Japan vs China a letter to the Shogun vs a letter of Advice to the Queen

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History II

Japan vs China

A Letter to the Shogun vs A Letter of Advice to the Queen http://blog.holachina.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/lin-zexu.jpghttp://victorianstation.com/images/v66.jpghttp://my.wn.com/media/wiki/m/o/mouri_takachika.jpghttp://haygenealogy.com/hay/presidents/fillmore.jpg

To do:

Read pages 604 AND 617 of the in-class text.

Answer the following questions in sentence form.

In what ways are the two letters similar?

In what ways are they different?

What was the purpose of each letter?

What was the outcome of each letter for their country of origin? What was the outcome of each letter for the country of receipt?

What do these sources tell us about the culture of the country to which the writer belongs? Compare the sense of audience of each letter.

Download 5.56 Kb.

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