Heroes II the succession wars

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Sign #1 & #2: You are now entering the domain of Prince Roland. Have a pleasant stay.
Sign #3: The King's Road.

Sign #4: The Queen's Road.
Bottle #1: What are you doing here?
Sign #5: Do not enter!
Sign #6: Turn back now!
Sign #7: Abandon all hope!
Sign #8: Welcome to your DOOM!
If Archibald is Lost: You have lost the hero Archibald. Your quest is over.
After Defeating Roland: You captured Sandcaster! You are victorious.
Victory: "Well, Roland, it seems I've won our little contest. But don't worry - not only have I decided to spare your life, but I am appointing you monarch of the Western Tower. You will be the ruler of a mighty empire, one whose every crack and crevice you will know... in ten minutes. Perhaps I will come and visit your splendid court... when you're not entertaining important... rats and spiders! (Laughs.)"


Price of Loyalty

Woman: "Viscount Kraeger, a companion of your youth and commander of the Empire's northern reaches, has turned against the Emperor in open rebellion. Though he lacks the forces to topple the throne directly, he has embarked on a quest for a legendary artifact that will grant him powers great enough to destroy us all. The Emperor has called upon you to march forth with your armies. Destroy the rebel Kraeger, and claim the artifact for the glory of the Empire."

Scenario 1: Uprising

Scenario Description: Subdue the unruly local lords in order to provide the Empire with facilities to operate in this region.
Introduction: Because the Darkscale Valley is so barren, the Emperor will be sending wood to you every week. Use it wisely, for it is all you shall have.
Weekly Wood Shipment: The wood has arrived.
Victory: "You have succeeded in suppressing the rebellious northern provinces, and now you must pursue the traitor into the Darkscale Mountains. The Emperor's Archmage has obtained some knowledge of the artifact Kraeger seeks: it is composed of three pieces that must be brought together for their full power to be unlocked. Even now, the traitor is beginning his search for the first piece, deep within the mountains. Uncover it before it falls into his hands; without it we will never be able to discover the location of the other pieces."
Scenario 2: Island of Chaos

Scenario Description: Eliminate all opposition in this area. Then the first piece of the artifact will be yours.
Introduction: The first piece of the artifact now lies in the hands of the Unholy Order of Warlocks. You must annihilate them, and their allies to the north. They will surely give us what we seek in exchange for their feeble lives.
After Defeating Final Enemy: The enemy is beaten. Your side has triumphed!
Victory: "With your successful retrieval of the artifact, Kraeger has fled to the west, toward Glaive Island, where the next piece of the artifact is said to be hidden. Unfortunately, Kraeger has discovered a secret way through the Darkscale Mountains, and is well ahead of you. You face a choice of perils. You may wish to follow Kraeger along the hidden path known as the Abyss, but you will face mortal perils. Nonetheless, this is the faster route. Your other choice is to circle the mountains, through the forests to the south and west. These are elven lands, however, and there are those within who might take great affront should your forces disturb their shadowed glens."
Scenario 3: Arrow's Flight (Choose Between This & Scenario 4)

Scenario Description: The sorceresses to the northeast are rebelling! For the good of the Empire you must crush their feeble uprising on your way to the mountains.
Introduction: This area must be secured for the sake of the Empire. Our spies have reported a discord between The Kingdom of the Knights to the north, and that of the oppressive sorceresses to the northeast. Perhaps this feud can be exploited for our gain...
Encounter with the Old Elf #1: An old elf is sitting on a rock in a glen, pounding on the shackles on his feet with a stone. You help him remove them and ask him his tale. "I'm a deserter from Drakonia's army. She has enslaved all the elves to support her madness. She must be stopped." Then he slips into the woods without a sound, leaving behind just his cloak.
Encounter with the Old Elf #2: As you enter the small clearing, you see a familiar figure talking to a group of halflings and soldiers. You stay awhile and listen to his speech. "The time to throw off these chains of tyranny is now! We must strike at the heart of her empire, and destroy the evil that she has brought to our land." As the old elf finishes speaking, he gets up from his mossy seat and once again blends into the woods with incredible grace.
Encounter with the Old Elf #3: As you approach the barrier, you see the old elf you helped free. This time, however, you see that he is wearing a cape of fine weave, and a wooden crown is on his head. He sees your forces, and says "Take this sword, and with it, strikes down Drakonia and help free my people." The old elf then strides regally into the woods.
Encounter with the Old Elf #4: You cautiously ride through the trees, looking out for enemy assaults, when suddenly, the old elf is beside you. "Your quest is almost at an end, my friend. All that remains is for you to lay siege to these last few castles. The fate of my people rests upon your final battles here. May the gods be with you as well." He turns to leave, but you ask him his name before he is gone. Over his shoulder, as he is leaving he says "I am Ilthanis, king of the elves."
Victory: "As you have proven responsible for the removal of a hated rival, the elven lord Ilthanis has agreed to support the Empire in its hunt for Kraeger. He has promised to give you a tithe of wood, and any elven forces you encounter will aid you in your quest. However, there is also less fortunate news. The traitor has already unearthed the second piece of the artifact upon Glaive Isle. Turn your attention to the north, where the last piece lies deep within the snowy wastes. A great barbarian kingdom straddles the passes to the northlands, and you must subdue these fierce raiders before your expedition to the far north may proceed."
If Your Heroes Attack Elves or Grand Elves From This Point On: As you approach the group of elves, their leader calls them all to attention. He shouts to them, "Who of you is brave enough to join this fearless ally of ours?" The group explodes with cheers as they run to join your ranks.
If Your Heroes Attack Elves or Grand Elves From This Point On (With Full Army): The elves stand at attention as you approach. Their leader calls to you and says, "Let us not impede your progress, ally! Move on, and may victory be yours."
Scenario 4: The Abyss (Choose Between This & Scenario 3)
Scenario Description: Having prepared for your arrival, Kraeger has arranged for a force of necromancers to thwart your quest. You must capture the castle of Scabsdale before the first day of the third week, or the Necromancers will be too strong for you.
Sign #1: Way of might.
Sign #2: Way of magic.
Sign #3: Way of numbers.
If Time Limit Passes: You have failed to complete your quest in time. All is lost.
After Capturing Scabsdale: You captured Scabsdale! You are victorious.
Victory: "Alas, Kraeger has already retrieved the second piece from Glaive Isle, and all that remains is to race for the northern wastes to seek out the last piece. Whoever regains this piece will have an advantage when it comes time to bring the traitor to ground. Curiously, our scouts have returned with strange tales of verdant green lands in midst of the snowy wastes. Whether these tales are true or merely the ramblings of snow-blinded travelers, none can tell."

Scenario 5: The Giant's Pass (Available only if Scenario 3 has been completed)

Scenario Description: The barbarian despot in this region is, as yet, unaware of your presence. Quickly, build up your forces before you are discovered and attacked! Secure the region by subduing all enemy forces.
Victory: "Alas, Kraeger has already retrieved the second piece from Glaive Isle, and all that remains is to race for the northern wastes to seek out the last piece. Whoever regains this piece will have an advantage when it comes time to bring the traitor to ground. Curiously, our scouts have returned with strange tales of verdant green lands in midst of the snowy wastes. Whether these tales are true or merely the ramblings of snow-blinded travelers, none can tell."

Scenario 6: Aurora Borealis

Scenario Description: The Empire is weak in this region. You will be unable to completely subdue all forces in this area, so take what you can before reprisal strikes. Remember, your true goal is to claim the Helmet of Anduran.
Introduction: The third piece of the artifact is somewhere to the north, that much we know. We are still unsure of its exact location, but our spies are out gathering information. The forces in this area are too strong to be completely subjugated, so take what you can and hold on to it tightly.
Update #1: We have just learned that the artifact is on an island north of this continent. However, there does not appear to be any means to get there. Stay very alert for any possible way across the narrow channel.
Sign #1: Paper can gain you what wood and sail cannot.
Update #2: Our spies have discovered that the barbarian hordes are now receiving support from Kraeger! You must hurry and find the third piece before your forces here are crushed!
After Capturing Helmet of Anduran from Zam: You have captured the necromancer Zam. Your quest is at an end.
Victory: "The Emperor's Archmage has made a crucial discovery, plucked from the thoughts of Kraeger himself as he fled the battle for the third artifact piece. Kraeger is not alone in his treachery! A cabal of Necromancers within the heart of the Empire itself has guided him towards the artifacts they sought. Now we may strike at the source of this chaos which threatens the Empire. Gather the Emperor's armies and destroy the cabal, and with it, the traitor who has evaded you these many months."
Scenario 7: Betrayal's End (Optional)
Scenario Description: For the good of the Empire, eliminate Kraeger.
Introduction: Regrettably, you have no castle with which to begin your assault. Fortunately, however, Kraeger's forces are weak here in the south, and you have bribed a rebel necromancer to aid you in the beginning of your conquest.
Sign #1: These lands are beholden to Lord Kraeger.
Sign #2: In this glen there live some very naughty halflings. Stay away!
Trapped Halflings: As you make your way through the last of the golem debris, a group of halflings runs towards you carrying fruit and flowers. "Thank you so much!" their leader exclaims. "We've been trapped in here for ever! Come by our homes, we'll pack up and go with you!"
After Defeating Lord Kraeger: You have captured the enemy hero Lord Kraeger! Your quest is complete.
Victory: "It appears that Kraeger fell under the sway of the necromancers by means of magic. With the power of the Helm you have freed his mind and put an end to his rebellion. With this knowledge in mind, the Emperor may show leniency for his rebellion when he faces the justice of the Empire. But regardless of such matters, you have reclaimed the final piece of the artifact, and now its full power is at the command of the Empire. Take up its might and wield it against our true foes! Destroy the necromancers and their nest of treachery and deceit!"
Scenario 8: Corruption's Heart
Scenario Description: At last, you have the opportunity and the facilities to rid the Empire of the necromancers' evil. Eradicate them completely, and you will be sung as a hero for all time.
Sign #1: This land and all others are now under the sole ownership of Ibn Fadlan, the Undead King. Any disregard for His Majesty's sovereign rule is to be punished by death most horrendous.
Bottle #1: Beware the sirens!
Bottle #2: I am one of the few remaining survivors of the wrecked pleasure ship, Exorbitance. I think we'll all be dead of hunger soon, for we are out of caviar. We ate the chef yesterday.
Bottle #3: You must, like, forsake earthly wealth and, like, join us on the island of the lotus eaters.
Island of the Lotus Eaters: As you make your way to the shrine, some very thin and hollow-eyed men come out of the flower patch and stare at you. Seeing that you want the gold, one of them says to you, "Hey, man, if you're, like, so lusty for earthly wealth, then, like, have this too." You graciously take what they have offered and back out of the clearing.
Sign #2: Valley of the Damned.
After Defeating Final Enemy: The enemy is beaten. Your side has triumphed!
Victory: "The might of our vast empire is maintained throughout the ages with the great wisdom of of the Emperor to guide us and the strength of our noble heroes to protect us. You claim that Viscount Kraeger - a former friend and compatriot of yours - did not act of his own will in the uprising, but was held under the magical influence of the necromancers. Be that as it may, he has been seen by the people of our lands to raise arms against the Empire. Such an act cannot go unpunished. You may rejoice, however, for the Emperor has chosen to grant you all lands and titles that Kraeger possessed, in return for your great service and obedience. Such is the price of loyalty."
Old Man: "Many generations ago, before this kingdom came to power, the land was the battleground for a handful of warring tribes. The barbarian Jarkonas, first of a long line of rulers, had a vision: to conquer and unify the tribes..."

Scenario 1: Conquer and Unify

Scenario Description: Conquer and unify all the tribes. Don't lose the hero Jarkonas, forefather of all descendants.
If Jarkonas is Lost: You have lost the hero Jarkonas. Your quest is over.

Victory: "Several generations passed, and the kingdom which Jarkonas had established grew and prospered freely. But then, in the east, the kingdom of Harondale grew to power, and a bitter rivalry over the borders began."

Scenario 2: Border Towns

Scenario Description: Your rival, the kingdom of Harondale, is attacking weak towns on your border! Recover from the first strike and crush them completely.
Victory: "King Jarkonas the Third, grandson of Ethania, lay on his deathbed and pondered the fate of his weakening kingdom: the constant struggle with its enemies had taken a heavy toll. He knew that if the kingdom were to again prosper, it would need aid from distant relatives. The final choice he had to make was this: send help to recruit Crazy Uncle Ivan the warmonger and his barbarian clan, or send a search party out to look for the family's wayward son Joseph, a wizard of some repute."

Scenario 3: The Wayward Son (Choose Between This & Scenario 4)
Scenario Description: Find your wayward son Joseph who is rumored to be living in the desolate lands. Do it before the first day of the third month or it will be of no help to your family.
Introduction: These lands are desolate and for the most part devoid of resources. Not even the bravest heroes dare to venture into them, and plants are rare and precious here. Who knows what else awaits?

The Valley: Dark clouds loom overhead as you enter this valley.
Village #1: This village is in extremely poor shape. There is no chance of getting more than some of the lesser creatures here.
Village #2: This village appears to be in little better shape than the first one you saw. As you approach the village an old man hands you a slip of paper, with the following message, "Joseph lives in the town of IslandHome."
Halfway Point: You send this letter back to the King, "A month has passed and we have not discovered the wizard Joseph. I only hope that we are able to locate him in time to aid us in our struggle."
Reminder #1: Only a month remains in which to find Joseph.
Village #3: This rundown village looks like it was once the epicenter of an enormous, but now ruined, city. Under a pile of rubble you find an object which looks like it has lain there for ages.
Village #4: Compared to the rest of the villages in this land, this village seems grand, but in any other land it would seem poor. From here you can see the tall spires of the Warlock's tower of Dragons.
Nomad Camp: Many dust plumes rise from the floor of this small valley. You see various bands of nomads roaming about, and in the distant, the bright flames of their camp.
Reminder #2: In two more weeks, if you have not located Joseph, your Kingdom will surely lose its current battle with Harondale.
Reminder #3: This is the last week you have to find the rebel wizard Joseph! Good Luck in your quest.

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