Job Title Digitisation Technician (Photographic, Print, Audio, Moving Image) Job Numbers

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Digitisation Technician (Photographic, Print, Audio, Moving Image)

Job Title

Digitisation Technician (Photographic, Print, Audio, Moving Image)

Job Numbers

Print: 4026,4029

Photographic: 5053, 5046, 5018

Audio: 5021, 5061, 5017

Moving Image: 5048, 5050


APS Level 4

Job Type

Ongoing, Full time


$58 915 - $64 308


Acton, ACT


Collections Program

About the Organisation

AIATSIS is Australia’s premier national institution for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies. We engage in a broad research program, including areas of social and cultural wellbeing, country and governance, including the Native title Research Unit. We house the world’s most important and extensive collection of cultural and research material, and we promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge and culture including publishing through Aboriginal Studies Press. AIATSIS works to enhance the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, increase appropriate access to the collection and to enable a better understanding of Australia and its people by all Australians.

According to recent significance assessments the AIATSIS collection is the “most extensive and best contextualised collection of Indigenous Australia in the world”. As a major national keeping place for Indigenous knowledge, it is also key research infrastructure and a source of information and knowledge about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, cultures and histories for Australia and the world. The Collections program encompasses all aspects of collection development, management, preservation and access.

Position Details

Digitisation Technicians (various roles – audio, moving image, photographic and print specialisations) work in a small team of specialist technical staff responsible for the digitisation of the AIATSIS Collections.

This important role provides the timely delivery of collection digitisation projects to meet known technical standards and with due regard to the content and preservation requirements of cultural heritage collection material.

Duty Statement

Under general direction

        • Daily implementation of digitisation practices and workflows to ensure that efficient, timely and high quality collection digitisation KPI deliverables are achieved,

        • Undertake appropriate care of equipment, hardware and software and ensure any known issues are brought to the attention of the relevant Senior technician

        • Act with respect and due care in the handling of cultural heritage collection items, particularly Indigenous collection materials

        • Provide collaborative support to the broader goals of AIATSIS in conjunction with colleagues

        • Contribute to the achievement of AIATSIS goals and objectives as a member of the Collections Program

        • Be aware of, and work to the capability clusters outlined in the Australian Public Service Commission Integrated Leadership System applicable to APS 4 employees.

Identified Position

Indigenous jobseekers are encouraged to apply for this vacancy. This position is 'Identified', which means that part of or all of the duties impact on Indigenous Australian people and/or involve interaction with Indigenous Australian communities or their representatives.

Application Instructions

Fill in the application form - you MUST indicate which specialisation field you are applying for. Please limit your response to 250 words per criterion.

Selection Criteria

  1. Demonstrated commitment to working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the demonstrated ability to communicate sensitively and effectively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This commitment will be shown by their capacity to:

    1. Understand Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures;

    2. Identify issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today; and

    3. Communicate respectfully

  2. Demonstrated understanding of the role of a major specialist collection in meeting the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and researchers and the particular demands of such a collection including understanding of the challenges posed by Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property Rights and the concerns of Indigenous peoples when facilitating discoverability of material which contains Indigenous cultural heritage.

  3. Demonstrated specialist technical knowledge of, and applied experience in the successful day to day delivery of cultural heritage collection digitisation tasks, projects and outcomes.

  4. Demonstrated capacity to listen and understand the views of others, respect different viewpoints and contribute positively to change.

  5. Demonstrated ability to analyse information and determine how it is best used.

  6. Ability to prioritise own work and respond flexibly to changes in the workplace.


Tertiary qualifications and/or extensive experience relevant to the role are required. (Audio, Moving Image, Photographic or Print digitisation specialist fields).

Contact Officer

Yvonne Norris | ph: 02 6246 1174 | email:


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