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NOD: To ask who you are and where you live, work and do your shopping.

Pwy? - Who? Ble? - Where?
byw - to live gweithio - to work

siopa - to shop

yn - in ond - but

a /ac - and hefyd - too / also


1. ydych chi - are you

Pwy ydych chi?

- Who are you?

  1. ydw i - am I

We can reply simply by merely giving the name:
Pwy ydych chi? - Nigel!

- Who are you? - Nigel!

Or we can use a complete sentence:
Nigel ydw i!

- Nigel am I! ( i.e. I’m Nigel!)

Note how the important information - the person's name - comes first in Welsh, unlike the English sentence.

  1. Let’s change the question around. I’ll pretend I’ve lost my memory!

Pwy ydw i? - Basil ydych chi!

(Who am I?) - (Basil are you! / You’re Basil!)

  1. Let’s make statements. We’ll confirm our identity!

Gwyn ydw i! - I'm Gwyn! (Gwyn am I)

Gwen ydych chi! - You’re Gwen! (Gwen are you)

5. Rydw i - I am / I do

Rydych chi - You are / You do
byw - to live

yn byw - living
To form a sentence:
Rydw i + yn byw Rydych chi + yn byw

(I am + living) (You are + living)

Because ‘ynfollows a vowel, we abbreviate it to ‘n
Rydw i’n byw…..

(I am living / I live / I do live…..)

Rydych chi’n byw…..

(You are living / you live / you do live…..)

  1. To ask a ‘Where?question, all we need to do is place ‘Ble?’ in front of

these verb forms
Ble rydych chi’n byw?

- Where do you live (are you living)?

My memory has gone again!
Ble rydw i’n byw?

- Where do I live (am I living)?

  1. We can reply by stating, simply ‘in a certain place’. The Welsh word for ‘in’ is ‘yn’:

Ble rydych chi’n byw? - Yn Aberystwyth.

- Where do you live? - In Aberystwyth.
Or we can use a complete sentence:
Ble rydych chi’n byw? - Rydw i’n byw yn Aberystwyth.

- Where do you live? - I live in Aberystwyth.

8. You already know that 'yn' means 'in'. Unfortunately it is not the most straightforward of words. I'll show you what I mean:
Caerdydd - yng Nghaerdydd

Caernarfon - yng Nghaernarfon

Cricieth - yng Nghricieth

Caerfyrddin - yng Nghaerfyrddin

As you can see, the initial letter ‘C’ nasalizes to’ Ngh under the influence of this word 'yn'. The 'yn' itself also changes - to make it easier to glide the two words together when we speak.
i.e ‘yng Nghaerdydd’ is easier to say than ‘yn Nghaerdydd’.
By the way, rules like this litter the language. In the initial stages of learning Welsh do not get bogged down with excessive details like this. It is far more important to learn the structure - getting the words in the correct order! These minor changes will come in their own good time. Meanwhile try to learn a few examples parrot fashion.
Ble rydych chi’n byw?

- Rydw i’n byw yng Nghaerffili.

- Rydw i’n byw yng Nghaernarfon.

- Rydw i’n byw yng Nghricieth.

  1. I might want to say where I don’t live!

Rydw i - I am / I do

Dydw i ddim - I’m not / I don’t
Rydych chi - You are / You do

Dydych chi ddim - You aren’t / You don’t

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