Internal Assessment Possible Topics

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Internal Assessment Possible Topics

  1. What was Thomas Jackson’s role in the Mexican War? H. Hall

  1. Other countries reacting to the American Civil War K. Pugh

  1. To what extent did the Civil War stimulate the economy? G. Block

  1. Or, How did technology evolve during the Civil War?

  1. Factors affecting Sadam Hussein getting the key to the City of Detroit in 1980 R. Kachi

  1. The reason for building the Berlin Wall K. Doko

  1. The Amistad Movie A. Sobzynski

  1. L.R.A, how was it allowed to come to power and why has it not been ended? M. Fisher

  1. Thaddeus Stevens & his role/influence in the abolition movement/abolition of slavery A. Amico

  1. Coco Chanel influence on women’s rights movement R. Semaan

  1. To what extent were the Detroit riots caused by racial tensions? Franks

  1. Compare the Founding Father’s attitude toward the government with the people in control of our government today Kirsch

  1. How accurate is the movie Gladiator to events of that time period. Twal

  1. How well does the movie, Titanic depict the occurrences of the actual event? C. Coulter

  1. Sati Sahaganam (self immolation of a widow) S. Potukutchi

  1. Eugenics of WWII Soriano

  1. Hitler’s Holocaust vs. Pol Tot’s Cambodian Genocide Vengachuvattil

  1. How were the philosophies of Martine Luther King and Malcolm X both similar and different? C. Georgy

  1. Factory working conditions during the Industrial Revolution? Zollner

  1. The role of women during the American Civil War S. Abraham

  1. The effects of European immigration to America on the American economy. D. Maki

  1. Analyze the reactions of other countries to U.S. nuclear testing. Jaramillo

  1. How did the discovery of antibiotics by Sir Alexander Flemming in 1928, which sparked the production of penicillin by Howard Florey and Ernst Chain change the outcome for wounded soldiers in WWII vs. WI? Studzinski

  1. Comparison and contrast to Purple Gang and Al Capone’s Gang. To what extent did the existing rivalry of each gang influence their violence? Kutschman

  1. To what extent did the Russia invasion of Hungary in WWII change the way of life in society for Hungarians involved? Kovacs

  1. Examine the spread of the cold during and after WWI. . . or study of Bubonic Plague, the spread across Europe Matuzak

  1. To what extend did the Cold War apace race affect the USSR socially and economically? Rakesh Raja

  1. Tow what extent did the anti-communist policies of the United States affect the outcome of the Iranian Revolution? A. Jones

  1. To what extend would the US be considered xenophobic? O. Afify

  1. To what extent was North American slavery responsible for the United States’ foreign affairs policy of the time? Eelbode

  1. Analyze the causes of the War of 1812. S. Imtiaz

  1. To what extent were the U.S’s economic sanctions and trade embargo on Japan a cause of Pearl Harbor?

  1. To what extent did the space race affect the USSR and the United States morality and hostility? N. Spelich

  1. What is the historical significance of the religious libel and slander used in the presidential campaign of 1800? (Might relate to Kennedy’s plight n 1960) D. Haidar

  1. How significant were Irish Immigrants during the American Civil War? (1860s) C. Romatowski

  1. How did the creation of sewage systems in Brooklyn slums in the late 1800s improve the standards of living for immigrants? P. Thomas

  1. The influence of British invasion of India on the Indian economy & society? H. Khan

  1. Effects of Tianmen Sqare Emily Voytas

  1. Effect of civil war on women’s rights J. Philip

  1. The effect of Eleanor/FDR’s relationship on social policies Surhigh

  1. Reality vs. what media was printing in newspapers, why would they? Propaganda? Ex: falsified numbers of rebelling blacks. Quagliato

  1. How public was the Underground Railroad? S. Kaufman

  1. Analyze changes in Soviet propaganda in the 1980s near the end of the Soviet Union. A. Fisher

  1. How restraining were the Black Codes? C. Holoday

  1. South Korea and the Korean War S. Hwang

  1. Ratification of the Constitution G. Hone

  1. The impact or extent that religion affected the Constitution S. Peterson

  1. Effects of the American soldiers on Vietnamese economy J. Nyguen

  1. Were the white Christian slaves treated better than African slaves? Or When did volleyball become popular in the United States? S. Herrman

  1. How were politics similar in WWI & WWII (nation still needs to be chosen) Z. Betthauser

  1. To what extent has Detroit recovered from the 1960s riots? Stankov

  1. How did social events affect society’s perspective on mental institutions in the 1960s? B. Purakal

  1. Though there were many attempts to bring [an end?] to lynching, nothing caught on the public, why? Or what brought women to power in the US and what the role of women was in WWII. Chisti

  1. The Rastafari Movement and the effects of the movement on islanders? (Jamaica, etc.) Yett

  1. How important was the Battle of Iwo Jima contribute to the Allies winning WWII? Tyson

  1. How did the rise of Socialism affect the way people viewed the rise of feminism in the early 20th century? Hensley

  1. To what extent did Slavic countries play a role in Hitler’s rule? Patrash

  1. Marie Antoinette: The real woman vs. the myth, How Ana Anderson fooled the world, or Hawaii before America and the effects of colonization. McConnell

  1. To what extent did WWII increase American productivity? Starostka

  1. To what extent was Ramses the Great (Ramses II) actually great? Wise

  1. To what extent did the French Revolution have a positive or negative affect on women rights? E. Kobetis

  1. To what extent has the Great Wall of China affected the people of China and in what ways? B. Wu

  1. To what extent was John Brown efforts successful? Tadros

  1. To what extent does the movie, “Lincoln” accurately depict Abraham Lincoln’s actions around the Civil War? R. Basal

  1. To what extent did the Irish mob affect American economy from 1850-1900? J. Fitzpatrick

  1. To what extent did slaves influence the abolition movement? Schepke

  1. Women disguised as men in history D. Jones

  1. How Mikhail Gorbachev affected the fall of Berlin’s Wall? E. Ibrhim

  1. To what extent was Hitler’s euthanasia policy distinctively Nazi? Patel

  1. To what extent did the British empire defeating the Spanish armada affect Spain’s power? K. McNeill

  1. In what ways did the coming of industrialization transform the lives of ordinary Americans during the 18th century? B. Ladson

  1. How is the US involvement in Vietnam portrayed by different historians? Chudzik

  1. To what extent do Dr. Seuss’ WWII political comics reflect the evolution of the US’ opinion on the war? M. Petersen

  1. How was Louis Charles XVII treated after the excecution of this parents, Marie Antoinette & Louis XVI, leaving him the uncrowned king of France? V. Bugayong

  1. Why did the Black Plague skip Poland? J. Henderson

  1. To what extent were the effects of WWI the cause of WWII? Trevino

  1. To what extent were the Amish involved in the civil War? L. Poterek

  1. To what extent did the Harlem Rennaissance in New York affect other large cities of the time within southern states? K. Prantzalos

  1. To what extent did the Cuban Missile Crisis affect both the American and Soviet viewpoints on the Cold War? N. Bednar

  1. The effects of The War of Roses or weather it could that. Sackey

  1. The extent to which there was gender equality in Spartan society Scapini

  1. To what extent does the 1997 film Anastasia accurately portray the historical events surrounding the disappearance of the Grand Dutchess Anastasia? Mona

  1. India’s involvement in WWII Survarna

  1. To what extent did the weapons of WWI contribute to the scale of the war and the massive deaths? Walilko

  1. The affect of European colonialism on African social structure Jha

  1. To what extent did Gandhi’s independence movement affect King’s actions? Naik

  1. What affect did math ave in WWII? Beqi

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