How to compose the paragraphs for the ir essay and examples What makes a good opening statement for paragraph one?

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How to compose the paragraphs for the IR Essay AND examples
What makes a good opening statement for paragraph one?

  • Write about the topic:

    • Example: “Every story is about conflict.”

  • Introduce your stories:

    • Example: “In the the book…in my life…there are conflicts of…”

What goes into a first paragraph?

  • What you see above is what goes into the first paragraph.

What goes into a second paragraph?

  • Describe the first story and the conflict.

    • Example: “In FTM, Papa faces loneliness because…”

      • After because, identify at least three examples of Papa’s loneliness.

Example of FIRST and SECOND paragraphs

  • How do I use this?

    • You need to “plug in” your own examples where you see examples from books or life. These will be in italics.

    • The first paragraph identifies the works (books), while the second paragraph describes the conflict in the first work (book).

  • Use TBD/Evidence to SHOW to your reader what the conflict is (in paragraph 2).

Every story is about conflict. In the play, Lost In Yonkers, by Neil Simon, the memoir Farewell To Manzanar by Jeanne Wakatsuki, and in my own life, a common conflict is about being lost. It’s not about being physically lost; it’s about being emotionally lost.

In Lost In Yonkers their father Eddie asks the characters Jay and Arty to move in with Grandma. They are not physically lost, they are emotionally lost because they are in a strange new place, and at first they do not understand Grandma. Grandma has many rules. She makes the boys watch the candy store, and charges them when people steal things. They think this is unfair. Grandma makes the boys eat a nasty mustard soup when they are sick. The boys are not allowed to bring any of their sports things into the house, or listen to the radio. All of these things force the boys to live very differently than they did before moving into Grandma’s house in Yonkers.

Download 5.17 Kb.

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