Historical Fiction…Everyday snapshots of a Medieval Culture Due Description

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Historical Fiction…Everyday snapshots of a Medieval Culture

Due _______________________
Description: In our unit Regional Civilizations, one of our essential questions is How do place and time shape everyday life? Because we know that history is not just about kings, queens, emperors and dictators, we are going to take a closer look at the “everyday” people and habits that made up these civilizations (a.k.a. social history).
In this culminating project, you will provide insight into everyday life in one of the following social classes, times and places.



(~800 - 1200)


(Tang, Song, or Mongol)


(Classical or Medieval)


  • Nobleman/knight

  • Gentry

  • Daimyo/Samurai


  • Merchant or artisan

  • Merchant or artisan

  • Peasant or artisan


  • Peasant

  • Peasant

  • Merchant


A children’s historical fiction short story (see attached suggestions)

Your children’s story should tell a story, not just list facts. Your central character should represent your given social class and lifestyle. Your narrative, while fictional, should demonstrate extensive research by incorporating historical facts (ranging from diet, housing and clothing to schooling, daily rituals, and forms of entertainment).

Illustrations: You must include three to four illustrations with your story. This is a short story as opposed to a picture book, but the illustrations should help capture the story and the historical setting you have established.
Author’s note: At the end of your story, you should have a half-page to one-page author’s note about the historical setting, the basis for the character(s), and any other information that fills in the story.
Story Time” and Author’s Synthesis:

Once the books are complete, we will have “story time,” during which several people will read their stories. You will then complete a comparison between your central character(s) and one from the same class in another civilization.

Requirements: The project is divided into four sections: Story, Illustrations, Author’s note, and Bibliography.

  • The product length will vary, but should probably be 8-12 pages to demonstrate adequate research.

  • Illustrations will be woven throughout the children’s story, but remember to focus on the story.

  • Your author’s note should set the scene or provide the historical background so that your book can focus on the story.

  • You should have a bibliography at the end of your entire story.

  • You MUST use scholarly sources: books, databases or educational websites. If you have any questions about your sources, ASK!

  • This is an original work of historical fiction; keep track of your sources, and do not cut and paste.

Schedule: We will meet in the Library/Media Center on Monday, 1/4 and Tuesday, 1/5 and begin with BOOKS. Mrs. Snyder will show you some good resources for these historical times and places. We will schedule two more library days later in the month, but then you are on your own.
THE PROJECT IS DUE ON __________________________

Remember the elements of culture we have learned about such as poetry, painting, architecture, inventions, and public works

a carnival or another religious festival

traveling to or attending a trade fair

opening a new shop

a knighting ceremony

a castle siege or battle

traveling to see a relic/seeking shelter in a monastery

schooling or training to take on new responsibilities

preparing for a royal visit

a wedding, funeral or other rite of passage

negotiating a feudal contract

a medical emergency

a journey on the Silk Road

escape from a natural disaster

visiting an important landmark, palace, or temple

a mysterious visitor to a farming/fishing village

a samurai ceremony

building a new house

learning how to live at court

learning how to be a servant at court…
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