Her ] mother [had ] been. John asked me, "Are you studying hard today?" John asked me [if

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  1. John asked Mary, "How has your mother been?" John asked Mary how [her ] mother [had ] been.

  2. John asked me, "Are you studying hard today?" John asked me [if ] I [was ] studying hard [that ] day.

  3. John asked me, "Did you take my pen yesterday?" John asked me [ if] I had [ taken] [ his] pen the day [ before].

  4. John asked me, "When did you graduate?" John asked me [ when] I had [graduated].

  5. John asked me, "Where were you yesterday?" John asked me where I [ had] been the day [before ].

  6. John asked me, "Who is the chief of police?" John [ asked] me who the chief of police [ was].

  7. John asked me, "Who won the ball game last night?" John asked me who [ had] won the ball game the night [before ].

  8. John asked me, "Why was Mary crying yesterday?" John asked me [ why] Mary had [been ] crying the [previous ] day.

  9. John asked, "Did Mary eat today?" John asked [ if] Mary had eaten [that ] day.

  10. John asked, "How is Mary?" John asked me [how ] Mary [was ].

  11. John asked, "How much does a Fiat cost?" John asked how [much ] a Fiat [cost ].

  12. John asked, “How much did a Fiat cost last year?” John asked [how ] much a Fiat [had ] cost the year [before ].

  13. John asked, "Where did Mary go?" John [asked ] where Mary [had] gone.

  14. John said to me, "I can't cook." John [told ] me that he [couldn’t ] cook.

  15. John said to me, "Mary doesn't weigh too much." John [told ] me that Mary [didn’t ] weigh too much.

  16. John said, "Bo and I went swimming yesterday." John said that [he ] and Bo had gone swimming the day [before ].

  17. John said, "I couldn't swim when I was young." John said that he [could ] swim when he had [ been] young.

  18. John said, "I don't like baseball." John said [that ] he [ didn’t] like baseball.

  19. John said, "I should lose weight." John said that he [should ] lose [weight ].

  20. John said, "I'm a doctor." John said [that ] he [was ] a doctor.

  21. John said, "Mary is not my wife." John said that Mary [was ] not [ his] wife.

  22. John said, "Mary loves me." John said [that ] Mary [ loved] him.

  23. John said, "Mary worries too much." John said [that ] Mary [worried ] too much.

  24. John said, "My mother has been sick." John said that [his ] mother [had ] been sick.

  25. John said to me, "My wife takes care of my finances, and she’s good at it." John [told ] me that [his] wife [ took] care of [his ]finances and [ that] she [was ] good at it.

  26. John told Mary, "Call me tonight." John told Mary [to ] call him [ that] night.

  27. John told Mary, "Don't cry about your dead cat." John told Mary not [ to] cry about [ her] dead cat.

  28. John told Mary, "Go shopping for me." John told Mary [ to] go shopping for [him ].

  29. John told Mary, "Marry me." John told Mary [to ] marry [him ].

  30. John told Mary, "You are my best friend." John [ said] to Mary that she was [his ] best friend.

  31. John told me, "You must see my baby." John [ said] to me that I [ had] to see his baby.

  32. Mary asked John, "Can you hear me?" Mary asked John [if ] he [could ] hear her.

  33. Mary asked John, "Did you eat your dinner?" Mary asked John [if ] he had eaten [ his] dinner.

  34. Mary asked John, "Did you leave your wife last year?" Mary asked John if [he ] had [ left] his wife the [previous ] year.

  35. Mary asked John, "Do you like your apartment?" Mary asked John [ if] he liked [his ] apartment.

  36. Mary asked John, "Does your mother like pizza?" Mary asked John if [ his] mother [liked ] pizza.

  37. Mary asked John, "Would you like to dance?" Mary asked John [if ] he [would ] like to dance.

  38. Mary asked me, "Did you leave the party early?" Mary asked me [if ] I had [left ] the party early.

  39. Mary asked me, "How has your father been?" Mary asked me [ how] my father had [been ].

  40. Mary asked me, "Is John home?" Mary asked me [ if] John [was ] home.

  41. Mary asked me, "Shall I call you tomorrow?" Mary asked me [if ] she [should ] call [me] the next day.

  42. Mary asked me, "Was John sick last week?" Mary asked me [if ] John had[ ] been sick the week [before ].

  43. Mary asked me, "What will John buy me?" Mary asked me [what ] John [ would] buy her.

  44. Mary asked me, "What will you give me for my birthday?" Mary asked me what [ I] would give [her ] for [her ] birthday.

  45. Mary asked me, "Where did John go?" Mary asked me [where ] John had [ gone].

  46. Mary asked me, "Who ate the cheese?" Mary asked me [who ] had [ eaten] the cheese.

  47. Mary asked me, "Why did John hit the policeman?" Mary asked me [ why] John had [ hit] the policeman.

  48. Mary asked me, "Will you help me?" Mary asked me if I [ would] help [ her].

  49. Mary asked, "How are you?" Mary asked me [ how] I [was ].

  50. Mary asked, "How often does John eat breakfast?" Mary asked [ how] often John [aate ] breakfast.

  51. Mary asked, "Where does John live?" Mary asked [where ] John [lived ].

  52. Mary asked, "Where does John work?" Mary asked [where ] John [ worked].

  53. Mary asked, "Who runs the company?" Mary [ asked] who [ran ] the company.

  54. Mary asked, "Why does John study computer science?" Mary asked [ why] John [ studied] computer science.

  55. Mary said to me, "I liked the book." Mary [told ] me that she [ had] liked the book.

  56. Mary said to me, "It rains every day in Acapulco." Mary [told ] me that it [ rained] every day in Acapulco.

  57. Mary said, "I may see a movie tomorrow." Mary said that she [might ] see a movie [ the] following day.

  58. Mary said, "I won't say where I've been." Mary said that she [wouldn’t ] say where she [had ] been.

  59. Mary said, "I would never hurt my children." Mary said that she [ would] never hurt [her ] children.

  60. Mary said, "John and I went camping upstate." Mary said that [ she] and John [ had] gone camping upstate.

  61. Mary said, "John needs a wife." Mary said [that ] John [ needed] a wife.

  62. Mary said, "My children study very hard." Mary said that [ her] children [studied ] very hard.

  63. Mary said, "My friends are coming to see me soon." Mary said that [her ] friends [were ] coming to see her soon.

  64. Mary said, "My mother is sick." Mary said that [ her] mother [was ] sick.

  65. Mary told John, "Don't be late." Mary told John [not ] to [be] late.

  66. Mary told John, "Leave me alone." Mary told John [ to] leave [ her] alone.

  67. Mary told me, "My mother works at a store." Mary told me that [ her] mother [ worked] at a store.


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