Jose fernando serrano amaya

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Body and Conflict in Colombia: Reflections in a Political Practice

Universidad Central, Bogota, Colombia

University of Bradford, UK

In this paper, based on my experience as an academic and an activist in one of the most recent organizational movements of gay and lesbian people in my country, I want to examine some of the questions that this and other LGBT-lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender-movements face in Colombia and maybe in other Latin American countries too. Looking at what is happening in my country in a comparative international context can reveal many similarities with past or present situations in countries with longer traditions of social and political movements around sexuality. What is interesting is the distinct way in which these situations have developed and have been dealt with in a country with a permanent political and social conflict that has affected the everyday life in many different ways of most of the nationals.

This paper addresses four dilemmas. I chose this idea of “dilemmas” because they are situations that do not have a single answer nor just one point of view and that in fact demand lots of social creativity to be faced or dealt with in the context of political organizations and in the search of more inclusive conditions of life in the country.
Maybe the movement I am going to talk about here is not a radical political action in the sense of an opposition or an alternative and it does not necessarily have a unity of thought. But it is a political practice so it can be used to show the limits and possibilities of the politics especially the politics of identity in a particular context like the Colombian one.

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