, a down and out Polish Auchwitz survivor, wants out of the deal.
Story: Lorena, a down and out Scandinavian prostitute on the run from her Russian pimp, and who is an Auchwitz Concentration Camp survivor is selected to take part in studies conducted by high-level, well established Professor Doctor Horstadius in 1950s Norway. The ‘good doctor’ impregnates his ‘subjects’ (prostitutes of various varieties, mostly) with his own (superior genetic) sperm, then contracts the women to have their babies extracted at various stages of pregnancy for anatomical study of human embryological development. The Professor pays good money to his ‘girls’, the candidates having been personally chosen by his wife. But when Lorena has a change of heart, or more accurately, an awakening of Soul, she wants out of the deal. It evokes the Professor’s rage and relentless pursuit, her getaway made possible by (a) the Professor’s favorite student, Jon Svenson, a young, status-hungry scientist who find his priorities changing very fast, and (b) the unexpected help of the ‘good doctor’s’ black-hearted and embittered wife.
The story of 1950s Scandinavia is related by an Elder Svenson in 1972, hiding out as a high school teacher in America, still hiding out from the now-world-famous Professor Horstadius. As the time has come, Svenson finally relates the tale to Tina, Lorena’s daughter who was born in secret and, for her own safety, has not been told that her mother is still alive. Tina’s lifelong premonition that her mother is not dead leads her and Svenson to finding Lorena, then settling old scores with the ‘good’ Professor as he is about to be awarded a Nobel Prize for his ‘innovative’ work in human fetal development.

Comment: Psychological/action medical thriller. Appeals to women who are connected to life issues, but speaks to men as well, revealing the underbelly of very dark worlds in ways that hit the mind and heart. Mature audience. Based on a very real story about the a Scandinavian Scientist Physician whose medical observations still remain in mainstream biomedical textbooks today.
ELECTRIFYING ENCOUNTERS (dramatic tv series, with educational printed material. Formerly, “Marvelous Encounters”, see below)
Real-time, fact-infused, character-driven one hour ‘behind closed doors’ dramas (with comedic elements) about famous (and infamous) historical figures who have made our world and collective consciousness what it is today.
Stories are told from perspective of ‘commoners’ who are not written up in the well-known history books who affect aforementioned historical figures at crucial points in their lives, revealing key aspects about who these heroes (and villains) really are as people, and how they relate to the common, universal human experience. Episodes about Nicola Telsa, Albert/Mileva Einstein and ‘Uncle Joe’ Stalin produced and commercially aired. Scripts available for:

  • - Beethoven, dealing with his ‘Immortal Beloved’ becoming pregnant with his child,

  • - Gregor Mendel, kindly, academic, politically-active abbot who falsified a lot of his genetics data.

  • - Marie Curie, who after her husband’s death, had an affair with a French biologist that set into motion a world wide scandal that nearly killed her science, her, and her children.

  • - George Washington Carver, master Afro-American 19th century inventor whose real genius was mentoring young Black Americans in ever-changing race relations.

  • - Ramon y Cajal, artistic founder of contemporary neuroscience, whose love-hate relation with his ‘anti-artist’ father moved him forward, and enabled him to advise others to not make the same mistakes, particularly a rigid, wannabe-German Spanish scientist who is about to lose his musically-loving son.

  • - Harriot Brooks, self-taught brilliant Canadian contemporary of Marie Curie and Platonic lover of Ernst Rutherford, who could have been as famous as Marie Curie had she not married the wrong man.

  • - Ghengis Khan, illiterate conqueror of the world, encountering a clever, scholarly monk who uses his skills as a scholar and blackmailer to contain and perhaps educate him.

  • - Sequoia, self-taught linguist who put the Cherokee on the map by formulating the most easily understandable and widely written Native language in North American history.

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