Immigration in America Notes with some Questions and Answers Who are immigrants?

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Immigration in America
Notes with some Questions and Answers
Who are immigrants?

  • Immigrates are people that leave one country and settle in another.

The most common City for immigrants to settle in America is New York City.

Where did the immigrants usually sail to?

  • Ellis Island and Castle Garden were the most common locations for immigrants to enter into the United States.

Legal problems in their home country, or contagious diseases would cause the immigrants to return home.

When was the first wave of immigration to American?

Germany, Great Britain, and Ireland immigrants were some of the first immigrants to come into America during the early 1800's. These immigrants came to escape their unstable home lands.

What is a famine?

  • Famine- drastic and wide reaching food shortage. The Irish famine lasted almost five years, and almost one million Irish died from starvation.

Norway and Sweden immigrants came from European.

Second great immigration wave came in 1880's- Italians, Polish, and Hungarians came to seeking economic opportunity.
China- segregation continued and in 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act made it illegal for Chinese to come into America and those living in America could not become citizens.
Why did the Eastern European Jews immigrate to America?

  • To escape religious persecution.

By 1920 half of the Jewish population lived in New York City.

Most immigrants traveled to America on ships.
How did most of the immigrants live their lives?

  • Many had problems with segregation.

  • Employment was also an issue. They were paid little wages but with long hours, and dangerous and dirty working conditions.

  • Living Conditions were usually filled with prejudice for race and religion. Immigrants frequently lived in “Slums” which were crowded and dirty living quarters.

  • Immigrants were however able to established new and successful lives here.

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