How to write A2 Philosophy and Ethics Essays

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How to write A2 Philosophy and Ethics Essays
A2 Essays are in one part (not two as per AS) – a statement is made and you are asked to discuss it. The essays are marked similar to AS in levels of response (see mark sheet) but are marked with two criteria:
A01 - This covers knowledge and understanding of the topic/concept along with

knowledge/reference to Philosophers or Ethicists and Commentators.

A02 - This covers critical analysis and evaluation of the different views/approaches
It is important that when writing your essays you show the examiner that you have understood the focus of the question and that you are always answering it. A tip is to take out the middle page of your essay – hand it to someone and see if they can tell you what the question was! You should aim to return to the question at the end of each paragraph.
When critically analysing the different approaches you will need to be like a tennis player. The ball (or concept) must be continually hit across the net in consecutive strokes. In other words – a statement may give a positive view or strength of a theory but the next stroke shows the weaknesses or criticisms of the concepts.
So as an example of an essay on the ethical views on the conscience: Discuss critically the belief that the conscience is the voice of God.

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