History honours thesis, 1986 – 2013

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Adair, Mr D

'Respectable, sober and industrious': a social history of public houses and alcohol in early colonial Adelaide, 1836 - c1870 (1989)

Agutter, Mrs K

Enforced repatriation of Italians from Australia during WW1.

Alagappasamy, Ms P

The Poverty of Indian Historiography: The Quit India Movement Revisited.

Albrecht, Ms P M

Towards Pakistan: a psychohistorical reading of trends in 20th century Indian political history (1986)

Anderson, Ms J

From Tlatelolco to Chiapas: Violence and Political Stability in Mexico (1995)

Anderson, Mr J

Annie Heloise Abel and the historiography of Native Americans

Anderson, Mr R

A heritage database for Methodist church buildings (1836-1900) in the Adelaide and Moonta districts (1989)

Arnold, Ms M

“The Boy Settler” British Youth Migration to New South Wales and the Dreadnought Scheme Federation to 1930 (2011)

Attwood, Mr B

Australia & Korean War (1992)

Bara, Miss A

Romanian migration patterns, 1985-1998

Barnett, Ms A

Asian migration to the US (joint honours with American Studies) (1992)

Barritt, Ms E

‘Strong in health and spirits?’ European Morbidity in Colonial Adelaide (1836-1846)

Bartlett, Mr R

The South Australian Olympic Council, 1920-1995: An Analysis of an Olympic Organisation (1995)

Bearup, Ms C

The outcome of the poliomyelitis epidemics in South Australia, 1912-1960 (1991)

Beinke, Ms S

‘Towards exploring cultural heritage sites’ (2003) (jointly with Australian Studies)

Bell, Mr J F

Sinn Fein 1916-1918: from nothing to everything (1990)

Benbow, Ms N

‘Non-Conformity’ and ‘Dissent’: German Women under National Socialism Revisited

Bettesworth, Ms A

Cultivating community: institutes in South Australia c1899-c1931 (1991)

Blagrove, Mr J

American Civil War: Reconstruction in Virginia and the Freedmens Bureau

Bredin, Mr P

Napoleon Bonaparte and the Myth of the Saviour

Brooks, Mr D

Before the Wreck: The Adoption of Racially Exclusive Immigration Restrictions in South Australia Leading to the ‘Prohibited Immigrant’ Status of the ‘Coloured’ Crew of the SS Clan Ranald, 1857-1909

Burrows, Mr D

1914 Drought in SA (joint honours with Geography) (1992)

Cameron, Ms K

Estonians in South Australia: 1947-61 (1993)

Carter, Mr B

From front line to front page: a comparative analysis of Australian press reactions in the opening months of WWI and WWII

Charles, Mr R

Ethnicity in soccer in Adelaide since World War Two (1994)

Charter, Mr G

'Frontier violence, vengeance and myths': a study of Aboriginal resistance to European occupation of the Eyre Peninsula, 1839-1855, and an assessment of later writings pertaining to the conflict (1989)

Chee, Miss S H

Jewish Refugees in Shanghai (2003)

Clark, Mr A

General Gordon: An Eminent Victorian

Clark, Ms T

South Australia and the Displaced Persons Program 1947-1952

Clarke, Ms S

Development of National Parks in South Australia (joint honours with Economic History) (1992)

Collins, Mr J

British public opinion and the relief of Lucknow

Croft, Mr M

The Indian Famine code and famines in the 1890s

Crozier, Miss S

Trollope: Grist for the historian’s mill? (1995)

Day, Miss S

The nineteenth century hero/adventure novel: its role in tracing changes in Victorian ideas (joint hons with English)

Derks, Ms W

The Dutch in Indonesia: 1939-42 (1993)

Dix, Mr S

Operation Barbarossa and Hitler’s Pause (2009)

Docherty, Mr A

Trumping the Scottish Card: Union and Jacobite Rebellion - A Historiography of Anglo-Scottish Relations, 1688-1707 (1995)

Donovan, Ms R

The Housewives’ Association in SA 1926-99

Draper, Mr G

Clausewitz and the battle of the Atlantic 1939-1945

Egan, Mr E

Grimau and the Burgos Five: Responses to Repression in Francos Spain

Ellis, Ms JA

Methodism and working-class organisation in South Australia in the 19th century (1990)

Essery, Mr R

‘Red in Grey and Blue’: Why did the native American ‘Five Civilised Nations’, particularly the Cherokees, fight ‘Brother against Brother’ on opposing sides of the American Civil War?

Ewart, Mrs M B

A dance history of South Australia: 1940-86 (1988)

Fazio, Mr D

Clausewitz and the Russo-German conflict, 1941-5 (1990)

Fencak, Ms M

Changing Roles of South Australian Jetties: A Comparative Study

Fletcher, Mrs PL

Working woman's champion: Agnes Anderson Milne 1850-1919 (1986)

Foster, Mr M

Trains of thought: cultural responses to the coming of the railway in Britain 1830-1870

Fraser, Ms F

A Confluence of Faiths (2007)

French, Ms D

Women of colour and the ‘Talented Tenth’

Garner, Ms WL

Strategies for reading literature as historical documents (1988)

Gaukroger, Ms M

“We ate better under Hitler”: The narrative and periodisation of German Hunger, 1933-1949 (2012)

Gilham, Ms Kirsty

Gould, Ms B

Graham, Ms S

Australia’s Teresas and Nightingales (2012)

Midwife to the Destitute: Adelaide, South Australia 1880-1905 (2012)

The Liminal Space of Genocide (2009)

Greet, Mr MT

The Irish and Fenianism in South Australia during 1868 (1987)

Griff, Mr J

Nazi policy and Ukrainian nationalism, 1939-1950 (1988)

Gupta, Mr P.K.

Private relief in the Famine of Bengal, 1943-44

Haines, Ms RF

Therapeutic emigration: Australia - the last resort (1987)

Harrison, Mr R

Press Reaction to Japanese Motor Vehicles on the Australian Market 1960-1998

Hean, Ms K

Changes in Farming on Yorke Peninsula

Hedditch, Mr S

The Missionary Response: An Analysis of Colonial South Australia’s management of its Indigenous ‘issue’ (2007)

Herraman, Ms A

Mount Barker 1839-60 (1994)

Herzen, Mr M

Victorians, Race and Empire

Hoey, Mr M

The colonial South Australian patent system (2013)

Holding, Mr M

The FBI, Cointelpro and the Campaign against the United Klans of America 1964-1971 (2012)

Howlett, Ms B

The British Parliament and the Opium War

Hughes. Mr R

Stanley Bruce, Thomas White, and the Evian Conference: Australian Responses to the 1938 Jewish Refugee Crisis. (2011)

Hunt, Ms E

Fiction as an historical source: towards understanding Victorian working class attitudes in the 1840s

Huxtable, Mr B

Troubled histories: a comparative study of the Australian history wars and the German Historikerstreit (2005)

James, Ms D

Settlement Patterns in Colonial South Australia (2006)

Jensen-Mrozek, Ms A

‘Youthfully New’: English Art Nouveau and Germany Jugendstil: A Comparison

Kalucy, Mr S

Bananas is my business: transnational corporations and the creation of banana republics in Central America 1870-1954

Karageorgos, Miss E

Tet and the Battle of Algiers: The Media, Public Opinion and Government Policy (2004)

Keese, Ms J

African Migration to Australia: An Overview

Kelsall, Mr L

The romance of faith: Brian Wibberley 1866-1944

Kemp, Ms R

The problem of social hygiene in Singapore during the 1920s

Kennedy, Mr B

Templer in Malaya: The Architect of Independence

Kennedy, Ms M

Democracy and Human Rights in Mexico (1994)

Kenny, Mr A

Blitzkrieg schlägt zweimal ein: Clausewitz and the Ardennes (2007)

Kerr, Mr H

Developments in Military Technology and Logistics during the American Civil War

Khut, Miss C-L

The confiscation of museum collections of modern art in Germany, 1933-39

King, Mr S

Not another Crisis: Public Opinion and British Government Foreign Policy 1937-1939 (2008/9)

Kleinig, Ms MA

Good help is hard to find: the emigration of selected domestic servants from the United Kingdom to South Australia, 1911-1914 (1991)

Knox, Mr A

The Socio-Economic Foundations of the Brixton Riots, April 10-12, 1981 Bringing balance to debate (2005)

Kromwyk, Mr M

The Debate over gambling in SA in the 1960s (1994)

Kurda, Ms C

The Zige under persecution under the Nazis: A Genocide? (2012)

Lacoon, Ms WJ

Jawaharlal Nehru and the Indian National Congress: presidential year, 1930 (1986)

Lamb, Ms M

Representations of Ideology Within the Murals of David Alfaro Siqueiros: The Art of Constructing a Revolutionary Myth (2004)

Lane, Ms T

Genocide Denial and Public Memorialisation: The Armenian Example (2006)

Laurie-Fletcher, Mr D

What Would Tom Brown Think? Cricket ‘values’, Bodyline and World Series.

Lemon, Ms S

Making Gender Fit: A Historical narrative of the medicalisation of the intersexed.

Lendrum, Ms E

Writing Nations: Nigeria (2012)

Leverton, Ms R

The Dependant colony: A Study of the contribution of the indigenous population to South Australia’s labour force during the Victorian gold rushes

Lines, Miss L

Women and Revolution in Russia, 1917-1936 (2003)

Loades, Ms RG

The establishment and maintenance of the deaf community in South Australia (1989)

Lockwood, Ms C

A Vision Frustrated: Lutheran Missionaries to the Aborigines of South Australia 1838-1853 (2007)

Lovell, Mr C

Hitler as Military Commander, The Debates Revisited: France, Moscow and Stalingard (2007)

Loxton, Mr G

Chinese cryptography: cracking the code of silence surrounding Zhu De, and analysing the inexorable downfall of a people’s hero. (2011)

Mackay, Mr D

Socialised or stereotyped? Japanese soldiers, prisoners of war and the Cowra Outbreak (1991)

Mann, Mr D

What Manner of Man Was This? The history and historiography of Edward John Eyre (2008)

Mann, Ms P

More than Mere ‘Atmosphere’: Autobiographies of the German Youth Movement (2006)

Marovich-Old, Mr I

Compromised Empire: Britain’s Approach to Iran from 1907 to 1953 (2008/9)

Martin, Mr B

Adelaide to Darwin Railway: Why did it take so long? (2005)

Matters, Ms A

Confusion, Conflict, Compromise: British Foreign Policy in the Middle East, 1915-1921. (2009)

McEvoy, Mrs P

Pastoralism in English prose and painting 1900-1930

McLean, Mr C

Dr Handasyde Duncan as immigration agent in South Australia (1992)

Merry, Mrs K

Tea and sugar train, 1912-1996: Nullarbor lifeline and national icon

Mitchell, Mr S

The Common Cause movement in South Australia: 1942-1945 (1987)

Mitta, Ms JT

A history of the National Council of Women of South Australia, 1920-1950 (1989)

Morisset, P

British intelligence and intervention in Russia, 1917-1925 (2013)

Morris, Ms E

Women and the Secretary of State 1590-1603

Mortimer-Murphy, K

French non-involvement in the British occupation of Egypt in 1882 (2013)

Mucci, Mr D

The Straits Chinese in Singapore during the Twilight Years of British Colonial Rule, 1934-41 (1995)

Nemeth, Mr M

Tourism in revolutionary Cuba: Castro’s last chance

Nicholson, Ms S-A

Nursing - a profession in transition, 1976-86 (1992)

Norberts, Mr G

The management of the Japanese problem in Singapore and Malaya, 1936-42

Nugent, T

The Bengali masses and their entry into institutional politics from the 1920s to the Calcutta riots of 1946 (2013)

Oakey, Mrs B

‘Reading’ Lutyens’ Buildings as History 1896-1930s (2004)

O'Carroll, Mr T

The effect of the Irish Rebellion of 1641 on the English policy in Ireland (1993)

Oldman, Ms S

Uses of fiction: nineteenth-century familial relationship in the novels of Gaskell and Yonge (1990)

Pay, Miss H E (Winnie)

Singapore: Values and nation-building (2004)

Phair, Mr M

From ‘Pulpit to Pitch to Professionalism’ (2007)

Phillips, Ms J

From Opposition to collaboration: The Jamaat-Islami in the Pakistani Political process 1947-1971

Piechnick , Mr T

Modern Nazis?: Far-Right Parties in Postwar Germany, Austria and Switzerland (2008/9)

Piles, Mrs R

Spanish Anarchism

Podger, Mr D

Britain’s Acquisition of Nuclear Weapons (1995)

Potter, Mr G

The religious crisis in the 1960s: the Methodist experience in South Australia (1991)

Provis, Mr P

The Application of Habeas Corpus in Wartime Australia (Joint hons with Legal Studies)

Putland, Ms C

Bertha MacNamara, International Socialist (1994)

Randall, Ms LM

A fair go?: women in sport in South Australia, 1945-1965 (1986)

Read, Mr C

1919 as a watershed in modern Malaysian history (1992)

Richardson, Mrs S

Angela Burdett-Coutts: An Underrated 19th Century Humanitarian? (2008)

Rippon, Ms L

What Happened to Scotland’s Clans? (2011)

Robinson, Mrs MJ

A history of the Airline Hostesses' Association, 1955-1981 (1990)

Rovensky, Ms J

Bucket and spade: an overview of South Australian holidaying at the coast: 1900-1938 (1993)

Royans, Mr J

Dancing through the Depression (1988)

Rudd, Mr C

Sir J Langdon Bonython: his editorship and ownership of the Advertiser, and aspects of his politics 1884-1910 (1993)

Russo, Mr J

Little Saigon?: Indochinese refugees to South Australia since 1976

Ryan, Mr C

Anarchist Attitudes to War: An Examination of Anarchist Writings on War and Violence as Published in Freedom Press 1928-1945 (2007)

Sampson, Mrs GP

The origins of institutional care for handicapped children in South Australia, 1836-1900 (1989)

Schneider, Mrs M

Images of Empire: the Boy's Own Paper in the 1890s and 1920s (1990)

Scott, Ms M

Utopian Experiments of the 1890s: Paraguay and South Australia (1994)

Secomb, Mr K

The Primitive Methodists in SA, 1840-1900

Seidel, Ms K

The points of divergence: Christian War-Resistance in Australia, 1939-1945 (2005)

Sharp, Mr R

The Pacification of the Moplahs of Malabar: 1921-1939 (1993)

Sheehy, Mr V

How effective was British relief in dealing with the Irish potato famine?

Sims, Ms K

Disaster at Chernobyl and Reform in the Soviet Union: A historical perspective (2006)

Smith, Mr E

1956 and the British Communist Party (2003)

Soutar, Ms H

Urban rioting in the USA since 1917 (1993)

Stafford, Ms A

Selling sanitation, sewers and soaps in 19th century London (1991)

Stead, Ms C

Personal Accounts of Children in the Łódź Ghetto – Problems and Perspectives (2007)

Stead, Mr T

Protestantism and Expansion in the US (2008/9)

Stevens, Mr P

The Convoy Controversy, 1917 (2007)

Stocker, Mr J

Between the blade and the wall: Sendero Luminoso the state and the people of the Peruvian Sierra

Stockley, Mr A

A re-examination of David Goldhagen’s: Hitler’s willing executioners

Summarsell, Ms L

Ayurvedic Medicine and Politics

Tan, Miss A

A history of the beginnings of the Communist movement in Singapore, 1919-1928 (1986)

Taylor, Ms E

The Late Victorian Country House: A study of gender and other influences (2008/9)

Teale, Ms R

British civilian perceptions of World War II 1939-45: a reappraisal (1991)

Thornton, Ms CJ

Frederick Waller’s Crimes: What they revealed about mid 19th century South Australian perceptions of crime (2011)

Tohl, Ms A

Boris Yeltsin’s Victory in the 1996 Russian Presidential Election (2011)

Tracy, Ms N

Clausewitz, Malta & the Battle for the Mediterranean

Trapin, Ms K

Van Buuren, Mr A

Damned Whores and Virtuous Women: The Juxtaposition between the Lower-order Female Stereotypes during the Early Transportation Era in Colonial New South Wales (1788-1850)

Different destinies: a comparative study of wartime Jewish mortality and survival in Holland and Denmark

van der Knapp, Mr J

Resisters Speak: The Dutch and Yugoslav Occupation in World War II (2004)

Van der Linde, Mr A

The rise of FIGs (Financial Industrial Groups) and the Failure of Economic Reform in Russia

van der Sluys, Miss S

The United States, Britain and the Beginnings of Economic Embargo on Cuba

Vigus, Mr J

A short march down the hill

Vivian, Mr DM

The Kaffir War of 1850-53: perceptions of a colonial conflict (1989)

Vrtielka, Mr J

Slovak immigration to South Australia (1993)

Walsh, Mr M

Clausewitz and the Six Day and Yom Kippur wars

Ward, Ms C ‘Something of the Stalingrad Spirit’

Weymouth, Ms S

Batu: agricultural vs tourist development

Whimpress, Mr B

Amazing Grace and the colonial response to WG's Two Australian Tours of 1873-4 and 1891-2 (1991)

White, Mr I

Blood, sex & death: A chronological history of HIV/AIDS in SA

Williams, Ms CM

H G Wells and the Idea of Progress (1990)

Winen, Ms M

In the valley of the shadow of death: the Judaic practices of Shoah Jews (2005)

Wong, Ms A

The Great Depression and its impact on Singapore (1993)

Woods, Mr M

Craft associations in South Australia, 1930-1990 (1992)

Yap, Miss G

Images of Grief and Death in Victorian Painting, 1837-1901 (2003)

Yates, Mr B

The idea of human rights in Cuba, 1950-70

Zotti, Ms J

‘A Shared Path? Continuities and Commonalities in Genocide Research into Rwanda and the Holocaust’ (2008)

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