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Hon NSL Government Name: Due:


  • Use the Constitution, read Federalist Paper # 51, Federalist Paper #10, and the Anti-Federalist letter to answer the following ECR.

  • Be sure to include at least one direct quote from each text in your ECR. Remember an ECR is 5 paragraphs. In this ECR you will be working on

  • Be sure to include an introduction paragraph that firmly establishes the questions you are trying to answer in the ECR and concludes with your thesis statement (your thesis statement needs to be controversial, supported throughout the body and affirmed as the main purpose of your writing in the conclusion). Look to the “Tips on Writing ECRs and BCRs” for help

  • This paper needs to be double spaced, typed and in font no bigger than 14.

  • If you need help be sure to see Mr. Grossman ASAP (in room 146 M, W and F during 5B and can arrange other times as well)

Read the following excerpts and answer the ECR that follows:
“To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Office thereof”- Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 18

  • Explain how the excerpt from Article 1 of the Constitution guarantees powers to the national government.

  • Explain why the framers of the Constitution subscribed to federalism, checks and balances, and separation of powers by using the Anti-Federalist papers and Federalist paper #10 and #51.

  • Determine to what extent the Framers subscribed to a federal structure of government as a means to check factionalism, ensure liberty and the common good

  • Use examples and details as well as direct quotes from the Federalists and Anti-Federalists.

Tips for writing this ECR
Introduce the main idea of your ECR immediately!
Paragraph 1: Explains how the Constitution introduced federalism into our government. Paragraph goes onto introduce the 3 big ideas in the body of your paper and gives the reader a hint or simply states your conclusion
EX: The U.S. Constitution gave the federal government the ability to make all ‘necessary and proper’ laws and by doing so introduced the concept of federalism into our government. In the minds of the framers of the Constitution, many of whom were Federalists, a federal government was necessary not only to keep order, but to ensure liberty for all people……

(Add thesis here…)

Support your main ideas and conclusion with facts, details, appropriate analogies and quotes:
Before getting started write an outline that sums up each of your 5 paragraphs or includes each introductory sentence to each paragraph.
Mechanics Tips:

  • Use conjunctive adverbs to connect sentences:

Accordingly, consequently, furthermore, however, nonetheless

  • Use adverbial clauses and conjunctions to connect independent and dependent ideas in a sentence:

After, although, as if, because, before, since, unless, until, when, where, while

  • Use adjective clauses to clarify a sentence:

Who, whose, that, which

Staple the rubric to your paper.

Rubric: This essay will be worth 48 points and will be graded as a summative assessment. Cut out rubric and staple to paper upon turning it in.
/12 ECR includes a strong thesis statement that is an opinion that sounds like a fact, a body that supports the thesis and a conclusion that extends it. It also includes appropriate sentence structure and grammatical structure.

/12 ECR explains how Article 1 guarantees power to the federal government and why the Framers subscribed to federalism, checks and balances and separation of powers by using examples and quotes from the readings

/12 ECR determines the extent to which a federal structure of government was used to check factionalism according to Federalists as well as the weaknesses of such a structure of government according to the Anti-Federalists

/12 Supports thesis with a conclusion that expands the thesis and explains further explains the rationale of the Federalists and/or Antifederalists


Download 9.65 Kb.

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