International Council on Archives Section of International Organizations ica/sionewslette r, N° 2 June 2001

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International Council on Archives

Section of International Organizations

ICA/SIO N e w s l e t t e r, N° 2 - June 2001

Dear Colleagues,

You received the first Newsletter in early March this year. This second issue aims simply at dispatching some updated information prior to our meeting in New York 18-21 June. It includes two items: 1) Bibliography proposed by Thomas Ruller for the Workshop, planned to take place on 19th June, and 2) Revised agenda for the meeting.

1. Message from Thomas Ruller:
“I put together a web page with links to some general resources, for future review, and some materials that I think would be useful to review prior to the workshop.
Visit the page at:

Among the resources on this page, I suggest that the following resources are essential prior to the workshop:

Ken Thibodeau's essay on ERA
Regan Moore's two essays (Part 1 and Part 2) on persistent digital archives
The Functional Baseline Requirements and Data Elements for Records

Management Application Software on the DoD 5015.2 web site.

The NYS Archives guideline on managing records in e-mail systems.”

2. 27th Meeting of the Section of International Organizations, International Council on Archives (ICA/SIO)
United Nations – New York

18 – 21 June 2001

NB: The meeting will take place at the US National Archives, 201 Varick Street, New York City
Monday 18th June 2001, 10 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.

  1. Introduction

    1. Formal opening of the meeting

    2. Welcoming speech

    3. Adoption of the agenda

    4. Introduction of guests and participants. Each participant will have two minutes to tell the meeting which current concern(s) regarding archives and records management is (are) the most important within his or her organization. If the participant believes that the SIO could and should play a role in this respect, he or she is invited to make suggestions with this end in view

    5. Practical matters

    6. Appointment of drafting committee

  1. ICA activities of interest to the SIO

Briefing by the Chairman
2. 6th Medium-Term Plan 2000-2004 – Programme of work

Briefing by the Chairman

3. SIO Budget.

Briefing by the Treasurer

  1. United Nations Special Interest Group on Document and Archive Systems (SIG/DAS).

Briefing by the Chairman of the Archives Task Force
SIO 1976-2001 : 25th anniversary celebration

  1. CD-ROM that includes the “historical papers” of the SIO

Presentation by the Secretary

  1. Special Guest: Jo Anne Garcia-Melendez, a committed member of the Section during many years, will share some observations, recollections and stories from her years with the SIO

On Monday evening a dinner will be prepared for the Section in a cosy Manhattan-restaurant – Jimmy Sung’s Restaurant ( The participants will share the costs (approximately US $ 55 per person, drinks included). Spouses are of course most welcome to take part in this traditional Section dinner.

Tuesday 19th June 2001, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  1. Workshop on Electronic Records Management within International Organizations

The workshop will focus on present practices within international organizations in the fields of management of electronic records and electronic management of records. Special emphasise will be put on e-mail appraisal and retention, archiving of web sites, XML and standardisation issues.

Moderator : Thomas Ruller. For background information his web site may be consulted at the following address:
Tuesday morning some colleagues will present their experience with electronic records management systems in their respective organizations. In the afternoon Tom Ruller will conduct a workshop on key issues relating to the use of information technologies in the field of archives and records management within international organizations.
9.00 Opening of the Workshop
9.15 UNHCR, by Ineke Deserno
9.45 OECD, by Mary-Ann Grosset
10.15 United Nations, by Marilla Guptil and Bridget Sisk

    1. Coffee break

11.00 WIPO, by Milovan Misic

    1. General discussion, brief presentations of other experiences

12.00 Lunch

1 - 5 p.m. Workshop conducted by Thomas Ruller

Wednesday 20th June 2001, 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
8. Main theme: Archives and the History of International Organizations
9.00 Opening of the discussion by the Chairman
Each presentation will be followed by a session of questions and comments.

    1. Presentation by Jean-Marie Palayret, Director of the Historical Archives of the European Communities: Historical research and archives of international organizations, from the 20th Session of the SIO in Florence, 1994, to the 27th, New York 2001: Results, developments and perspectives for action.

10.00 United Nations Intellectual History Project (UNIHP).

Presentation by Richard Jolly, co-director of the project, and Tatiana Carayannis, senior researcher (more information on the UNIHP at

    1. Coffee break

11.00 The History of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Presentation by Ruben P. Mendez, Adjunct Professor and Fellow, New York and Yale Universities

    1. The CERN and ESA history projects. Presentation by John Krige, project leader, historian and Kranzberg Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. John Krige’s presentation will be followed by some observations of Nathalie Tinjod, from her perspective as Archivist and Records Manager of the European Space Agency (ESA)

    1. Lunch

2 p.m. The Yale University United Nations Oral History Project. Presentation by the Director, Jim Sutterlin, and the Deputy-Director, Jean Krasno

3.00 The International Red Cross: History and Archives, by Georges Willemin
3.15 The Internet and Historical Projects of International Archives. Presentation by Leszek Pudlowski, Open Society Archives
3.30 The UNESCO History Project. Briefing by Jens Boel
3.45 General discussion

Thursday 21st June 2001, 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

  1. Guided visit of the United Nations Headquarters

The visit will include archives and records management facilities

  1. Adoption of resolutions and recommendations (if applicable)

  1. Other business

  1. Closing Questions

12.1 Date and place of next meeting
Directory: webworld -> ica sio -> docs
webworld -> Report of unesco workshop: News Agencies in the Era of the Internet
webworld -> Trends on the African media scene a decade after the Windhoek Declaration by S. T. Kwame Boafo, Chief, Executive Office, Communication and Information Sector, unesco introduction
webworld -> Southern africa regional perspectives background paper prepared by the Media Institute for Southern Africa (misa)
webworld -> Uganda's contribution to the Task Force Consultation on unesco for the 21st Century
webworld -> Archives destroyed in the twentieth century
webworld -> 10. 2 Reflection on unesco in the twenty-first century 10. 6 The visibility of unesco in the Member States
docs -> International Council on Archives Section of International Organizations ica/sionewslette r, N° 5 – February 2004
docs -> International Council on Archives Section of International Organizations (sio) ica/sionewslette r, N° 6 – May 2004

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