Homework : Sierra Nevada Natural History

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Homework : Sierra Nevada Natural History (p. 2-33)

Questions (2 pts for question 1, 0.5 pt for all other questions)

  1. The biota, climate, and geology of the Sierra Nevada (SN) are extremely diverse – what other geographic range would one have to cover to see this diversity outside of the Sierra?

  1. Why do few high-elevation lakes in the Sierra Nevada contain fish?

  1. What impact has the introduction of fish had on these ecosystems?

  1. What are the 3 primary types of rock in the Sierra Nevada?

  1. Why are there more summer showers and storms at higher elevations in mountains?

  1. Are there glaciers in the Sierra Nevada today?

  1. Why does snow in the Sierra Nevada persist in spite of the moderate-high daily temperatures in this region?

  1. What is the Sierra Nevada batholith, and when and how was it formed?

  1. What was the primary method Native Americans used to ‘manage’ their landscape and hunt?

  1. What precipitated the mass influx of people into the range in the mid-1800s?

  1. Why are so few oak trees regenerating today?

  1. What is the purpose of ‘controlled burns’ used today by forest managers?

  1. What is the ultimate effect of grazing on wet meadows, even if livestock do not graze directly in these meadows?

  1. Name one species that has benefited from human activities in the Sierra

  1. Name one species that has declined because of human impacts

  1. How much of the Sierra Nevada is publicly-owned?

  1. What activities are forbidden in wilderness areas?

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