Howard Zinn Ch. 9 and Paul Johnson 431-434 & 450-474 guiding prompts and questions: Chapter 9 Howard Zinn

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Howard Zinn Ch. 9 and Paul Johnson 431-434 & 450-474 guiding prompts and questions: Chapter 9

Howard Zinn:

  1. Discuss the economic reasons behind the U.S. government supporting slavery.

  2. Examine the instances of slave rebellions. Were there many rebellions? Who was involved? How were rebellions or the prospect of rebellions dealt with?

  3. Name some of the people involved with helping the resistance to slavery and discuss the importance of their actions.

  4. Examine how Lincoln was the perfect person for this time period to deal with the important issue of slavery.

  5. Outline the issue of states’ rights during this time period and how Lincoln played with sides when campaigning regarding slavery.

  6. Discuss the reasons behind the Civil War and how Lincoln and his actions played a role.

  7. Describe the role of black women during this time period and their contributions to the war and the post-war South.

  8. Examine how the Emancipation Proclamation only freed many slaves in name and in many cases led to Serfdom within the South.

  9. Analyze this quote from Zinn: “The American government had set out to fight the slave states in 1861, not to end slavery.” P. 198.

  10. Discuss how public works projects and the subsequent funding for these projects was vastly different in the North and South and how these differences shaped each region, post Civil War.

Paul Johnson:

  1. Discuss what Johnson describes as the “weaknesses” of the South during the slave trade and leading up to the Civil War.

  2. Explain how Johnson surmises that the North and the South would have gone to war, regardless of the slave issue.

  3. Discuss how Johnson describes the man that was Jefferson Davis.

  4. Explain how the megalopolis between Wilmington and New York “made inevitable, in military-economic terms the South’s ruin” and Davis’ solution.

  5. Justify whether it was Davis’ actions or Lincoln being elected to office that made the Civil War inevitable.

  6. Discuss how South Carolina was once again the leader when it came to defying the federal government and how and why other states from the South followed.

  7. Explain how the decision by the southern states was just as much about wealth and the power of the wealthy as anything else during this time period.

  8. Discuss the role of population and immigrants in both the North and the South played in the outcome of the war.

  9. Discuss the importance of money, the South’s mishandling of money, and foreign aid in the outcome of the war. Keep in mind the value or lack thereof, of cotton at the time.

  10. Analyze how Johnson emphasizes the importance of religion to this war and specifically to Lincoln.

  11. Compare and contrast how Johnson and Zinn discuss the different reasons as to why Lincoln went ahead with the Emancipation Proclamation.

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