John the Savage Citizens of the World State

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John the Savage

Citizens of the World State


Live-Television Speech

You must understand there is a need for conflict, crisis, and religious freedom…

Bernard Marx

The new resident World Controller of Western Europe


I have learned my lesson exiled to Iceland and I would like to be readmitted to London.

Mustafa Mond

The council of 10 World Controllers

Debriefing memo

These are the results of my social experiment with John the Savage and my conclusions.

Lenina Crowne

Female readers of the World State’s version of Glamour Magazine

Article/ Survival Guide

10 steps on how to deal with your confusing monogamous feelings for a man.

Helmholtz Watson

Other free thinkers in the Falkland Is.

Epic Poem or Short Story (Fable)

A short story of 750-2000 words that is a thinly disguised version of the Tragedy of John the Savage. Done with animals.

Social Anthropologist

Modern college classroom

Powerpoint presentation

The Brave New World is alive and well in our society (at least 500 words of text with pics).

BRAVE NEW WORLD by Aldous Huxley RAFT Assignment

Know: (A) key scientific and social “advancements’ brought about by the Brave New World as expressed in the novel (B) main characters in the novel and their reaction(s) to the World State (c) names and definitions of certain terminology and jargon the Brave New World

Understand: (A) human mind and human spirit can be controlled and influenced by subtle and overt forms of behavioral conditioning (B) the effects of rampant consumerism on society (C) the struggle between freedom of thought and individualism vs. the need to fit it and stabilize society.

Be able to: (A) Analyze and account for different points of view (B) Discuss and reach consensus OR justifiable differences on important topics (C) evaluate the similarities and differences in the world around us as compared to the fictional reality of Brave New World


Download 10.21 Kb.

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